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Caleb John Jan 2021
The greatest way to reclaim a nation, is the relentless attack of peace.
Caleb John Oct 2020
I'm in crowd

And all I hear is loud

I feel more alone when I'm with others

Than when I'm by myself under the covers

I know that I'm never truly alone

The one I loved turned into Al Capone

I'm waiting for the one

I'm tired of being full of solitary bones
Caleb John Oct 2020
I used to write like I was running out of time

Some days my soul feels so poor it doesn't have a dime

I'm still pouring poison into my soul

My mind used to be as sharp maybe it's grown dull

I still pursue my God

He guides my life and where I trod

But lately I keep struggling trying to put him there

At the top of this barren fair

He invested so much in me

Was it all a waste?

I feel like a patriot in Boston dumping that tea

It wasn't in me, his faith was placed

I know his faith is in himself shining through me

If my future is blown from my past

He is not to blame
Caleb John Sep 2020
You spoke the stars into being

Your glory is something I must never stop seeing

The scientists debate your existence

Now it seems that I am one of the resistance
Hey guys! You all loved Whispers of Stars, I thought this poem might help elaborate!
Caleb John Jul 2020
So much knowledge to find

So little time to learn

So many people to teach

So little time to reach
Caleb John Jun 2020
You can't burn the past but you can leave it behind.
Caleb John May 2020
Is this you?

Focused on your own life?

Your enjoyment?

Your entertainment?

There's children in South America being hunted on the streets for sport

There's shootings across the globe

There are women contemplating killing their child because they aren't able to take care of them

There are mothers raising their kids alone, no one to defend them

No husband or father to fight for them

Slavery is still alive

Who will stand for what's right? Who will fight for the defenseless?

Is it you?

Or are you too busy thinking about what you are going to eat for lunch or where you are going on vacation?

Is there any man willing to dump the poisonous images and stop thinking of their own pleasure for the sake of others?

Are you complacent?
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