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Purple Rain Dec 2016
Let go of your worries
Let them all fall down
Freedom in a sense
Pursuing happiness

Look it in the eyes
The tears that are mine
From the worrying and pain
That let you feel insane

Free the black birds
Let it be free
Let the past escape the troubled mind
No past should walk in front
But let it be left behind

Free the sun to rise
For the cold ones will warm
No longer feeling used or worn
From the hands who led them to be torn

Keep the fear from the mind
Don't let it make you feel like your choice to continue was a mistake
To keep those who once slept awake
Dec 2016 · 411
Purple Rain Dec 2016
~Only blue in my eyes
Hard to lose the one inside
Speak up life is passing by
Don't let the darkness capture your pride
Oct 2016 · 385
Purple Rain Oct 2016
All my convincing lies,
Arise to the surface
I wish not to scare you deeply
I dare to tell you the truth that
Your seeking

I got some demons Locked inside me
In which may blind you
But murderous **** me
I got some sins
I could not release from my mind
It's so wicked

I could not free my soul from the devil
It holds me so coldly
I am a rebel
When my nightmares become me
I cry tears
But only barely
For what I have become
And the things I have done

~Isabella Rose
Oct 2016 · 328
Purple Rain Oct 2016
There I stood
Staring at my grave
Visualizing myself 6 feet under
My piercing screams
Echoing down the halls
Hitting doorways
trying to find away out
I drop to my knees
As if there is a loaded gun to my head
And I'm the one commiting the crime
But taking my own life instead
Sep 2016 · 451
Just barely making through
Purple Rain Sep 2016
Left on the rocky edges of life and death
50 feet to tremendously high
To wrap my head around
my mind slips,
as I slump down into cold cutting water
I can't swim I tell myself
As my body clashes against the tides
My limbs become powerless
The weakened lungs of my
endure torturous pain
The water sweeps my body
like wind sweeps the leaf's against the autumn grass
Am I dead yet? "I ask."

The seconds in this cold cutting water
feel as if it's been decades
my eyes fasten tight
as I hold on to the words of "hope"
I begin to pray.
Sep 2016 · 1.2k
The Purpose
Purple Rain Sep 2016
The Purpose-

The quality of being determined to do or achieve something...
As you look in the mirror--
What do you see?
What is your purpose or who do you inspire to be?
It's a simple question,
however not an easy answer.

Humans wondering the earth,
Torn apart, broken and scarred
Maybe even,
Bent over and abused
Mistreated and used.

Yet the question still comes about--
What is your purpose or who do you inspire to be?
What is your meaning?
Do you wish to live carefree?
Most will answer as children...

As adults they will act as if the question never came about.
What is your purpose or who do you inspire to be?
What is your meaning?
Do you wish to live carefree?
What is it like being---
IsabellaRose 2016
Aug 2016 · 527
Speaking Out Loud
Purple Rain Aug 2016
The pulsation of a broken heart

Tears me apart

The encouragement of none

Not even from a loved one

I step with my crippled heart

My horrific memories scattered among my feet

I Inhale the thoughts of defeat

Before take my first breath

My eyes drop tears beneath me

I wave my arms to the distance

No one sees

I dial the number

But no call is received

I use every ounce of strength within

To go above and beyond

My will voice be heard

For it will not be long
Aug 2016 · 865
Cross Roads
Purple Rain Aug 2016
To my right
My spirit dances through faded expressions in and out of time.
Leaving my heart with an astounding sense of freedom.
No longer hinged
Searching of ways to destroy misery
I can see the flowers blooming under tiptoed footsteps
Carrying panic filled waves out to sea.

