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Nov 2021 · 154
Fenna Capelle Nov 2021
If I should find myself in bleakness
I am the fool who dulls it all
Come and find me in the palace
Come and meet me down the hall

And I shall jest and sing and merry
Merry round the dining guests
Come and frolic through the evening
Once the king has gone to rest

Come and frolic till the morning
Has hung her glory up to dry
Till the wine’s gone out of favour
Till the sun has burnt the sky

I shall tiptoe to the wandering
To the wasted, to the weak
Jest! Jest and be merry
And never wonder what you seek

If I should find myself in bleakness

I am the fool that dulls these plays
I have known the verse, I’ve known the stories
I’ve seen the fervour in each face

Come and gambol till the evening
Has found my hour gone astray
Far from court and king and legend
Come and take this blues away
Oct 2021 · 124
The emperor
Fenna Capelle Oct 2021
The heart is fond, so is the hand
That fed this fickle flesh of mine
That fell and bowed and loved and vowed
That lost and loved her shrine  

That self same shrine where once, I know
The Mirrors followed free
And all who prayed for rights divine
Were wronged as wronged can be

The promised land came to the dreams
And sang a song or two
But fled along when winter came
To a land where summer grew

The pilgrims, they through night and day
Still worship never ending
And like beggars fled when distance came
When death and life carme pending

For death and life the emperor fought
The promised land claimed he
And of steel and fire were his spurs  
His horses of the sea

“The earth’s ablaze!” I heard them cry
I heard their maddening shrieks
The hollow madness of their eyes
Fell down all to their cheeks

“Arise, arise” I heard them cry
The dignity dropped down
The emperor there stood shamefully
Amidst a smouldering town

For in these hands, the promised land
Was crushed and so was he
And with the horses and his pride
Sank down into the sea

And deep among the waves a song
Rose up for every soul
That was promised to the broken hearted
That was promised to us all

And brick by brick and stone by stone
The marble statues filled
The halls of gold, the hollow crown
Where once a king we killed

“Arise! Arise!” I heard them cry 

I saw their limbs like mould 

The glazing in each weary eye 

Of brightest emerald. 

Their temples stood rebuilt for good
The Mirrors followed free
The shrine was loved forevermore
And lost to that sad sea 

Well I limped on to beat and drum
Limped on like one forlorn
And I shall wake only to break
The silence of the morn

Through the land the myth’s own hand
There wrote its own account
The old man and the sea were found
Down by the promised land
Fenna Capelle Oct 2021
Having laid myself to rest, I could not get myself to sleep, nor could I entrust my own mind to dreaming. 
Laying there, an empty head on a lifeless pillow, I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling besides the things he had constructed. Carefully picking up the remnants of a sanctified artwork, shattered about the room, he turned towards me. Piercing eyes in a frame drowned in nostalgia.
I saw the fallen poet battering his quill, tired of his incessant fight. The hideous phantasm of a man-made oracle. 
All fought, their arms tied to their devotion, their armour fastened to their solitude
And only I could keep them company
Jun 2021 · 123
Music of the Night
Fenna Capelle Jun 2021
The music that haunts these misty woods
Would make the earth beloved and yet
The notes she harbours gently play
In solitude their strange duet

The song that owns these frightening woods
Must needs be calm, must needs be eloquent
The melancholy in its tunes
But tell of days in goodness spent

The wasteland’s weary of destruction
Yet we danced around in hollowness
The grave spits out the wasted bones
And mourns and mourns its idleness

The lark, the sparrow shall keep singing
The uncontested voice of ceremony
A song that brings and will keep bringing
To peace a finished melody

The final beat’s oblivion
And many died before the stroke
Thus silence rounds the symphony
The great unfinished never spoke
Fenna Capelle Jun 2021
I shall arise and raise a glass
To writhing verse and broken prayer
And pass through minutes of neglect  
I hoped I’d find you there

The hazel wood is rich with fairies  
The Sirens move through dappled grass
Fervidly chased by child or lover
And I shall rise and watch them pass

Long were my days when the summer came
But the fishermen bade me beware
Dark as red wine was the sea that I sailed
I just prayed that I might find you there

For the ocean was dressed in its fancy
Of sea nymphs and monsters of glass
Often fought by hero and wizard
O I hoped that you might let them pass

