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KieraYale Aug 2021
Rage will fill my limbs
Like spring Rapids through narrow bends
KieraYale Aug 2021
we strike with venom
when we fear pain.
KieraYale Aug 2021
read: 337am
KieraYale Aug 2021
Sleepless nights comfort wounded souls
And I ask God why you left a hole
Perhaps love is not ours to control
But ******* does it hurt.
KieraYale Aug 2021
Relax me like a rainy Sunday morning.
Honey at the back of my throat,
divine like Saturday wine
KieraYale Aug 2021
"You can't run from your problems".

Watch me.
KieraYale Jun 2021
pain sits on the rib cage like a soaked white feather blanket
once light and airy, comfortable
now clings to bone like the beginning of fresh decay
arms feel like honey when brushing the weight aside

"are you alright?" she asked sweetly, blush as rose from the sea's reflection

"I think so" her wife feigned a smile, but then ashamedly resumed her true form

in that moment nothing seemed alright
each breath seemed to tighten like a corset
the death of a parent leaves child wayward


the riptide carried sea foam back to where it came from
and seagulls continued to inspect the shore
Mira was livid that time didn't stop

but the redolent smell of BBQ was what turned her stomach
how could people be eating when her mother was gone?
it was repulsive
an artist's nightmare
the trivialities of food and water
when such a deep hole existed.
KieraYale Dec 2020
i want a love that grabs me like Clair de Lune;
oh dance with me beneath the moon
please sway away with me to the tune
KieraYale Dec 2020
you're my signature tune
favorite phase of the moon
sweet tea in June
always gone too soon
KieraYale Mar 2020
And in these days of darkness
We can choose to offer light
KieraYale Feb 2021
she was a wild one
free as the sweet Alaskan air
heart of red poppy
KieraYale Mar 2021
was "Broad Ripple burning"?
or am I insane?
wonder what life is like
without disdain
KieraYale Mar 2021
There is nothing he can give to you dear girl,
that you cannot give yourself.
KieraYale Apr 2021
when the world is against you,
hold yourself closer.
KieraYale Jul 2021
Antique bookends holding it together
and pain holds me down
like skeletal shadows
only threatened by morning light

maybe i should drink the cool aid
play along in the masquerade
oh, you know the tools of the trade?

maybe *** doesn't solve our problems
but I sure feel at home here
KieraYale Aug 2021
thought you were different.
KieraYale Jan 2017
Whatever happened to “with liberty and justice for all”?

You say all lives matter, but you have never known when yours hasn’t

No, because you were born with an invisible knapsack full of privileges

While I was born with imperceptible shackles around my feet

And the system, praise the political system, because it has done you right

Because your self-worth, and your value in society was assigned to you at birth

But you claim you cannot see color,

And the truth is, I believe you

With your white schools, paid for by your white neighborhoods,

Embraced by your white government, sheltered by your white police force

How could you?

But I can see color.

For our jails are darker than the northern Atlantic sky,

While our government is lighter than the hoods slung up by the KKK,

We must embrace the permeation of a rigid political system

Segregation. Cannot. End. Without. Integration.
KieraYale Feb 2017
I'd draw you in
Following the careful line of your jaw
Down your neck
Across your shoulder
Letting the memory mold the natural curvature of your body
Pressing my own subjective view of your ascendant gaze into the back of my mind

Oh, yes my dear I'd draw you
Just to watch you burn
KieraYale Sep 2018
You’re both a man of your word and a man who can command a room without one.
Your confidence merely serves to straighten your posture, I have never caught you looking down.
KieraYale Aug 2017
A yard stick was used to measure where my skirt is supposed to end,
just long enough to make sure that my body did not offend,

You see it wasn’t lady like to dress in that way,
or to play video games where the premise was merely to slay

The only coding I ever came to understand,
was any form of foul language, of which was tacitly banned

You argue that women are inherently more cooperative,
To which I would argue that humans are merely imitative

While women are no longer obliged to do housework,
I am, at least in part, merely a product of my international network
KieraYale Jul 2020
I'm Bourbon Street
Locust night
Whiskey slow
Summer hot

And you Maiden Lane
History in your veins
Enough to satiate
Latin lips
That drip Spanish stanzas
KieraYale Mar 2020
passion ripples through her veins
but shes constantly running from its pain
perhaps that's why April brings the rain
KieraYale Mar 2017
I will own your soul.

Perhaps for just a moment...
As your right hand caresses the page
I will procure your consciousness
As the dishes in the sink rest
As the ceiling fan lethargically laces the room

I will make you feel unapologetically alive.
KieraYale Mar 2020
"ain't it funny how life works?" he said.

