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 Nov 26 Fenna Capelle
I don't like to read your words-

A wry smile, bittersweet.

They're too real, too mundane for a dreamer.

This, whispered to me.
What is that supposed to mean?
I was not born with wings
I am from this earth
What is that supposed to mean?

Would you rather me forget
about the blood stained teeth of an old god
the ruined smile of Grace

What is that supposed to mean?

I am not even a writer,
I am only living
and I have never once seen life
walking around without dirt in her nail beds.
If you're hurt, let it hurt today.
Cry over silly reasons.
Hold your breath for a while.
Then, only then, you'll be able to let go.
 Nov 26 Fenna Capelle
My mouth is shut but my heart
Is screaming i am almost
Losing my strength
From all the shouting and wailing
The cry of my heart is
Do you see me?
I’m at a point where everything hurts
I no longer have that one person to cry too
There too caught up in other things
That aren’t me
And that’s ok.. but soon enough
Just try and find me
It's kinda cool how when life is normal
rainy days make me lethargic and unmotivated.
But when life is hard and I'm struggling
rainy days are the greatest comfort,
as if the earth is crying with me
saying that I'm allowed to feel it all
Tearing me apart from my shadow
Speaking ill of the dead
Grinning when you saw the thorns
And yet a soothing light is in sight
Light that I grip and never let slip
Painting a black 
rainbow underneath 
a falling sky, it's mist 
consumes and eradicates 
your last breath, your 
last hope. 

They pour the drink 
you are forced to drink, 
and feed the flesh you 
are forced to eat. 

Taught to be stupid, and 
raised to be nothing, 
what's left to do, except 
make a noise so loud, fame 
will hear you. 

Your dreams will tell you what to do. 



I saw the moon tonight
She was so big
And oh so bright

She followed me
Until I followed her
Into the darkness
Where her glow is endless
written 12 November 2019.

by The Lenora.

All rights reserved.

— The End —