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Oct 2021
The heart is fond, so is the hand
That fed this fickle flesh of mine
That fell and bowed and loved and vowed
That lost and loved her shrine  

That self same shrine where once, I know
The Mirrors followed free
And all who prayed for rights divine
Were wronged as wronged can be

The promised land came to the dreams
And sang a song or two
But fled along when winter came
To a land where summer grew

The pilgrims, they through night and day
Still worship never ending
And like beggars fled when distance came
When death and life carme pending

For death and life the emperor fought
The promised land claimed he
And of steel and fire were his spurs  
His horses of the sea

“The earth’s ablaze!” I heard them cry
I heard their maddening shrieks
The hollow madness of their eyes
Fell down all to their cheeks

“Arise, arise” I heard them cry
The dignity dropped down
The emperor there stood shamefully
Amidst a smouldering town

For in these hands, the promised land
Was crushed and so was he
And with the horses and his pride
Sank down into the sea

And deep among the waves a song
Rose up for every soul
That was promised to the broken hearted
That was promised to us all

And brick by brick and stone by stone
The marble statues filled
The halls of gold, the hollow crown
Where once a king we killed

“Arise! Arise!” I heard them cry 

I saw their limbs like mould 

The glazing in each weary eye 

Of brightest emerald. 

Their temples stood rebuilt for good
The Mirrors followed free
The shrine was loved forevermore
And lost to that sad sea 

Well I limped on to beat and drum
Limped on like one forlorn
And I shall wake only to break
The silence of the morn

Through the land the myth’s own hand
There wrote its own account
The old man and the sea were found
Down by the promised land
Written by
Fenna Capelle
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