"nine to five, the radio hums the same song
you pass the same man, the same sign

'anything helps'

the same rain
the same key to the same door
by God, you pray for more

then suddenly, the world stops
nothing is the same
but that *******.i.n.g empty feeling"
KieraYale Mar 2023
Each day of our lives is but a page in the book, do not treat it as if it were the whole story.
KieraYale Jul 2020
queen sized bed
I was just a joke
and you the king of lies.
KieraYale Mar 2018
I must admit that I am bored.
Utterly bored, actually, with the overly romanticized construct of dominance.
How easily one can claim to be dominant.
Shocking? No.
We as human beings aspire to attain the intangible.
Exponential wealth. Immortality. Fame. Power.
We live in a world of illusion and fallacy.
We drive cars that we can’t afford,
often to jobs that we despise.
We attain validation through the media,
from blasé people that require it in return.
What I have found- and take this for what you will,
is that my longing for external dominance is simply a translation for
“By god please take control, and ground me to something real.”
KieraYale Aug 2019
Across the sea upon a foreign land
In a language you could not understand
A daughter asked a father
How much longer?

And with a weary grin fixed to his face
He told his love about the place
Where freedom sung
Like church bells
KieraYale Jul 2020
And when the storm passes
The pale remains of your childhood rest exposed
Windows once pristine project your reflection back to you in a distorted and twisted fashion
As if God himself wanted to make a mockery of the sanctity of a home that was not his own
Rib like beams erupt where your bedroom once stood
Butter yellow curtains wave gently with the New Orleans breeze
To remind your six yearold self that the world is not just painful, but cruel.
KieraYale Sep 2020
The art of deceit
is within eyes that
tell only the shallowest of lies.

Between piths of grey
and dark harbor nights
God speed to those in your light.
KieraYale Feb 2021
your memory
hurts my heart
in slow motion.
KieraYale Apr 2021
when a wolf's hackles raise
nobody dare ****
for beast may bound upon thy neck
well sweet boy please understand
watch the ground upon your trek
for karma runs within the water
and when the river runs dry
lambs will face an unknown slaughter
blood on wool
you fool.
KieraYale Jul 2022
Love sits next to you
Like warm sun on summer swing
And I thank God for morning light
Next to your calm heart beat
KieraYale Oct 2017
Black craft paper in hand, you watch as the snowflakes land
Your kindergarten teacher explains that each one is "beautiful and unique"
But now as you look in the mirror you can see neither

When you were little you used to love to catch lightning bugs
You would watch them float in the Mason Jars, as the July air kissed your cheeks
But you don't notice the seasons anymore, do you?

For you, time passes unnoticeably
Lost between the coffee breaks and the heartaches
You push life aside
Until nothing
is really
KieraYale Apr 2017
He will tell her to kneel
Like a cog in the wheel
Don't dare question or feel

Merely harness her thoughts
Simply bind them in knots
Her time has been bought
KieraYale Feb 2018
I am corrosive
Like the sea, you see
I'll take what's left
If you come near me
KieraYale Oct 2017
Music has the ability to strip us raw.
Regardless of color or creed we are connected through the crescendos that expose our shared vulnerabilities.
KieraYale Feb 2021
and dance beneath the chickaree
for when it is all said in done
life has no guarantee.
KieraYale Dec 2020
Monsters under beds
that come upon night fall
oh, for ***** sake its the ethanol

awake at what cost
days turn over so slowly
no wonder they call this substance unholy
KieraYale Mar 2021
Love doesn't die,
It rests like dust.
KieraYale Feb 2020
Kick the stars he said
Their dust will grace the mountain
Let their light bring day
KieraYale Mar 2020
write ****** poetry
throw your ideas at the white wall
allow poor grammar to decorate broken stanzas
and let thoughts expand, urban sprawl
give pain a place to rest its feet
before slaughtering it
with red ink
KieraYale May 2019
Means falling apart.
KieraYale Jul 2021
thunder rolls
like the sleeves on your sweater
here I am hoping for better weather
I had a conversation with God
he told me he didn't know
and that just didn't seem right
but maybe if I hold on just a little longer
my future will look a little more bright
KieraYale Aug 2021
hurt me
so i can say i told you so
KieraYale May 2021
Harley Quinn in Pop-Deco,
in padded rooms her nightmares echo.
KieraYale Jun 2019
write as if your heart
were your lungs at the summit
then gasp for air, breathe
KieraYale Apr 2022
when the smoke clears
and silence rings like static
Oh, shotgun in September
to my broken heart

crush my breath
like coal canary
Leave me gasping

red claws on your wrist
Was it truly her you kissed?
KieraYale Feb 24
I pray that you can stand at the edge of the ocean admiring the stars above, as if God himself strung them up just for you.

I pray that foreign lands and language flow through your blood so that you can feel all the pieces that you're composed of when you feel alone.

I pray that you only ever look down on those you are helping up, and that  you can lend light when the world only seems to offer darkness.

I hope you find happiness in life's oddities. May you fill our home with jars of tadpoles, feathers filled with germs, and wet puppy paw prints from a dog we "didn't want".

My little girl  I pray that you never know heartache that your Daddy can't fix, but most of all I pray that you find a love like the love that made you.
KieraYale Sep 2021
we forget who we were
when we become who we are
some build walls of concrete
as if to keep out toxic memories
but they seep between the mortar
the lies we told drip like thick blood
and we turn cold at the sight
as if she doesn't have blood
upon her hands, upon her teeth
it as if the unspoken progression
reaps deep and unfathomable fear
fear in which the past anchors her fangs
prehistoric and sharp
rip flesh from bone
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