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KieraYale Nov 2021
gotta get my **** together
embrace the change like the weather
simply move on like a feather
but pain holds me as a tether
maybe i'm a boat docked forever
waiting sails up for the zephyr
KieraYale Nov 2021
you're a sunbeam in a box
i am lost in summer equinox
taste like candy, look like gold
waiting on you to hold
KieraYale Oct 2021
quarter til noon
maybe ive come too soon
and seems im waiting for Godot
just waiting for him to show
"on this ***** of an earth"
but for what it is worth

you made it tolerable.
KieraYale Sep 2021
is that there has to be a top.
KieraYale Sep 2021
i just want to ******* scream
KieraYale Sep 2021
we forget who we were
when we become who we are
some build walls of concrete
as if to keep out toxic memories
but they seep between the mortar
the lies we told drip like thick blood
and we turn cold at the sight
as if she doesn't have blood
upon her hands, upon her teeth
it as if the unspoken progression
reaps deep and unfathomable fear
fear in which the past anchors her fangs
prehistoric and sharp
rip flesh from bone
KieraYale Aug 2021
Sleepless nights comfort wounded souls
And I ask God why you left a hole
Perhaps love is not ours to control
But ******* does it hurt.
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