However I am drawn to the left,
My head oh so slightly tilts
In the direction where the wind blows fast
And my true being is something that cannot be grasped
Down it pours
These tears of mine begin to hit the floor
Lighting fills the sky
My body freezes
As I can feel a young life drifting on by
The closer the touch
The stronger the thoughts come
I brush it off,
And say something under the lines of “Cross Roads*”
Jul 2016 · 416
My Unforgiving Thoughts
Purple Rain Jul 2016
My unforgiving thoughts
Takes me down low
My sorrow awakens
A body warm but hollow

My unforgiving thoughts
Awaits my caged in mind
Smothered between wall beams
Mask on
Head held high
You would have never guessed
My unforgiving thoughts
Have yet to leave me at rest

My suicide attempts are **** poor
nothing more,
I'm at war with self
As days become years
My tears crumble up and dry to my face
They don't appear for the eye to see
Only I can feel them
Like the pain that covers me
My struggle with depression
Jul 2016 · 528
Purple Rain Jul 2016
Enveloped in shadows
Darkness surrounding
Chain's binging
Hold me captive
But what?
What is it?
I've never seen it before
It's almost to bight
Too white
Could it be?

No it can't be
For God forsakes me
My past and present
Makes me feel Imprisoned
Trapped with no escape hole
But the warmth of this sight
This beautiful bight
Shining into my core
Makes me alive more and more

An angel?
A demon?
What could possibly cut
Through me like this
It has to be
No it couldn't
In the dungeon of my mind
This "light" I find
It has to be no other
Than love
Going through an emotional time, my friend and I had to write something along the lines of this...
Jun 2016 · 294
Purple Rain Jun 2016
hearing the Ravens outside my window,
Remind me of the torment.
Hesitation marks mark my arm
I'm torn apart from Dusk to Dawn
Don't hold on,
don't let your mind hold on
To the memories that trapped you inside this cage
I'm ageing older but my mind will never be sober
Don't be like me
Crumbled up memory of a girl who used to be
Purple Rain Jun 2016
Falling down this tree I go
Falling where no one knows
Piano music in my mind
Unable to remember the memories left behind
I can take a step and remember the last
Although I cannot capture the beauty of the past

I only felt;
what I'm forbidden to feel
The chocking around my neck
As I leave a life unfulfilled

The days sunset glistening in my gloomy eyes
My last seconds disappear as death arrives
The final thought I held within
Was "A Life Loved Is Hard To Find."
Jun 2016 · 674
Not A Love Story
Purple Rain Jun 2016
Her eyes,
Her strength,
The way she looks through the beauty of mine.
She puts me down,
Each and every time.
I think I've fallen down,
Down again.
She pushes me out the window,
I'm guessing we were never friends...
First verse hope you guys like
May 2016 · 1.2k
Purple Rain May 2016
The saddest thoughts;
are thought's we are unable to explain
May 2016 · 572
Hey Gorgeous!
Purple Rain May 2016
Hey gorgeous,
Whats going down?
Seems like you've fallen down,
Since the last I've been around
You speak not a sound
I can only feel your pain
when you push me down

Hey gorgeous,
Don't let them steal your thunder,
you're more than just a number
With them goddess eyes,
You give me butterflies
Others are quick to polarize your heart,
And tear your beautiful mind apart

Hey gorgeous,
I can only think back to when I felt your forehead
Cold to the touch,
I clutch on to you right hand
Holding it;
I felt hypnotized within a  depressed state.
No one was inside
You were just an empty case

Hey gorgeous,
You would think I have forgotten
The list we use to make
The reasons why we should live
And forgive ourselves for our mistakes

