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Dawnstar Oct 2021
We are the forlorn wing
The flyers on the foam
We did not volunteer
To leave our sacred home

As takeoff day draws near
We bid our bitter byes
And swallow down our fear
With thoughts of mother's eyes

The rain won't change a thing
But still we pray it pours
As if that pattering
Upon our hangar doors

Would be a good excuse
To ground a dozen planes
We know it is no use
But still we hope it rains
Dawnstar Oct 2021
what goes up
must come down
like my mood
like my friendships

some ******* lie
takes me high
then i end it

what is the point
oh, oh

i'll leave my
by the door

i've got to SINK
gotto gotto
gotto gotto

help me
help me
body body
body body
Dawnstar Oct 2021
metamorphoses unfolded today
at 5am the death dragons slay
without my knowing, hope and faith

drugs and chance, circumstance
wasted fellowship
the death dragons dance

i did not know, i could not know.
i wish the truth had been my worst
and hell froze oer with snow
Dawnstar Oct 2021
Paper bags running down the avenue
Cars swerving to avoid them
Companies scrambling for their revenue
Crocodiles in the mists of Tiananmen

Life is not a heaven or a hell
Life is but a finite chain reaction
Dares to be a selfish organelle
Won't evoke the fearsome ire of faction
Dawnstar Oct 2021
worn out
dying of doubt
trying to distract yourself

just keep
pushing the heap
you dont need nobody else

long last
when it has passed
you will be so glad you did

just keep
falling asleep
shut your mouth and keep it hid

slow down
you got no right
to be a bumbling burdensome friend
stay down
and close your eyes
cause nothings gonna matter in the end
Dawnstar Oct 2021
i don't want to burden anyone with my sorrows
yet i want them all to magically come to my aid
Dawnstar Oct 2021
single digit self esteem
single digit self esteem
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