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Meggghanq1 May 2019
How do you convince yourself that others care?
Could keep asking but that's unfair.
Don't want to be nuisance,
But my head is full of nonsense
Shouting "you are ALONE ALONE ALONE!"
"Just go. Leave them be.
They're better off without me."

But people do love me.
They want me to feel safe
want me to be free
from the thunder
in my mind.

Maybe I can find
a way to tell me
it's all going to be
  Aug 2017 Meggghanq1
Marlin Huang
My mom used to tell me when I was a kid
that thank you note is important.
To let people know that you're thankful,
and appreciate their efforts.
As I grow older,
I'm so used on writing thank you notes
with the same template on every note.
But I, or we, tend to forget to write one
for those who cope with our lives.
So I wrote this one is for you.

Thank you for letting me crash in your place
when I was far from sober,
almost on every Friday nights.
You literally picked me up when I'm down.
On the grown.

Thank you for staying up with me until 5
even when you got a big meeting
at 8 in the morning.
Because you know how much I hate sleeping,
but I'll be the bitchiest *****
if you try to wake me up.

Thank you for bringing me a bouquet
of fake flowers
instead of the real one.
You sure know me way too well
to know that I can't keep real flowers alive.
Or cactus, or fishes, or my phone's battery.
Yea, my phone's battery *****.
But you trust me to keep what we have, alive.
And lasts as long as it possibly could.

Thank you for making every queue line
less boring with all your dad jokes,
they made me think that
you're a qualified good father
to your future kids.
Or maybe ours.
But I hate children and you love them,
as much as I hate karaoke
and as much as you love it.
But gosh, you made me think of adopting.

We are nothing but night and day.
A thunderstorm and a rainbow.
A cactus and a peony.
A manageable chaos and
a managed you.
And yet we compliment each other like
peanut butter and pickle on a sandwich.
Sure, it's one of the weirdest combination
but somehow it goes surprisingly fine.

I swear I'm not going to make this cheesy
but if it was, well,
I know this is not what you imagine
to be with me
in the first place
when you slipped into my life.
But I thank you,
for deciding to stay.
Meggghanq1 Aug 2017
Every little while we get a little doubt,
We wonder should we just get out.
But really you were just feeling afraid,
thinking of others who have played,
The damage and marks they made.

Sometimes you just need to be courageous
and stay with that smile that's so contagious.
Because you know what?
Someone's guna really like your ****,
they'll treat you like a princess,
and maybe teach you some chess,
and make you feel better, without stress
even when you look a mess.

You won't worry about who messages first
or about having conversations rehearsed
they'll make you crack a smile when the world's the worst.

If you find someone who you always want to hug
who you always want to bug,
Please go tell them right now they are the best
No more stress.
'I'm HAPPY', I shout!
No more doubt.
  May 2017 Meggghanq1
Benji James
You killed me with your silence
The hurts become more violent
I took the fall harder than I thought
I'm not the same person I was before
You took the best part of me

And broke it down

Scattered it into a million pieces now

I'm soulless, crazy, lost and confused 

I don't know where, or who to turn too

Oh when did I lose track?

Why the hell didn't you come back?

This torture has gone on long enough

Without you the seas became rough

I've never been that tough 

When you were gone
I thought It was just your bluff

I can't take no more, that's enough 

I'm better off dead

Blood stains in red 

Of all the lies I've been fed 

Yours were the best

When It hit, it hit hard like cement

That your never coming back again

I'm better off dead

In blood stains of red

All the tears we've shed 

Secrets and regrets I've kept

Is nothing compared to what she did

I'm better off dead 

In blood stains of red

©2017 Written By Benji James
Meggghanq1 May 2017
She can't listen. He can't hear.
They'll never communicate I fear.

Tension fills the room with smoke,
I can't breathe I start to choke.

The words on the page start to fade,
drifting, what even is a good grade.

I try to leave, to escape,
but I'm bound, stuck here, duct tape.

I force a small smile,
i'll be okay in a while.
Meggghanq1 May 2017
'What if I care more than everyone?' she asked.
'What if I have more feelings?'
'What if I feel pain more deeply?'
'What if I put my heart in completely?'
'What if no-one cares or listens?'

'What really matters anyways?'

But no-one answers...
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