Well, in all of this rumour and roaring
I had cast my soul to the sea
And passed through neglect and high fancy
And hoped that there you’d find me
Apr 2021 · 125
When sorrows come
Fenna Capelle Apr 2021
My thoughts bend into idleness
Towards the love that needs be vain
I know that reason bears divinity
But I’m too young and quite insane

At night I wove a veil for sorrow
To hide her from men’s sight
Even though I knew the morrow
Would make her footfall light

At day I sailed away with her
She took me to some far off place
And all the ocean was in tears
For I stole sorrow from her face

At dusk confined in solitude
On an island that we owned
And sorrow cast her veil of fear
Upon the moment we postponed

At dawn we heard a distant drum
And sorrow nimbly fled away
Towards the men that waited there
So eagerly for break of day
Apr 2021 · 98
From grace to grace
Fenna Capelle Apr 2021
I held it truth with every look
That it dreams away her own effect
That the saints have thought themselves too high  
And begged the sinner for respect

They cried “go fetch me water from the desert
Force a drop out of this stone
For nature now needs watering
And cannot live by rain alone”

But the rain has ceased her effort
And I loved the subtle agony
What land is that which harbours
Every height and depth of me?

But from grace to grace we lived and lived
From truth to truth we died and died
The common ground proves us ephemeral
The highest deeds are misapplied

I danced with fools, the old, the ragged pasts
Of worlds that hid themselves for shame
And the beggar girl has played the tunes
Of which only she will know the name
Mar 2021 · 90
The shrimp girl
Fenna Capelle Mar 2021
The sun had hid her warmth
For a ragged girl with blistered feet
That sold her ware with all her voice
That begged for justice on the street

And still she cried "buy here my goods"
She was the sun, she wore her smile
The world had ripped the rags she wore
And only gazed a little while

It gazed and gazed and soon forgot
The cries, the tears the frail demand
The light it took without remorse
From this her garish suppliant

And still she smiled for she knew well
That streets have harboured yet so many
No hope was lost, no word undone
"Come buy my goods, t'is but a penny"

But winter clenched its iron fist
The seasons took the earth with ease
And drew the line; the rich were warm
The poor were famished by degrees

Her voice died out, her cry was muffled still
The curtain fell with little care
Her final bow she took, one faint applause
One last shrill cry; "come buy my ware"

She had left the world a memory
But the graveyard still is ignorant
Of the life it took without remorse
From this her loving suppliant
Feb 2021 · 169
The Watchman
Fenna Capelle Feb 2021
I've made a world from fields and flowers
And head the unforgiving call
Behold the tears that found their rest
Behold the love that found a soul

I know the tunes, I've played them all
I've torn the violin apart
The song it died, I watched it fall
Between the centuries of the heart

Yet the world I loved seemed sweeter still
The light was garish, the dark was gay
I played the fool, I played with fire
And let the ashes steal away

I passed the watchman on his tower
He rests and sighs and rests and fears
He watches every passing hour
For very soon the morning nears

And as I stood, the time stood still
He bows his head, he sighs and prays
"Such was the longing that was mine
Such were the authors of my days"
Feb 2021 · 354
Stolen child
Fenna Capelle Feb 2021
I have to leave this palace
With its unforgiving gaze
The jealousy's meticulous
The green eyed envy of its face

This heart shall have some peace then
For it comes away to thee
And it shall write for pangs of love
And the art of liberty

This world has asked the ransom
For some forgotten child
That learned to fear her own ambition
That never wept nor ever smiled

But the quality of beauty
Is hidden from itself
Her mirror cracked from side to side
What cause had I for vanity
For I knew that dark was right

But this mind shall have some comfort then
For it comes away to thee
And it shall love for reason's sake
Her own deformity
Jan 2021 · 103
Sonnet IV
Fenna Capelle Jan 2021
Dare I hope in the throes of a fire
In the flames of a life that's been lived
In the chains of unquenched desire
And the future imprisoned in thrift

The city dies with the death of its people
And dare I hope for the healing of all
O, isolation hides safe in her steeple
And calls out to an innocent soul

Yet the city will ever be golden
The yoke of desire's not heavy to bear
Dare I hope for a light quaintly olden
For all that is peaceful and fair

