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 Sep 2020 Kashish
Eshwara Prasad
Don't waste words.
People aren't going to
read everything you write.
Yes I’m going to leave you alone
Yes I won’t call you
Yes you won’t hear nothing from me

   Your wish is my command
 Aug 2020 Kashish
Caleb John
You whispered

And the Stars came into existence

It's beautiful
 Aug 2020 Kashish
Eshwara Prasad
I read only your poems
because they dispel the
gloom of life.
 Aug 2020 Kashish
David P Carroll
Close your eyes and let's dream together
As we fall in love forever
Listen to me whisper the words
I love you I softly say
I'm here to stay and
Your in my heart every day,
I Love You 💓
 Aug 2020 Kashish
My The Self
 Aug 2020 Kashish
I write more than I read
Because I'm not obsessed with them
I'm an introvert
And introverts are obsessed with who?
Exactly and not untrue
That would be, me
 Aug 2020 Kashish
Mitch Prax
 Aug 2020 Kashish
Mitch Prax
I love you sober
I love you high-
you have a kiss
that money can't buy.
 Aug 2020 Kashish
She's wearing rain, and
Fragrance of petrichor;
The best beau for her,
Is life.
Credit for inspiration Sheena (S S).
 Aug 2020 Kashish
Eleo C Nora
Streets open  
people roll
out of their
shells -  
stretch into
the humid
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