1. You can't control what others do
2. The world needs more beautiful people like you
3 you are in battle,
and a soldier may never surrender
4. The people you think don't care; 85% of them would **** for you
Remember when we made those promises
on that cold winter day
I held your hand,
As the wind blew in your face
The sky was a cold dark gray
I said
"hey gorgeous!
Let's Make a Deal,
If I Stay Alive will you do the same?"
Today she alive and well. Graduating High school,  she is continuing on her life the way it should be,  without depression controlling her. I wrote this 3 months ago for her, something she can look at when she gets down
Purple Rain May 2016
Holding back my tears
Seeing my world go by,
Trying not to cry on the edges of hell
No more sweet lullabies
Sounds of trains passing in my head,
could this be Freedom?
Or schizophrenia instead...
Laying in my bed
wishing I was dead
contemplating between pills and trigger
Who have I become?
I hold shame before myself in the mirror  
I admit I never actually faced my fear
I wonder if it is time to shed a tear...
Just one or two
Perhaps then the mind of me won't be so blue
This is a poem I wrote about my daily life with mental illness
May 2016 · 732
Don't Cry
Purple Rain May 2016
Holding back my tears
seeing my world go by,
Crying on the edge
no more sweet lullabies
Sounds of trains passing in my head
could this be Freedom?
Or schizophrenia instead...
Laying in my bed wishing I was dead
contemplating between Trigger and pills
How did I get so numb?
Who have I become?
Is this real?
This is a poem I wrote, this is not finished yet,
But it's about the daily struggles I face depression. Hope you guys like
May 2016 · 390
Untitled For Now
Purple Rain May 2016
Sorry to victimize you with my lonely cries
Fabricate my brain under the sheets of lies  
How selfish am I
Selfish is taught,
by was selfish See's
Depression & suicide
Took me down to my knees
A man once told me-
Depression is a choice
My aching heart that feels suffocation
Before I'm able to speak my own voice
My aching heart that can't simply
Define what it means-
The guilt that destroys you
Or what it means to destroy the guilt.

I hold my walls strong,
Just like the others,
I am no more weaker than-
I am no more selfish than
Depression & suicide
Doesn't let me know that you are better than
Your not.
Apr 2016 · 321
Love to Hate
Purple Rain Apr 2016
Love To Hate
A piercing scream
Only I can hear
The sound of a suicide attempt within my hemisphere
Windows abroad
Clawing my skin to the screams of why so serious?

Withholding aggression -
having a glass within reach
I cannot get more excitement out of the thought of throwing it at the ground of someone's feet

A single tear for the 1sec I willfully give
Pale white Feet Clashing against a white window sill
Only the depth of the world's finest pavement cracked within the ripples of my skin
Only then will this be real

Preaching to the already dead
Of how the sun rose once
The next day she never came into work
******* the very breath out of everyone's lungs

Single tears never falls
once fallen
Gripping onto nothing but the thoughts of concrete
"Why do you hate your life,
Mental health professionals ask?"

On the solid embankment of her head
lies a stretched out wire hanger
For her thoughts individually hung
The young girl who is 40 going on 13
Looks like a goddess,
Although slower than a turtle
Slurs out "I only love to hate you*..."
Hope you guys find your own meaning to my poem ©IsabellaRose
Apr 2016 · 500
Cold World edited
Purple Rain Apr 2016
Sometimes I think
No way this world is this cold
I withhold my tears
And I stay on my throne
Old enough rule,
Yet still time to grow
Give me a chance,
To fit into my shadow

I feel as though something is holding me back
I'm arms are weak
My mind is heavy
Someone get me some meds stat
Sick of this world
Sometimes it gets of messy
A life given, Can be deadly
Eyes wide,
mind unsteady
But I pull out my wings to takeoff like Lite Gear
I am my only fear
Yet, I steer my way
And tell the haters I'm not afraid

They say the sky's the limit
But I dream higher
Caught up in between Saints and Liars,
Makes me believe;
The devil is in fact here,
compromise ya
My tears **** down like the Open Sea
Used to cut myself open and see how much I bleed
Thinking disappearing would set me free
Like Heaven Was supposed to be my destiny
Yet Destiny is what you make it,
There is no luck
You put in the hours and commit
Or spend the rest of your life digging a ditch
This is the edited version of my rap, tell me what you think and I'll make some changes :-)
Apr 2016 · 691
Cold World
Purple Rain Apr 2016
Sometimes I think
No way this world is this cold
I withhold my tears
And I stay on my throne
Old enough rule,
Yet still time to grow
Give me a chance,
To fit into my shadow

You say the sky's the limit
I believe higher,
Caught up in between these Saints and Liars,
Makes me believe that the devil is in fact here,
Compromise ya to leave himself at ease
My tears use to run down like the Open Sea
Used to cut myself open and see how much I bleed
Thinking disappearing would set myself free
Like Heaven Was supposed to be my destiny
Hey you guys I mostly post poetry, but this is the rap I'm writing. Hope you like it:)
Apr 2016 · 687
1 Out Of 4
Purple Rain Apr 2016
I do not remember,
The goose bumps against my skin,
The ice cubes I would hold in the very palms of my hands
I DO REMEMBER the brutal Darkness I had within
Not of them
Not for him
Not for his group of friends;
For myself.

