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Rebecca Rose Mar 2018
You were diet coke and slimming tea
You were everything I could never be
You were hallway laughter and bathroom tears
You were a way to waste my teenage years
You were an excess of bitter coffee shots
You were what made up my 4 am thoughts
You were the first stolen cigarette on my lips
You every beat that my heart skipped

And now you are none of this.
It's blurry, surprisingly.
Rebecca Rose Feb 2018
Remember when I whispered to you in rhyme
We talked till late, we'd spend all that time
Alone together, dejected, rejected, but also safe
Yes I remember when you were my happy place
I was going through old notes, and this happened.
Rebecca Rose Feb 2018
I know you loved road trips
Always taking the longer route
Though it did bring a smile to your lips

And cold weather
In which you loved to wear
Navy blue sweaters

You loved 13th century royalty
With their rubies and pearls
And their eggshell loyalty

I know you loved your mother
And I know you loved mine
But did you ever wish I had a brother?

I know you loved books and milk tea
You loved so many things
And I'm sure you even loved me
I'm posting this here so I can delete it on my phone because my eyes water every time I see it. I guess we weren't the best suited people to deal with each other, even though we had no choice in the matter. But we still made the most of it, and I guess that's the best we could have done. You were far from the best, but so was I, and I guess that makes us even. Regardless, I'm going to miss you like hell, but I've always known that I'd miss you like hell, even if I can't come up with a justifiable reason to. I guess I don't really need one.
Rebecca Rose Feb 2018
In theory you felt more like how it feels
When my heart clenches up inside my chest
When overhead thunder crackles a bit too long

In practice you were more like
Cool summer rain, drizzling graciously on my warm skin
Melting like dew on the grass in the morning
Rebecca Rose Feb 2018
See how the river
Meanders down the valley
And never does stop
Wrote this in class whilst I was bored to death. It kind of makes sense I guess. The river won't stop flowing for anyone.
Rebecca Rose Feb 2018
Home is a place
And not a person
I do still believe in that
But I've been living in rentals
Until I can still pay up
And then I'm homeless again
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