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Apr 30 · 522
Dead Men Tell No Tales
KieraYale Apr 30
when the smoke clears
and silence rings like static
Oh, shotgun in September
to my broken heart

crush my breath
like coal canary
Leave me gasping

red claws on your wrist
Was it truly her you kissed?
Feb 6 · 83
KieraYale Feb 6
And at some point
we begin to understand
as familiar hands
become soft with age
this is all we have-
and we are grateful.
Jan 28 · 122
My Friend Winter
KieraYale Jan 28
Is a *******
If seasons were people
He'd be Gregory House
Vicodin hungry
Volatile, Pins, and ******* Needles
Nov 2021 · 225
KieraYale Nov 2021
gotta get my **** together
embrace the change like the weather
simply move on like a feather
but pain holds me as a tether
maybe i'm a boat docked forever
waiting sails up for the zephyr
Nov 2021 · 260
KieraYale Nov 2021
you're a sunbeam in a box
i am lost in summer equinox
taste like candy, look like gold
waiting on you to hold
Oct 2021 · 125
KieraYale Oct 2021
quarter til noon
maybe ive come too soon
and seems im waiting for Godot
just waiting for him to show
"on this ***** of an earth"
but for what it is worth

you made it tolerable.
KieraYale Sep 2021
is that there has to be a top.
Sep 2021 · 33
KieraYale Sep 2021
we forget who we were
when we become who we are
some build walls of concrete
as if to keep out toxic memories
but they seep between the mortar
the lies we told drip like thick blood
and we turn cold at the sight
as if she doesn't have blood
upon her hands, upon her teeth
it as if the unspoken progression
reaps deep and unfathomable fear
fear in which the past anchors her fangs
prehistoric and sharp
rip flesh from bone
Aug 2021 · 88
KieraYale Aug 2021
Sleepless nights comfort wounded souls
And I ask God why you left a hole
Perhaps love is not ours to control
But ******* does it hurt.
Aug 2021 · 77
KieraYale Aug 2021
read: 337am
Aug 2021 · 59
KieraYale Aug 2021
"You can't run from your problems".

Watch me.
Aug 2021 · 66
Cyclic Scythe
KieraYale Aug 2021
hurt me
so i can say i told you so
Aug 2021 · 392
KieraYale Aug 2021
Life’s a game.
I am about to flip the table.
Aug 2021 · 48
Switch the Timezone
KieraYale Aug 2021
Power will always
reside within the depths of
our own existence.
Aug 2021 · 36
The Maid & The Milkman
KieraYale Aug 2021
Morality is flexible,
Like my body against yours.
We’re all lost between the "I shouldn't"
But “I really want to"
Searching for some kind of virtue.
Aug 2021 · 39
KieraYale Aug 2021
Cursed are the over thinkers
Not much worse than day drinkers
Aug 2021 · 45
KieraYale Aug 2021
Rage will fill my limbs
Like spring Rapids through narrow bends
Aug 2021 · 40
KieraYale Aug 2021
we strike with venom
when we fear pain.
Aug 2021 · 36
KieraYale Aug 2021
Relax me like a rainy Sunday morning.
Honey at the back of my throat,
divine like Saturday wine
Aug 2021 · 62
KieraYale Aug 2021
thought you were different.
KieraYale Aug 2021
illusions of grandeur
oh you're the master
wana get inside that mind
become entwined

just to see the gears
know your fears
do your synapses fire
as quickly as your comebacks?
Jul 2021 · 86
KieraYale Jul 2021
Antique bookends holding it together
and pain holds me down
like skeletal shadows
only threatened by morning light

maybe i should drink the cool aid
play along in the masquerade
oh, you know the tools of the trade?