The interruption of trauma put fourth into my mind.
I was;
The outlined name on the piece of scrap paper
That everyone seemed to gossip about
I was the 1 out of 4...

1 out of 4
I had to feel the slim of shame through the outer course of my skin
It felt as if a vast sign was beginning attached to the back of my shirt
Everyone knew
Throughout the whole school,
Throughout the world
It felt to me...

The bitterness in my throat as I choke out the words of ****,
The word **** itself is not hard to say
The kids used to scream it on the playground each and every day
My life today is full of Rage,
Not for them
Not for him
Not for his group of friends
For I myself
2016 Isabella Rose
Apr 2016 · 1.7k
Love Overdose
Purple Rain Apr 2016
Sometimes it's the love you lost that hurts the most
Looking for that girl Coast to Coast
She never will come back is What Hurts the Most
Being stuck in a day dream
Thinking of her lately
Remembering the time I give flowers to my baby
Now I'm asking God
Please save me
For my long lost love remembers me vaguely
Sometimes the love you lost that Hurts the Most
Frozen in Time on a love overdose
Writing about someone I lost forever ago...
Purple Rain Apr 2016
Nothing like the rain pouring down
Nothing like a cold hearted tear
Hitting the ground
Oh I can't fly
Oh can't steer
Alone in this world without my lovely dear

I said make it a love that will last
To surpass the pain
But I guess I'm insane to think
I wasn't going to be left in the cold pouring rain

Days feel as if they never change for the better,
but the worst
I'm beginning to think this life is a curse
How could one Rome without the love and comfort of she
Till one and one Unite again and become we
Purple Rain Mar 2016
White noise covering white walls
Taking baby steps,
I hope not to fall
Caught up in between life and death,
Having to make a choice if I should take my last breath
The smell of Daisy's outside this place,
Although I'm stuck in between the memories I cannot erase
Mar 2016 · 317
A lost connection
Purple Rain Mar 2016
I don't dream
But I have dreamt
I'm drowning in my own innocence
The light of day blind me
For I am the darkness
That hides behind the littlest of trees
Covering up for no one will see
The darkness that covers me
Head to toe
My hello's are goodbyes
My fellow friends
I had to comprise

The red sun that shines upon
The yellowness of my skin
The dark gray clouds
That beckon the true color of a sin
I am the the darkness within
A thought & question
Life & death
I am the lost connection
Something that prevents the living
From dreaming any higher
And by the time your dreams come true
your life will have expired
©2016 Isabella Rose
Mar 2016 · 753
Dear Grandfather,
Purple Rain Mar 2016
If you can hear me now;
Would you be proud of you baby girl; Growing up in the cold, cold world.
Would be proud of the way I carry myself,
Even though inside I'm not much of a women
Sometimes I dress like a man despite the words that people say
"Don't touch her she's gay."
The tears roll down my face each and everyday
I wish the depression would just fade away
Sometimes I think of you,
And wonder if you ever think of me
After you died my life has been broke as can be
I cut on myself to see how much I bleed
I can't take this life,
for what I am not cut to be,
Stands right in front of me.
Would you ever look me in the eyes again?
I know I've done wrong
But I ask for forgiveness,
From someone I haven't seen in so long
Mar 2016 · 796
Never To Be Loved
Purple Rain Mar 2016
Dark tracks of you follow me,
Taking the breath out of my lungs.
I choke on the thought of you;
Till my heart uplifts
To let you go.

Although you may think,
I'm Never to shed a tear for a past love;
I have shedded many
And felt unworthy of...