When the flames of our fancies are gone  
Dare my hopes let the fire pass on
Jan 2021 · 84
Transience of wisdom
Fenna Capelle Jan 2021
I have fought the failing of philosophy
And swore a long and solemn vow
That I could pay the price for reason
But I am old and foolish now

I have sustained the truths in science
But found that knowledge, learning, physic must
Hold just one truth to be substantial
That all shall fade and come to dust

Yet I will sing of beauty
And adore the glory of these days
Although the myth's no longer sacred
And I fain could live on praise

Break there the glass of madness
Break there the mind that would allow
That my love has reason, yet my reason none
But I am old and foolish now
Jan 2021 · 100
Fenna Capelle Jan 2021
I should hold this world a memory
For I'll soon be old and gone
And sail unto a land of dreams
Beneath the setting sun

The world shall be an endless song
Played on the strings of broken lyres
The wind to be her death lament
Her hours confined in fires

The lilies then were fervourless
White roses snowed upon their tomb
The weeping willow mourned her epitaph
And cursed the dull buds of her womb

There was little cause to win the war
There was little cause to dread the fear
Or phantoms of unresting thought
That peopled the world we held so dear

Break there the curse of Lethe's memory
Or the ecstasy that was its price
While we embarked there on the merry ship
That sails away to paradise
Fenna Capelle Nov 2020
To all that once was calm and fair
To bows unharmed and swords in dust
Don't let the mem'ry falter there

Eyes ablaze as they declare
Their one and final truce of trust
To all that once was calm and fair

The drums that strike, the horns that blare
Did cease their suit and so they must
Not let the mem'ry falter there

And man have told us to beware
The nets of virtue and the stings of lust
To all that once was calm and fair

To every scared and silent prayer
O'er the tombstones of disgust
Don't let the mem'ry falter there

The king of beast that with a deathly stare
Laid down his life and let it rust
To all that once was calm and fair
Don't let the mem'ry falter there
Nov 2020 · 75
A life in faith
Fenna Capelle Nov 2020
There's the faith of one in dismal hope
A tattered cloak and worn out shoes
All through the scorning of the misanthrope  
And tearful laughter of a blues

The steps I follow blindly run
And paced beyond their own capacity
Beyond all faith there's more to come
The blinded dreams but cannot see

Hunger, satisfied, will crave for more
Abundance abounds not within prosperity
Prosperity grew her greed and fed on war
The war grew out of all prolixity

And yet we danced our nights away
In every stream of grace we drowned
The time that buries yet another day
Will ressurect the corpses that it found
Fenna Capelle Oct 2020
On heaven's banks no star was seen, no moon dared cast her light
Oceans of this world roared in all their power
When a lone, deserted ship assailed the seas that night  

I stood a long time watching from my half deserted tower
- Watched the waves subdue the ship and all its men -
Night casts a fear of timelessness on every waking hour

My crooked hands could not wield this storm once it began  
From lack of influence my heart could not yield pity  
Nor could I entrust my mind to any solemn honour then  

I grew red roses for all guilt that had befallen me
Cast them deep into the water - but wrongly did I claim my right -
For their thorns pierced through the fragile ***** of the sea

And left the sea more red with bleeding than could be healed within my might
And on heaven's bank no star is seen, no moon dares cast her light
Sep 2020 · 61
Sonnet 4
Fenna Capelle Sep 2020
Pride stands firmly at the height of fashion
And greed reclaims all kindness it once gave
Although the night still has her passion
And our feeble hearts be still as brave

Though utterance has fled the tongues of men
And left the meaning tied to silent thought
Our verse is bound to answer if it can
And survive in the valley where it's wrought

There busy grieves in barren wastelands
Flow from wells of isolation
Into the loving night that clasps the hands
Of evr'y tribe, of every forlorn nation

In all vows of human ingenuity
There lies a soul that died to set it free
Sep 2020 · 66
Fenna Capelle Sep 2020
As the lights of the world are fading
In the dark we've looked for truth in vain
For truth is vaulted when oppressed with persuading
And the fool wears out the answers to the very same

The light turned shallow, has darkened and died
But in the death of truth took justice too
Yet justice will be strained and has denied
Her wrong, in all the right she has been through

And all the truths again will come around
That day when pure justice sets them free
For there is no perfection to be found
Aug 2020 · 63
Villanelle II
Fenna Capelle Aug 2020
Surely death cannot host these timeless ends
For beyond the end nothing is confined
A tomb unchained cannot restore amends