maybe *** doesn't solve our problems
but I sure feel at home here
Jul 2021 · 63
cutting ties
KieraYale Jul 2021
thunder rolls
like the sleeves on your sweater
here I am hoping for better weather
I had a conversation with God
he told me he didn't know
and that just didn't seem right
but maybe if I hold on just a little longer
my future will look a little more bright
Jul 2021 · 62
KieraYale Jul 2021
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Will he catch me if I fall?
Will he even care at all?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Hit you like a cannon ball
Shattered glass and alcohol

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Reflect my fate, the curtain call
Jun 2021 · 78
Seven Sisters Springs
KieraYale Jun 2021
shutter white canoe
on tropical spring waters
sways with two otters
Jun 2021 · 63
KieraYale Jun 2021
pain sits on the rib cage like a soaked white feather blanket
once light and airy, comfortable
now clings to bone like the beginning of fresh decay
arms feel like honey when brushing the weight aside

"are you alright?" she asked sweetly, blush as rose from the sea's reflection

"I think so" her wife feigned a smile, but then ashamedly resumed her true form

in that moment nothing seemed alright
each breath seemed to tighten like a corset
the death of a parent leaves child wayward


the riptide carried sea foam back to where it came from
and seagulls continued to inspect the shore
Mira was livid that time didn't stop

but the redolent smell of BBQ was what turned her stomach
how could people be eating when her mother was gone?
it was repulsive
an artist's nightmare
the trivialities of food and water
when such a deep hole existed.
May 2021 · 255
Daddy Issues
KieraYale May 2021
Harley Quinn in Pop-Deco,
in padded rooms her nightmares echo.
Apr 2021 · 134
Lighter Load
KieraYale Apr 2021
The people we love the most, may wish nothing more than to hurt us so that they can feel a modicum of control and power in their own lives.
Like the black king, we must navigate the board with precision
We can choose to move with grace, or resentment
We can choose to set boundaries and demand self respect
Or we can allow them to continue to psychologically destroy and manipulate us out of fear
Fear that the relationship will disintegrate like a figment of the imagination
Fear of the thought of being alone, truly and unfathomably alone
And while we understand their traumas and their pain,
when we accept abuse,
we allow a scythe to cross our throats
because the substance itself is heroine
soon the pain and suffering, seeks out its kind
the kind of jaundice skin that clings to fragile bone
when we choose grace, we choose the lighter load
when we set boundaries and respect ourselves
we can begin to heal
Apr 2021 · 57
Butterfly Effect
KieraYale Apr 2021
when a wolf's hackles raise
nobody dare ****
for beast may bound upon thy neck
well sweet boy please understand
watch the ground upon your trek
for karma runs within the water
and when the river runs dry
lambs will face an unknown slaughter
blood on wool
you fool.
KieraYale Apr 2021
I have experienced 26 years of life. So far I have discovered that:

1. the world can be an incredibly dark place, but you have to cling to the ******* light.
2. there are people that can't be saved, because they don't want help. it is not your duty to save them.
3. freedom is God's gift, and you only recognize that when it is stripped from you.
4. we should try to be KIND. people are going through it, and a simple gesture can mean the world.
5. I love animals and children with my 89% of my heart. The rest is for friends and loved ones.
6. coffee is delicious. anytime. anywhere.
7. you have make an effort to tell your friends and loved ones how important they are to you. life happens.
8. it is ok to have trauma. it is not ok to use trauma as an excuse not to improve your own ability to cope with it.
9. it is lovely to hear the rain when you are inside.
11. strawberries will take over your garden, so give them their own space to takeover. never too much jam!
12. an abusive relationship doesn't have to be physical.
13. I am a young attractive female, but I my spirit animal is Jack Nicholson. Well, him or a raccoon.
14. Allen Rayman is an excellent singer.
15. You are the five people that you spend the most time with.

"I sedate my mind with hope of your return
Just enough to weigh me down
I can fake my heart and I love to watch it burn
But it knows you ain't around"

is a great song by SYML.

