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KieraYale Feb 24
I pray that you can stand at the edge of the ocean admiring the stars above, as if God himself strung them up just for you.

I pray that foreign lands and language flow through your blood so that you can feel all the pieces that you're composed of when you feel alone.

I pray that you only ever look down on those you are helping up, and that  you can lend light when the world only seems to offer darkness.

I hope you find happiness in life's oddities. May you fill our home with jars of tadpoles, feathers filled with germs, and wet puppy paw prints from a dog we "didn't want".

My little girl  I pray that you never know heartache that your Daddy can't fix, but most of all I pray that you find a love like the love that made you.
KieraYale Jan 30
Veins through leaves,
Through rivers,
Through wrists,
With so much complexity to life,
I find it hard to believe death is so simple.
KieraYale Sep 2023
I wish I could set her down.
For she weighs on me, and what could I be?
If I ignored the talk of the town.
KieraYale Aug 2023
Sometimes writing is terrifying
Words come out like long legged spiders
Gross and impossible to work with

But you have to push to create
Face the fear of mediocrity
Allow fiction to sit with reality
Invite grammar for a cup of tea
Criticism arrives like a knight, blood of red ink
But the battle will be won
KieraYale Aug 2023
Language drips from his tongue like honey,
skin kissed by the light of God.
KieraYale May 2023
Pink beans to the light
you tretch like noodle
Bird passes, a call to action
KieraYale Mar 2023
Each day of our lives is but a page in the book, do not treat it as if it were the whole story.
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