Beyond the error that's been all but spent
There's rest in the reason of a spotless mind
Surely death cannot host this timeless end

Eternity found us farther than that time when time relents
And closed the curtain of a stage we had designed
A tomb unchained cannot restore amends

That stage wore out the work of her own hand
The act refrained, its players had resigned
Surely death cannot host this timeless end

Beyond the life and death of human judgements
The course of justice will be strained and blind
A tomb unchained cannot restore amends

T'is an opened grave on which our way depends
And eternity will keep the keys behind
Surely death cannot host these timeless ends
Nor could a tomb unchained restore amends
Aug 2020 · 55
Heraldry of dawn
Fenna Capelle Aug 2020
I fled the battling for peace at the dying of the light
At the fall of evening and her stars
For this world keeps waxing, and t'is her right
To live through her tales and fight all of her wars

The noise of tomorrow lulled me to sleep
Yet her desperate cries too pursued their way
And summoned my conscience out of the misty deep
The yoke of tomorrow is left weightless at the summit of her play

In the dead of that night, the dark was set ablaze
When a great fire trembled up future's mighty monument
But it bore no meaning at that place
For it leaves all in ashes and is content

Fire turns to ashes, ashes to dust
And hence I thought all evil had shed away
But a fierce wind set in, and in its  hands I trust
The remnants of my hopes, my love slightly lost along the way

Storms are fragile under the weight of immortality
Time's undying and all will turn to nothingness
For the storm; it came and went and left her soul to me
An empty soul, deprived of all her dreams and idleness

Dawn blew her trumpet for the heraldry of morn
The battle for peace was fought and won, and hence
The noise of tomorrow was left into the hands of empty scorn
And all the rest was utter silence
Jul 2020 · 51
Sonnet 3
Fenna Capelle Jul 2020
There's a forlorn world that keeps on dawning
And ere long, secrets have veiled the darkest sea
Lost empires live on in the hearts of their kings
And hence have never lost their mystery  

Groundworks of antiquity were shaken
At the mere thought of some discovery
Yet stirs not when their dignity's taken
For habit too might bear a longing to be free

That fiery pain that lies in holding on,
And the common wings that enclose its right
Sparked by fear of a loss too eas'ly won
Are now the fearful icons of their flight

Hearts dare not love at the thought of love alone
Hope's passive if hopeful thoughts are all we own
Jul 2020 · 65
Fenna Capelle Jul 2020
Bearing out her guard even when blackness grew afraid of darkening,
Fear now stands tiptoe upon the banks of night.
Until love, hope and glory had become all too much a showy thing
In the mind of one that took up courage and claim their sole accustomed right

Hate now slumbers in states of restless agony
But in the fire of his spirit is ever willing to take up arms once more
For a nightmare rides upon his sleep that has taught him what to be
And made mortality defy all she had once so fiercely felt compassion for

But the time of fear and hate is soon worn out
For even towards time itself they have stood hatefully
That fear, so frightened to look upon her sight, devoured her own doubt
And in being so momentary, hate raged and subdued his enmity

Time lies upon the wings of love and hope and history
She will be the loving steadiness where steadfast love lies overthrown
And bear out her siege until all held besieged by fear dare see
That there will be beauty where beauty was nothing but ash and stone
Jul 2020 · 42
Fenna Capelle Jul 2020
A soft blanket of sleep lies over the ***** of our weary enterprise
As the plants sung me the sweetest sounding lullabies tonight  
Serenades to a universe remote, the brightness of her starry skies
So tender, that one might think it shameful to look upon the dawning of the light

Dream now ; dream of shores, of seas and raging storms
There embark on ships and live through tales of forlorn lands
And ere you wake again, at the ticklish touch of time and form,
Tenderly take up these dreams and bury them in the ***** of the sand

And when my last farewells are laid to rest
When monumental time freazes tears into mere statues of grief
Well then, let there be peace in being but an ever-faithful guest
That's seen where dreams lay down their heads and fade into belief
Jun 2020 · 49
Sonnet 2
Fenna Capelle Jun 2020
Time may brag, for she transcends the ages
Refuge lean on angels enclosing her  
Bounty can rest in taking her wages Tempt resilience; she'll refuse to stir