If you knew
How it made my heart feel
Each word of criticism
Peeling a layer of me off
leaving my soul left in the dark*
"Never to be loved for the scars of past loves."
I thought it would be best to get out all the feelings of you. ©2016 Isabella Rose
Feb 2016 · 570
Beyond Night Skies
Purple Rain Feb 2016
The eyes of her;
Are beyond beautiful.
Much more than I, myself, can imagine.
The wondering eyes of me;
Can never stop staring at the beauty,
that swipes Thy heart for herself.

The kind heart of she;
hides throughout the brutal darkness,  
Never for seeing the need of light.
"Those who wonder in to such;
Futuristically get broken down,
And end up where I, myself am now.

For every slight attempt,
I am turn down.
No trust as expected,
For I am one of the unimportant.
Inside the brittle heart of thy;
And past the walls of hell,
She knows I love every part of her.
The mind of mine;
knows the beauty inside,
has been torture by those of the weak,
For past, and present centuries.
The brain of me;
"For thy myself;
Think and feel the same."

As the shining stars cover the dark,
Night sky,
I think to myself
Beyond the darkness of her,
She still amazes thy heart and soul...
Never more
This is a poem collaboration by me myself @IsabellaRose and my favorite poet nevermore
We are both dyslexic, so forgive the mistakes
©Isabella Rose 2016
Feb 2016 · 819
Looking Past
Purple Rain Feb 2016
My tears wash down my breathless face
Like a cold winter night,
There sits my heart
Unconscious as ever,
Brutally beaten since the first I can  remember
Though the first touch,
I chose not to grasp onto the thought of the memory :(

It creeps to my soul;
In the loneliest of hours,
Devouring the last I have left
In every single breath

Wiping the weary out
From that moment on
Awaking the solid touching of him through out my bear skin
Chained down
Begging forgiveness for all my sins
This poem tells my story, Of ****** asbuse
And hopefully others who can relate, Move past the thoughts of it..
©2016 Isabella Rose
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
Purple Rain Feb 2016
Killing me softly;
his heart;
Killing me softly;
from the start.
Nothing can trap me in the dark;
Though his wicked words pull me back in;
time an time again.
For he is the darkness;
And I forgiven him for all his sins,
Even though he breaks my aching heart;
From him time an time,
His rhyming notes manoeuvre me in;
With every single line.

He is forgiven;
For breaking my walls of steel,
Sometimes thinking about him;
makes my heart feel ill.
It doesn't matter that darkness captures the light.
lovesickness couldn't get any worse;
but It just might.
©2016 Isabella Proe
Feb 2016 · 686
Purple Rain Feb 2016
I've been at deaths door;
Unable to catch a breath
My heart is sore;
From now until death;
For bullet wounds have invalid my chest
©2016 Isabella Rose
Feb 2016 · 898
Not Knowing
Purple Rain Feb 2016
I cannot die without knowing...
You never spoke the words
Telling me how you...

I was left with my mouth ajawed
My glazed eyes widened
I looked like a lost puppy
Expecting those three simple...

I stand flashing back into the very moment.
You said not a ****...

My breathing,
Goes breathless to the simple flash of...

I guess, not knowing.
Feb 2016 · 796
My Gift To You
Purple Rain Feb 2016
Here I stand with my heart out,
I give it to you
Yet here is my future which stands empty without you
Here stands my life on the line,
which is nothing worth living
more painful than the soul can fear, or mind can hide
More painful than giving out my pulverized heart
And receiving nothing in return*...
Purple Rain Feb 2016
Nothing can compete
with this heartbreak grief
Nothing can relieve
the sorrow that lies in me
Now that you're gone
the death inside only speaks
I weep,
as my tears creep down my hollow shell of a face
The thought of you
leaves me in a
cold, dark

I wish I could erase
all memories of you,
But once loved,
will always be loved
Only if you

Every Mambo,
Every peep
Every actual words that I speak
Will always stay true
No promise to my love
Can I undo
I can fight the battle
But battling the fight,
Without the love of my life
I can not possibly be put through
"It's the magnitude,
that leads me back to
©2016 Isabella Proe
Feb 2016 · 956
Never Lasting Love
Purple Rain Feb 2016
I was wondering if you still think of me?
I haven't shed a single tear since You've been gone
But it hurts deep down inside,
Don't get me wrong
I feel as though time has never past,
Yet you have past along

