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MangoMan Nov 25
I wish,
I were the boy,
You talked to me about.
It ******* ***** catching feels.
Feels series.
MangoMan Nov 16
it is not soothing,
to watch the burgundy clouds,
slide across the night summer sky?
lol. clouds are pretty.
MangoMan Nov 14
the world would be a lot darker if you were to leave it.
please don't do it. i care about you :)
MangoMan Nov 13
For they,
will fall,
in love
with the person,
behind the screen.
I don't know if the poems i write are the true me or rather they are the me i wish to (not) be...
MangoMan Nov 13
one day,
will read these poems,
and fall in love,
with someone
who never existed.
The person you piece together from my poems, has died.
Windows part one of wo
MangoMan Nov 13
I used to use poetry as a way to get emotions off my chest,
before it became one big popularity contest.
I think that sharing poetry is amazing but i feel so pressured for it to become "recognized," and well, in this age.. it just ******* *****.
MangoMan Nov 13
Weather like this,
Beckons for us to be together.
The sunniest season also gets rain so if you have a bad day, remember that it's the rain that waters your hopes and dreams, similarly the bad days make the good ones that much sweeter.
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