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 Mar 2022 Laiba
Ryan O'Leary
 Mar 2022 Laiba
Ryan O'Leary
An unclear catastrophe was
Averted last night with both
Sides accusing each other
   Of bombing or sabotage.

   The reactors in question
   Are now being protected
By persons perfectly placed
   to clarify, the uncertainty.
 Mar 2022 Laiba
Thomas Bugre
Drinking to forget, god dam I need some rest
**** to get off my chest
I get so stressed
Thinking about that pain
Cause I'm never gonna feel the same
Lost in my brain, words just cant explain
Why I was so vain
Lord tell me why, I need to drink to feel sane?
 Jul 2021 Laiba
I spend more time biting my lips more than
I talk about my feelings.

More than anything,
I choose to bite my lips.
 Jul 2021 Laiba
David P Carroll
Every time I look into
Her beautiful bright eyes
I see my future with you

And every soft touch touches
Deep down into my soul

I'm falling in love with you

And every kiss from you
Slowly takes my breath away

And every time I kiss her lips
My heart softly skips a beat it's
So passionate and full of wild desire

Every man's dream falling in love with you

And every day I love you
So much more and
My love for you is pure and
I'll never stop thinking of you
The love of life and I'll
Spend the rest of my life truly
Loving you.
Love You Always πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ˜šπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜š
 Jul 2021 Laiba
In Pieces...
 Jul 2021 Laiba
i’m broken
and you’re the hammer
that shattered me
She begs him to stop
Her throat raw and aching
She scratches at his face
Her strength rapidly fading

The realisation is sudden
It hits her painfully enhanced
All control is lost
He's the one in command

She automatically retreats
Into the back recesses of her subconsciousness
Her body is no longer hers
She trusted the wrong man and this is the consequence
the consequence of trusting the wrong man
I am not the girl you made me.
I am the woman who grew out of the decay,
The dirt and soot and open grave
You once attempted to shove me into.
I am not the girl who shook like a child,
Clutched her teddy bear after you ***** her.
I am the woman with the sword
You once wedged under the mattress.
It's mine now, along with my dignity.
I will cut you when you dare enter my nightmares.
I am a woman now.
And you're just a man on a long list of men
Who never get to touch my life anymore.
I am THE woman now,
And you're just small.
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