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Caleb John Sep 4
You spoke the stars into being

Your glory is something I must never stop seeing

The scientists debate your existence

Now it seems that I am one of the resistance
Hey guys! You all loved Whispers of Stars, I thought this poem might help elaborate!
Caleb John Jul 13
So much knowledge to find

So little time to learn

So many people to teach

So little time to reach
Caleb John Jun 21
You can't burn the past but you can leave it behind.
Caleb John May 7
Is this you?

Focused on your own life?

Your enjoyment?

Your entertainment?

There's children in South America being hunted on the streets for sport

There's shootings across the globe

There are women contemplating killing their child because they aren't able to take care of them

There are mothers raising their kids alone, no one to defend them

No husband or father to fight for them

Slavery is still alive

Who will stand for what's right? Who will fight for the defenseless?

Is it you?

Or are you too busy thinking about what you are going to eat for lunch or where you are going on vacation?

Is there any man willing to dump the poisonous images and stop thinking of their own pleasure for the sake of others?

Are you complacent?
Caleb John Apr 14
That's what I thought I was

Now that memory is full fuzz

I thought I was unworthy

I never thought I could be made worthy

I underestimated your power

When I looked at myself all I tasted was sour

But you only see me with pride

Who are you Lord?

Your love is stronger then the tide

Your embrace is greater then my fleshly chase

I thought I had to earn your love

Little did I know that it flies like a dove

Father there are no excuses

I know that I have caused you pain

But you don't see me as someone who deserves to be victim of abuses

It was all in vain

Father you are a perfect father
Caleb John Apr 13
A couple thousand skirmishes

Till the last finish

Satan thought he had him

Turns out he got torn limb from limb

The Christ overcame

Yet so many are quick to pass the blame

What a stupid game

The God incarnate came to save us

When we were just putting up a fuss
Caleb John Apr 6

I long to lay eyes upon you

But I must pursue

This creature will be the victor

I fear that if I forsake the chander

What will occur shall be sinister

I promise you I shall come home

As soon as I end this forever roam

I shall return to see our child

This hunt is running wild

Your eyes are what keeps me alive

I can nothing do but strive

I remember your smile

T'will push the weakest through any trial

I am not strong

But I cannot allow our family to be victim to this wrong

I shall come home

My love

Her Response:

When shall you return?

I can no longer discern

You say you are not weak

But never have I seen someone with such seek

Do not allow the creatures trail

To allow our love er fail

I miss the kindness in your eyes

I would choose to see them o'er the choicest dyes

Our son needs a Father

He only knows a saunter

Soon he will be a man

He needs an anchor in the sand

I need you

I know not how to continue

Your leadership did give comfort

I am yet unstable

Your embrace is what I miss

I still remember our final kiss

My dear husband

Use your blade for thy return

To our dearest Angle-Land
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