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Dec 4 · 13
I witnessed the ignition of the past
And an astounding fire it had been
For the flames twirled and danced, and cast
The most fiery of their beings on the scene

I was drawn towards it for its  elegance
Even gracefulness seems to have faded into a memory
For the moment I reached out, the fire quenched
All that but seems cannot bear substantiality

I now found warmth by the ashes of that fire
And hope in the nostalgia of the ignited
Yet I longed for the flames, though it is a fool's desire
To walk in dreams and let your ways with that be coincided
Nov 30 · 75
Even the cracked reed
Fenna Capelle Nov 30
Even the cracked reed shall not break
And each road to a destiny shall lead
And spreads the sea its waves
While from his waves its effect he takes

Shall not I then be spared
This world exists by grace
For if not, how could we have shared
Nature's changing, untrimmed gaze
Nov 26 · 150
Wanderer moon
Fenna Capelle Nov 26
A heart is like a wanderer moon
That at first but faintly shines
Yet it surrounds the darkness with silver tunes
When all light in the end declines

It is in the hope of every heart
To pluck the beams of this faint light
And share it when light and darkness part
In the blackness of a moonless night
Nov 22 · 43
Fenna Capelle Nov 22
Even war is crowned with solemn peace
That crown passed on from reign to reign
And from king to king even the gold does fade
So does the glory in the sword that's stained

The sword was silenced and then was heard no more
The blood stained veil tore before my closing eye
Thus it is the dethronement of peace that's the coronation of war
Yet could ever a higher cause such a darkness dignify
Nov 18 · 42
The wanderer
Fenna Capelle Nov 18
I have been a lone wanderer for many a year
When the land was thirsty and the well was dry
Long have I roamed through solitude and tears
But the sun dried those tears as time went by

For even the lillies in their fair embroidered wear
Are as blessed as the certainty that the sun will rise each day
Should I then, the wanderer in despair
Not be blessed with an embroidered coat along my way
Nov 13 · 167
A seabound journey
Fenna Capelle Nov 13
Bound for the void of nothingness a ship had once set sail
Embarked in peaceful doubts and willful ignorance
Merely lead by a play, both boisterous and frail
A play of waves, of storms, a dance!

Yet with time the sea's bounty became a teacher
Testifying the bleeding which is her love
It is still there she sails, a ship at open sea
As long as in the darkest night there'll be some stars above
Nov 4 · 55
Upon the fallen ruins of history
Roses will always bloom
Those crumbled stones shall be adorned
The tempest laughed at, the decay scorned

There the rose's thorns flowed into beauteous red
Which watered with hope will always exist
Thus through abundance famines will be fed
And thriving on the native course of time they will persist
Oct 30 · 125
For a friend
Fenna Capelle Oct 30
His soul called upon him to go astray
And there learned to love and bear empathy
Therefore in that intention he pursued his way
The way of art, the road of dreams, the beauty of poetry

It will be there that he shall meet me soon
As I will walk with him until the path is almost gone
And pluck the silver apples of the moon
And the golden apples of the sun
Oct 24 · 32
A villanelle
Fenna Capelle Oct 24
And all I heard was time's soliloquy
That truce of answers yet the will to fight
An act of echoes, scene of enmity

All time is, is a stage for history
So, rest soul, in the knowledge that all is right
And all I heard was time's soliloquy

A player dressed in flowers came to me
In a golden splendour with rays of  light
An act of echoes, scene of enmity

Hence second came, costumed abundantly,
The gaudy herald of the stagely night
And all I heard was time's soliloquy

An actor in white attire blinded me
With eyes so dark that they would shame the light
An act of echoes, scene of enmity

Life flows where it can't go, till it be free
And bloomed at the play's end, ne'er seen so bright
And all I heard was time's soliloquy
An act of echoes, scene of enmity
Oct 21 · 93
Illusionistic wells
Fenna Capelle Oct 21
An illusion had sprung out of a well
And from the very same we all quench our thirst
In years it has already made many dwell
And I, in chasing this illusion, will not have been the first

It was blinding in all the light I didn't see
Until I learned how misfortune had treated me right
That illusion had been cloaked by invisibility
And vanished when I returned to sight
Oct 18 · 30
Weeping willow
Fenna Capelle Oct 18
I taught the weeping willow how to cry
To see in himself that he felt forsaken
And seeing sadness, I felt the sympathy to try
And reached my hand, although it be not taken

Rooted in a ground of incomprehension
That deprived him of a willows vivacity
And darkened his brightest heaven of invention
And emptiness became his daily  melody

As for his loneliness  he took my hand
And as for comfort, I gave him mine
And placed his roots again on fertile land
I taught the weeping willow how tears can entertwine
Oct 18 · 30
The archive
Fenna Capelle Oct 18
I wanted to bring order to the archive in my head
There I found a paper gravely wrinkled
Forgotten and unread

Long have I denied and altered its appearance
And kept it orderly away from sincere reality
But the unread became known with all its clearance
When the world on the paper opened up in front of me

And the blinding light that paper carried out
Struck me with indefinable surreality
A world that was neither glorious nor proud
But still a part of the archive inside of me

— The End —