17. Sweatshirts make me feel safe.
18. Meditation truly works miracles, but so does writing...
19. You don't have to be religious to believe in yourself and what you are capable of.
20. Mental illness is real, and it should be discussed. SHOUTED ACTUALLY.
21. There is nothing a hot shower will not fix, or at least temporarily glue you back together.
22. If you work hard, it pays off.
23. West Virginia truly is beautiful.
25. Rejection *****, but let it fuel you.
26. I really hate it when Cheeto dust gets on my knuckles, but I haven't hit the "chop stick" stage.
KieraYale Apr 2021
"count the ceiling tiles" the nurse joked
I wanted to joke
say I'd rather die
but seeing as I had just attempted that
perhaps I'd better lie
Apr 2021 · 61
KieraYale Apr 2021
when the world is against you,
hold yourself closer.
Apr 2021 · 83
KieraYale Apr 2021
warm salty water crashes against sunned ankles
black shepherd gallops in wisps of water
as child toddles where the sea kisses white sand
KieraYale Mar 2021
as the tendrils of the night fog
slither around thick oak
bull frogs sing  and croak
when grey dove coo
the morning sun stretches
and fawn bed close to mother
all peckers begin their work early
with red robins following suit
today red fox trots to the river
as honey bees rouse beneath quick feet
Mar 2021 · 60
Coffee Shop on Fifth Ave.
KieraYale Mar 2021
Love doesn't die,
It rests like dust.
Mar 2021 · 167
KieraYale Mar 2021
was "Broad Ripple burning"?
or am I insane?
wonder what life is like
without disdain
Mar 2021 · 153
KieraYale Mar 2021
There is nothing he can give to you dear girl,
that you cannot give yourself.
Feb 2021 · 59
KieraYale Feb 2021
she was a wild one
free as the sweet Alaskan air
heart of red poppy
Feb 2021 · 52
c'est la vie
KieraYale Feb 2021
and dance beneath the chickaree
for when it is all said in done
life has no guarantee.
Feb 2021 · 69
KieraYale Feb 2021
I love you.
You are doing a good job.
Feb 2021 · 63
Different World View
KieraYale Feb 2021
white sheets hide children
war sounds muffled by laughter
street cats to chase after
KieraYale Feb 2021
love isn't red
it is white
birth, ******, and death
our vision
our life
memories spin back
your face shielded
protected by the light
eyes so blue, embalmed in time
Feb 2021 · 63
Bullet Train to Kyoto
KieraYale Feb 2021
your memory
hurts my heart
in slow motion.
Jan 2021 · 74
KieraYale Jan 2021
I am not always weird,
sometimes I am sleeping.
Jan 2021 · 53
The Sound of Silence
KieraYale Jan 2021
hit me ******* broad side
falling apart on the inside
maybe im jekyl
maybe im hyde
maybe im not ******* alive

full stop.
Jan 2021 · 91
Satin Hips. Red Lips.
KieraYale Jan 2021
i wouldn't offer you water in hell;
oh baby, not from the nearest well.
Dec 2020 · 82
Winter in Montreal; 1928
KieraYale Dec 2020
grey horse pulls worn red carriage,
velvet dressed; chipped paint
clatter of the harness
snow falls in lofty chunks
mixed with stormy undercurrents
oh, but the city is so quiet
darkness lands like a lullaby
carts that smell of butter and espresso leave
still but white sidewalks
glitter sits upon black iron lamp post
as even small critters find warmth
you are burrowed next to me
it is true that we do not live forever
but perhaps these moments
make us eternal
Dec 2020 · 71
1942 Diner; 3:04PM
KieraYale Dec 2020
i want a love that grabs me like Clair de Lune;
oh dance with me beneath the moon
please sway away with me to the tune
Dec 2020 · 159
Cirrhosis Hypnosis
KieraYale Dec 2020
Monsters under beds
that come upon night fall
oh, for ***** sake its the ethanol

awake at what cost
days turn over so slowly
no wonder they call this substance unholy
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