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 Apr 13 KieraYale
We are all human
We all are being
All self doubt and smoke and ashes and dust
We settle still
And stirr like stones
And never stop the search for meaning
We all are human
We are all being
my one wish is
to find someone
who sees the world
as beautiful as i do
with their mouth
preaching poetic beauty
as i have once did
to all the boys
i have loved
 Feb 6 KieraYale
to all my lovers,

please indemnify
the bits of myocardium
you borrowed from me.

you may return them to this address:

150 Mediastinum Lane
Thoracic Cavity, DNR
I can see a faint plume of smoke rising from your heart, accompanied by a burnt-flesh odour, which I believe is the result of your remarkable prayer to God to right a world plagued by apathy toward the impoverished.
 Jan 30 KieraYale
Made me promises
When I was young
And new
They didn't keep
Because they had known
No one would blame 'em
When I felt old
And used
sketch #24
 Sep 2021 KieraYale
reaching through my window grasp, my collar lined, my mind unfolded. pull me through this painted glass, the crown unmolded, and shape my day with glorious rays, with simple scents and lilac embolded. with the coming way, of every may, would you make my day most intoxicated, in such a simple yet glorious way?
tis true

The most unplanned set. 10/12
Once you pick a flower,
It's already dead.
But you still put it in a vase
And call it beautiful.
It all happened so fast.
 Aug 2021 KieraYale
Yoh Esters

 Aug 2021 KieraYale
Moving on
 Aug 2021 KieraYale
They asked me
''How did you get over him?''
''How did you get over him so quickly?"
I smiled and I laughed
A crazy laugh
I cried and I laughed
A silent cry
A crazy laugh
I told them
"I tricked my heart into believing that I didn'tย ย need him."
The brain knows the truth, the heart is a sucker for love songs.
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