They fought with reason and conquered it all
And have layed siege on love and fantasy
That dare not think of a thing so palpable
As the providence they can offer me

Now love is but an ancient tale forlorn
That slowly treads on dreams and history
But on dreams we are build, and from it we're born
In a slumber, that'll forever dwell in me

The war is fought, the siege rounded with a sleep
As are our lives, our love and dreams we keep
May 2020 · 64
Walk of life
Fenna Capelle May 2020
Through rolling landscapes I found a path I needed to pursue  
It reached out as far as my mind could bear to let it free
Like a doubtful sceptic who, in dreaming, knew not where to turn to  
And I followed it to the last caress of its sheer certainty

Yet the dreamer lost his dreams; the sceptic forgot his playful irony
And I, in dreaming, lost the path and wandered off for shame
For, what's the goodness in a leader that finds a way to conjure me  
And yet can play the boundless tyrant to the very same?

I wandered off, and found an ocean; some fair, illusionistic place  
That seemed sheer miracle to all I hoped my dreams would bring
But the sea now, in her appetite, has devoured all the days
And conjured all I was, my hopes and pride and my imagining

The horizon now has caught my dreams
The old road my footsteps; the tyrant's stroke lies buried in the sea
And in every convulsion of that road lay a truth, or so it seems
That all we are is what we owe to what we one day wished to be
May 2020 · 187
Fenna Capelle May 2020
Daylight comes only to astound the night with all that the dark could be
And leaves the darkness insecure about his being so barren of affection
Day, having thus put shame upon this subject of his enmity
Had become the very object of his shame and his objection
And night then spoke: let day and setting sun
Boast of all that they hold dear and have made to be their own
Of all the stars that light the blackness of my soul, there will be none
To ever be the herald of the day; her company shall always be the splendour of herself alone
And that shall be her sole delight, yet mine will always be
The comfort of dreams, of hope and authenticity
Apr 2020 · 62
Fenna Capelle Apr 2020
I learned to love, but with a love that's past
It clang onto the ruins of beauty
And made a kingdom out of it at last
Yet time took its king, as is her duty  

T'all was nothing but an allegory
From which the object lost and bound to grief
Had to live but with the thought of glory
And give her heart to that in blind belief

But could love bear inconsistency?
Passion would not change herself for time or hour
It will not know of ruin or atrophy
For it blooms where nostalgia's raised in power

Let all who love build up these ruins once more
And see the glory that they've been loving for
Apr 2020 · 88
Solitary island
Fenna Capelle Apr 2020
My dreams wrought me a ship on which I embarked  
In want of an island that lay in the  comfort of solitude alone
And amidst all hopes, illusions and dreams to hold onto
I set foot upon this island and had soon made it to be mine own

It became the fortress of my very mind
And I watched it fill itself with all sounds, colours and odours
That the power of imagination is but heir to
And to which it slowly made me subject

If nature is a reflection of the human soul
Then a human hand will show itself in sweet flowers and the mystery of the darkest wood
The oblivion of the deepest sea

Yet then the solitude and desolation of my island
Woke me up from dreaming
And I was left with nothing but the illusion in the mind of a displaced refugee
That still lives in his own world; this island of his imagination
Apr 2020 · 66
Fenna Capelle Apr 2020
Figments of a thousand solitary thoughts flew all around me
And long have I intended to chase and hunt them down by choice
For I knew: if they would lay locked within the safe keeping of a boundary
They were to entangle in a word, and be the silent figment of a voice

For what is the height of love, but merely a thought astray
If it doesn't speak in her own defence
And what is the fire of passion, but a long and worn out way
That leads to nothing, if words would not grant it recompense

Yet all these words speak for the echoes of all that came before
That too once spoke and were no stranger to sheer humanity
T'is the thought that finds the sweet eloquence it bore
That moulds the most pure and sincere consistency
Mar 2020 · 109
Swan lake
Fenna Capelle Mar 2020
A shimmering lake in moonlight lay
Under the watchful eye of some mighty trees
A swan resided there, bound to the water through the passing of her days
Yet her appearance so compounded with grace and majesty

But every evening, as darkness fell upon this solemn scenery
And a thousand stars shaped the contours of a shapeless night
This graceful swan turned into the very substance of mortality
And became a girl, dressed in beauty faint and white  