Can you read me?
Through the crackle in my voice
As you leave me to die,
I guess you had no choice

Though I dream of us,
And who we use to be
The thought of you leaving
Brings out the hurt in me...
My tears splattered like rain drops
Upon this pillow of mine
My Mama always said
"love is blind*"
My never lasting love...
Jan 2016 · 907
Our Love Is Numb
Purple Rain Jan 2016
The closer we become
The more I feel numb
I forced the thought of love upon my skin
Gripping her body in the motion of love,
Attempting to feel something I can't feel
Such unreserved distance others would think its real...

Our love is real

So much realness,
that the brain of She and I can't feel a **** thing
That when our lips touch
I sense the warmth of a blanket
And not the softness that her skin brings
I go **** it
I can't even love the simple things
Because the mind of me still thinks
We our "we"
"Me and she"
My mind can't process that we went our separate ways
Long ago
But still the nightly visions of her stay
It's been 2 years all I can say
Is *Our Love Is Numb
Jan 2016 · 785
He Is The Death Of Me
Purple Rain Jan 2016
My face is pale
I can't breathe
The thought of me dying,
left him at ease
My murderous husband,
Squeezes the life out of me

My knees are weary,
as I plead on onto cold, solid ground for his forgiveness
I pray to god,
He will leave me be
I attempt not to cry
For my murderous husband will see the weakness in me

My mother said,
Never let a soul see you cry
They will take advantage of you,
and leave you to die
Comment & tell me what you think?
Maybe I will even continue this poem...
Jan 2016 · 935
Purple Rain Jan 2016
Society has taught,
That I should hold my head down and be quite
That the person who did it
Isn't the one to blame...
That expressing what happened
Is worst than it happening

Society has taught,
that **** is a joke
And it only happens to the ones who deserve it
That if you look underdressed,
It's your fault
If you walk alone in the dark
Your asking for it
I have been taught,
That **** is the cost of life
Jan 2016 · 564
Purple Rain Jan 2016
There's even darkness in light
Caught up in my own sins and lies
I say,
It's the strength of the devil within
Trying to find darkness,
In the lightest hour
Jan 2016 · 865
Purple Rain Jan 2016
Dear Purple,
Said too much too soon
****** covered bathroom
Late night afternoons
Broken heart,
To death do us part
To many emotions as I depart
My soul fades to the dark
Dear purple,
I cry the coldest tears
On the warmest nights
Dear purple,
I can only pray for stronger days
As my body turns to gray
Short poem hope you guys like it.
Jan 2016 · 391
Purple Rain Jan 2016
I can't anymore
unable to find the reasons why
Tear drops mark my eyes
It's the common demon I have inside
That keeps me going on this treadmill
not only does it hurts
but it kills
not only does it strangles
but makes me ill

I'm stuck in the dark
Trying to get back to the start
My heart has been black for some time now
Cold and dark as my mind
And I can only wonder why?
Just Why,
So cruel...

I was once an angel
but now Satan at its worst
This curse I face,
Makes my life feel like its going in reverse
Till there's no more of me
Life has become my worst enemy
Jan 2016 · 1.4k
My Box
Purple Rain Jan 2016
I find happiness within a confined box
No one from the outside world cares to knock
This box is to old an brittle
To wise,
To nimble
To peek out into the outside world

So I sit,
An crumble myself into a tight fit
In a fetal position
With toes tight
Reserved to only an inch
My face stuck in between my lap
My hands hugging my back

Pigeons swarming around my box
I constantly scream
There's not a soul to touch or take
For heaven is where my soul will take
Dec 2015 · 574
All The Feels
Purple Rain Dec 2015
Borrow the time never given
Reliving and rewinding everything that confines me
In a place where I rather not be
Trapped in the wrath of the sea
Broken piano keys
In the middle of my one and only song
Scattered thoughts beyond this mind

