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Oct 2020
On heaven's banks no star was seen, no moon dared cast her light
Oceans of this world roared in all their power
When a lone, deserted ship assailed the seas that night  

I stood a long time watching from my half deserted tower
- Watched the waves subdue the ship and all its men -
Night casts a fear of timelessness on every waking hour

My crooked hands could not wield this storm once it began  
From lack of influence my heart could not yield pity  
Nor could I entrust my mind to any solemn honour then  

I grew red roses for all guilt that had befallen me
Cast them deep into the water - but wrongly did I claim my right -
For their thorns pierced through the fragile ***** of the sea

And left the sea more red with bleeding than could be healed within my might
And on heaven's bank no star is seen, no moon dares cast her light
Written by
Fenna Capelle
   Bogdan Dragos
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