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The potter's wheel is always spinning,
And the dusty mouth of the gods has not been swept.
Who knows what the king of the earth wants?
I eat white radishes from a bowl of oil.
Dawnstar Feb 10
An eternal shadow lies in the high cave,
Sliding the sound of birds from the Blue Mountains.
The icy arms of the peak follow them:
Hand in hand down the quiet ***** they go.
Inspired by the poetry of **** Wei (AD 699–759).
Dawnstar Feb 5
On that bleak frontier, thousands suffered
For the Emperor's cruel project;
Men with hollow stomachs making endless mounds
To fashion his recreation hall.
The monster was alike to its creation:
Heartless in the handling of generals.
When Li Guang, an expert strategist,
Fell into the hands of barbarians,
He played possum and seized a horse,
Riding for nine miles to rejoin his men,
Spitting arrows at his pursuers.
After bringing his troop safely home,
He was recommended for execution.
...Woe befalls he who settles there,
Where exhausted horses go to pace,
Where the crows are the only ones eating.
Should the rice harvest fail, a soldier will go
To the red northern gate and die unmourned.
The fruits of the south are sweet in all seasons,
But the fruit of the Long Wall is ruin and death.
Dawnstar Jan 26
More belongs to he who holds the stone,
Of fortune's birth, the pharaoh of our time.
When words proceed, he directs them;
When foes recede, he compels them.
Hear the labor-stricken bones of men
Wail out from death and sooted soil:
Hail the River King, our stoneworks praise him!
Hail the River King, the rushes raise him!
Dawnstar Jan 26
the sapping dusk denies my dreams frenetic,
it ebbs in icy cattail streams uncouth;
in rural woodland glades, I’d wax poetic,
but shoddy snowbank streets are all my youth.
Dawnstar Jan 15
wrested from the reeds was a man aged twenty,
a young and dying man with skin as black as coal;
the height of a birch stump, the worth of a penny:
a hefty blanket allergen with tatters for a soul.
Dawnstar Jan 4
cup your hands and receive the worlds blossoms:
wealth, warmth, and wisdom
i pray you will hold them
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