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Kitty bow Dec 2014
The trees are letting the dead things go
And I miss you more than you'll ever know
Crunchy leaves beneath my feet
But I still don't feel complete
Icy windows glistening in the dark
Cold and frozen like your heart
I love you but I don't like you a lot
I've written a list of the things you're not:
Patient, funny, wise or kind
Clever, caring, tactful or mine.
Spread my branches and get rid of the old,
This is the last lie from you I'm going to be told.
Kitty bow Oct 2014
The thought if you with anyone else makes me sick
But changing your mind is your best trick
The thought if you touching anyone else makes my skin crawl
But you are the trip and I am the fall
I'm just a bridge between your girlfriends
I'm just a knot to tie up the lose ends
Remember, your hand will fit in anyone's there's no such thing as fate
The longer your believe the longer you have to wait
Love is just ignoring someone else's flaws
You're opening windows but locking doors
I'll see you here again when you're lost
The sweeter the love the more you'll rot
Kitty bow Oct 2014
The flowers are falling around our feet
You’re making lies I can’t compete
I’m saying things I having thought through
I know you’re waiting for the perfect que
My eyes are tight shut because I don’t want to see
The rainbow of colours you’re showing me
There are fragile things breaking in places out of sight
We’re rewriting laws to make everything right
There’s covers and lies and open books
We’ve been whispering secrets and feeding the ducks
The things you say are right out of line
All I really wanted was your hand in mine
There’s bear’s in my head and sunsets in my palms
Its all worth it to be in your arms
I didn’t want to write another rhyme about how you’re my world
But I’ve listened to my head and that’s all I’ve heard
Kitty bow Oct 2014
He said he wanted her forever
Clearly not because they’re no longer together
I said I’d meet him on the other side of the sea
But he found a lighthouse and forgot about me
The bright lights of London he did greet
& simple girls like me can’t compete
With ******* shows and vegan Chinese
Because religious boys are so hard to please
I’m thinking in nursery rhymes
Just to pass the time
I know he never meant to harm her
But if we could just cut the drama
I might understand
Why he won’t hold my hand
Some things are best kept in December
But it doesn’t mean I won’t remember
Kitty bow Oct 2014
He’s pale skin covering stricken bones
He’s so very scared of being alone
He’s pushing the one he loves away
Because he wants to be with her every second of the day
He believes she’s the one who heals
But she knows the real deal
She will stay with him anyway
As long she doesn’t have to be with him every second of the day
She doesn’t want to cause him any hurt
But she already knows it just won’t work
She doesn’t want to hurt the heart behind those fragile bones
And leave him all alone
When he says “I love you”
It’s just the illness speaking through
When she says the same looking into his eyes
She knows it all ***** white lies
Kitty bow Sep 2013
You're smarter than me
But not smart enough to see
How sorry I am I let you go
I regret it more than you will ever know
Can you forgive me for breaking your heart?
Can you forget me tearing us apart?
Can we pretend I never ****** your friends?
Can we say that wasn't the end?
I was so stupid and I was so blind
You were always so sweet and kind
4 years on can we put it in the past?
Can it be the foundations of something to last?
you were always my captain Wentworth
My favourite person on the earth
Can I persuade you I'm worth another chance?
I'm sure we haven't had our last dance
Anne Elliott was blind and so am I
We let the men we love pass us by
So I'm sorry of this shatters our fragile alliance
But it comes down to more than your gentle compliance
I can't promise I won't hurt you again
But I can promise this time I won't have my eyes set on other men
Kitty bow Aug 2013
He walked away so I turned to gin
I said to the bottle "do you think we can win?"
Gin said "sure we can put up a fight"
So I downed it and drifted in to the night
Too many memories all in a blur
I tried to talk to him bit it's all a slur
He told me I need to get a grip on reality
Well I tried that once and it ended in fatality
Too many drinks and too many men
I can't remember the names of any of them
I'll do anything to keep my memory blank
To forget just how low I've sank
In my dreams I'm back on stage singing the blues
But instead I'm in the bar waiting to be used
Sitting in the gutter looking at the stars
Will make you feel useless whoever you are
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