As a man lost himself in wandering on one dark and misty night  
And panic blinding as the fallen night began to lead his tread
He happened upon this hidden lake; an illusion to his restless sight  
And heard the soft singing of a girl that roamed about the riverbed

And between them love did grow, sprung from the seeds of unexpectancy
And both gave up their hearts to this fair and loving night
Yet rising dawn lighted the way for sheer reality to see
That all things must once dissolve and come to light

For when daylight perched upon the lake, this girl became a swan once more
And being tied to the water, set her ability to love to bounds
Yet every twilight remembered her what she had been loving for
It is in the burning pain of the  impossibile that a love most fiery is found

And uncounted years they lived; years of love and purest grace
Never does sincere love consign to what the course of time can take  
For when it took the swan's white feathers and the pale beauty of her face    
She lay tenderly enclosed in the shimmering moonlight on a solemn lake
Jan 2020 · 34
Thirsty soul
Fenna Capelle Jan 2020
A river ran through a golden wood
That lay bathed in the peaceful fall of eventide
And two streams sprung from it as I stood
And watched them meandering into the light

I found a place to quench my thirst
And kneeled down on the banks of the first stream
But the water reflected my sight, and I reversed
For it showed a shape that I had  never seen

Long had this vision dried out the soul in me
And obstructed me to drink and water it even so
But how solid is a concrete thing that leans upon a fantasy
When thereby hangs the entire world you know

I ran towards the second brook, drawn by sheer objection
Where I knelt down and drank most eagerly
Yet the water was troubled, and without reflection
Thus with the troubled water, the image dissolved within me

My thirst was quenched, and bid the image to escape
It was in these golden woods that I had learned to see
T'is often the beauty unacquainted with its shape
That shapes the most fair and solid imagery
Jan 2020 · 73
Thirsty soul
Fenna Capelle Jan 2020
A river ran through a golden wood
That lay bathed in the peaceful fall of eventide
And two streams sprung from it as I stood
And watched them meandering into the light

I found a place to quench my thirst
And kneeled down on the banks of the first stream
But the water reflected my sight, and I reversed
For it showed a shape that I had  never seen

Long had this vision dried out the soul in me
And obstructed me to drink and water it even so
But how solid is a concrete thing that leans upon a fantasy
When thereby hangs the entire world you know

I ran towards the second brook, drawn by sheer objection
Where I knelt down and drank most eagerly
Yet the water was troubled, and without reflection
Thus with the troubled water, the image dissolved within me

My thirst was quenched, and bid the image to escape
It was in these golden woods that I had learned to see
T'is often the beauty unacquainted with its shape
That shapes the most fair and solid imagery
Dec 2019 · 208
Eye of the hurricane
Fenna Capelle Dec 2019
Yet when in autumn a leaf -long worn out-
On the wings of wind falls down and twirls
The air it catches is carried about
And won in power until it fanned a hurling gale

It destroyed all he laid his will upon
And all beauty that once rose a victim to his reign
Yet in these depths of decay, new life had begun
In the peaceful eye of this hurricane

New life flourishes in the middle of its most dreaded fight
For when calmness perched upon this raging of extremity
One bright flower still bloomed in all its pride
And immortalised the barrenness of hope with eternity
Dec 2019 · 85
Fenna Capelle Dec 2019
I witnessed the ignition of the past
And an astounding fire it had been
For the flames twirled and danced, and cast
The most fiery of their beings on the scene

I was drawn towards it for its  elegance
Even gracefulness seems to have faded into a memory
For the moment I reached out, the fire quenched
All that but seems cannot bear substantiality

I now found warmth by the ashes of that fire
And hope in the nostalgia of the ignited
Yet I longed for the flames, though it is a fool's desire
To walk in dreams and let your ways with that be coincided
Nov 2019 · 160
Even the cracked reed
Fenna Capelle Nov 2019
Even the cracked reed shall not break
And each road to a destiny shall lead
And spreads the sea its waves
While from his waves its effect he takes

Shall not I then be spared
This world exists by grace
For if not, how could we have shared
Nature's changing, untrimmed gaze
Nov 2019 · 254
Wanderer moon
Fenna Capelle Nov 2019
A heart is like a wanderer moon
That at first but faintly shines
Yet it surrounds the darkness with silver tunes
When all light in the end declines