I speak no evil,
Yet see and hear it
I have to admit
There's something wrong
in this head of lies

Broken thoughts of grief only for myself,
Made up excuses why I don't have wealth
Why I'm a diamond god made not to be the best
And Even a "nobody"  doesn't cares to listen to the chatter from my chest
So I sit back in this white-walled room
With me, myself and I,
A mess
Dec 2015 · 898
Knock Knock
Purple Rain Dec 2015
Knock knock on your door
knocked a thousand times or more
I hope for your knock in return
Just one knock
That's what I pray
Each and every night
Hoping you'll stay
Knock knock on the door
Knowing someone's home
On the other side
I'm not mad or out of my mind
Im just hoping you'll be mine

So knock knock on the door
I'm scared to turn the ****
I'm afraid I'll be turned away
By the sternness of your voice
In the color of anger through your skin
And the words of
"You're not wanted in"
So on the other side of the door I stay
Praying before my love life decays
I knock once more
with no answer in return
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
The Color Of The Roses
Purple Rain Dec 2015
Roses are red
violets are blue
last time we talked
I forgot to mention I love you
I love your simplistic imperfections
The way our brains make simple connections
Looking into both of our kind hearted eyes
Wishing we can minimize the pain we both feel inside

When we're put together
You and I love each other forever and more
Our hearts range deep
Starting from the vibrant colors of our hearts core
One day I'll say I love you as I look into the beauty of your green eyes
Touching the softness of your hair
And the calmness of your skin
I'll tell you
I adore the bravery of the fight you have within
And The warmth of your...
I'll pause and say where do I begin
And as the wind blows ill smile Into your eyes
As the loveliness of yourself smiles back
I'll say I love you
And I hope your okay with that
2015 Isabella Rose
Dec 2015 · 649
Holding On "Chapter 3 pt.1"
Purple Rain Dec 2015
Unable to ever win
No more fight I can give
The raindrops that fall beneath my skin,
As my lurking shadow hides among the wind
I'm Closer then I've ever been,
waking up fighting all my sins

No more he can forgive
No more pain I can relive
I'd always thought I'd come home
tell him what I found was my own
Joy Beneath the crowds,
And unmarked lands
I'd think to tell him,
My freedom was among the riverbanks and sand
2015 Isabella Rose  chapter 3 pt.1 "No more to give"
Dec 2015 · 1.5k
Holding On "Chapter 2"
Purple Rain Dec 2015
"Before the overdose"

*Liars and fake friends
Im undesirable to only them
Tear drops mark the floor like Broken glass,
Broken glass mark the scars on my arm
Like the friends of the past

In the present
My brain is wired to the never-ending thought
Of why they hide their face behind a stone cold mask
Of why the endless thought
Makes my heart feel like
shattered glass

Till this day I'm popping pills,
Making sure no friends will ever come my path
Till this day I walk lonely marking the path to God
Swallowing down all these pills making it my last
These pills already swallowed down
will **** me fast
2015 Isabella-Rose "Holding On"
Dec 2015 · 727
Holding On "Chapter 1"
Purple Rain Dec 2015
I have survived years of torment
Self inflicted or not
be my savior
Or let me rot
Cleanse me with your holy water
Or let me drown
Hold me in the warmth of your arms
Or let the poison flow down*

Tell me it's alright
When I begin to think not
A part I have fallen each and every night
I can only climb
As far as I can reach
A captivated thought

Hold out your hand
Don't let me drown in defeat
Let the hollow pain I hold onto
Drown and leave
2015 Isabella Rose, Title "Chapter 1" (lord) poem
Nov 2015 · 588
Out Loud Cries
Purple Rain Nov 2015
Out loud cries
Apart they take me
At the Lowest degree
being hit by reality
Aching pains sent down my spine
Mentally killing me softly
I'm dying of deadly grief inside
locked and chained in this dark world of pain
Trying to connect the dots
For Every day is a battle that I fought
This is the beginning of my new poem, if you guys like it enough I'll continue
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