It is in the hope of every heart
To pluck the beams of this faint light
And share it when light and darkness part
In the blackness of a moonless night
Nov 2019 · 210
Fenna Capelle Nov 2019
Even war is crowned with solemn peace
That crown passed on from reign to reign
And from king to king even the gold does fade
So does the glory in the sword that's stained

The sword was silenced and then was heard no more
The blood stained veil tore before my closing eye
Thus it is the dethronement of peace that's the coronation of war
Yet could ever a higher cause such a darkness dignify
Nov 2019 · 257
The wanderer
Fenna Capelle Nov 2019
I have been a lone wanderer for many a year
When the land was thirsty and the well was dry
Long have I roamed through solitude and tears
But the sun dried those tears as time went by

For even the lillies in their fair embroidered wear
Are as blessed as the certainty that the sun will rise each day
Should I then, the wanderer in despair
Not be blessed with an embroidered coat along my way
Nov 2019 · 336
A seabound journey
Fenna Capelle Nov 2019
Bound for the void of nothingness a ship had once set sail
Embarked in peaceful doubts and willful ignorance
Merely lead by a play, both boisterous and frail
A play of waves, of storms, a dance!

Yet with time the sea's bounty became a teacher
Testifying the bleeding which is her love
It is still there she sails, a ship at open sea
As long as in the darkest night there'll be some stars above
Nov 2019 · 183
Fenna Capelle Nov 2019
Upon the fallen ruins of history
Roses will always bloom
Those crumbled stones shall be adorned
The tempest laughed at, the decay scorned

There the rose's thorns flowed into beauteous red
Which watered with hope will always exist
Thus through abundance famines will be fed
And thriving on the native course of time they will persist
Oct 2019 · 232
For a friend
Fenna Capelle Oct 2019
His soul called upon him to go astray
And there learned to love and bear empathy
Therefore in that intention he pursued his way
The way of art, the road of dreams, the beauty of poetry

It will be there that he shall meet me soon
As I will walk with him until the path is almost gone
And pluck the silver apples of the moon
And the golden apples of the sun
Oct 2019 · 100
A villanelle
Fenna Capelle Oct 2019
And all I heard was time's soliloquy
That truce of answers yet the will to fight
An act of echoes, scene of enmity

All time is, is a stage for history
So, rest soul, in the knowledge that all is right
And all I heard was time's soliloquy

A player dressed in flowers came to me
In a golden splendour with rays of  light
An act of echoes, scene of enmity

Hence second came, costumed abundantly,
The gaudy herald of the stagely night
And all I heard was time's soliloquy

An actor in white attire blinded me
With eyes so dark that they would shame the light
An act of echoes, scene of enmity

Life flows where it can't go, till it be free
And bloomed at the play's end, ne'er seen so bright
And all I heard was time's soliloquy
An act of echoes, scene of enmity
Oct 2019 · 321
Illusionistic wells
Fenna Capelle Oct 2019
An illusion had sprung out of a well
And from the very same we all quench our thirst
In years it has already made many dwell
And I, in chasing this illusion, will not have been the first

It was blinding in all the light I didn't see
Until I learned how misfortune had treated me right
That illusion had been cloaked by invisibility
And vanished when I returned to sight
Oct 2019 · 96
Weeping willow
Fenna Capelle Oct 2019
I taught the weeping willow how to cry
To see in himself that he felt forsaken
And seeing sadness, I felt the sympathy to try
And reached my hand, although it be not taken

Rooted in a ground of incomprehension
That deprived him of a willows vivacity
And darkened his brightest heaven of invention
And emptiness became his daily  melody

As for his loneliness  he took my hand
And as for comfort, I gave him mine
And placed his roots again on fertile land
I taught the weeping willow how tears can entertwine
Oct 2019 · 87
The archive
Fenna Capelle Oct 2019
I wanted to bring order to the archive in my head
There I found a paper gravely wrinkled
Forgotten and unread

Long have I denied and altered its appearance
And kept it orderly away from sincere reality
But the unread became known with all its clearance
When the world on the paper opened up in front of me

And the blinding light that paper carried out
Struck me with indefinable surreality
A world that was neither glorious nor proud
But still a part of the archive inside of me

— The End —