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ColtonC Mar 4
Valleys cut deep
across the pale planes
and shimmering sand
A lamb is
lost, drifting over the dunes
A marigold petal floats to the ground
wilting in the smouldering wind

"Sacrifice" they whisper,
As a blistering blade
Dances across
your skin.
Written 04/03/2019
Up until now it seemed really difficult to condense my ideas into fewer lines, but after reading my original notes for this poem, I realised I stopped liking it after the first two stanzas haha. Also, I finally wrote one without having the title be the last line. Big milestone right there.
ColtonC Mar 3
over your shoulder, again.
whispers slice through the darkness
Frantic footfall
A muffled scream
Behind you.

Waning willows
lean into the wind
ominous warnings
echo, around...
the back of your head
A pair of
fixed there, too
Behind you.

A howling tempest
buffets your body
raincoat billowing
behind you
as you run.

Silence swept
across the ashes
You stand
at a crossroad
Limitless lines
to follow...

But you
retain your route
through the darkness
through the cold

Torrents of trees
tower over you
Ingrained into the bark
a skull
Rustling leaves
whispering willows
                     turn to look.
And tremble.
It's behind you

Sprinting through sickle
You stumble and fall
into a clearing
Pathways all around
like arteries

But you
don't see them
can't, or won't

A dark silhouette
Blocks the path
over your shoulder
for another way
Too late
Shrouded in night,
the shadows crawl
towards you

Behind you.
Written 03/02/2019
Quite an ominous one, although that might just be me haha. Don't follow me if you're looking for light-hearted, inspirational poems about love (which seems to be all you see on Instagram) because they make me cringe. Anyway I basically wrote this after waking though the woods by my house this evening, to give some context. It's a bit of an experiment, so I'm open to critique, as always. More creepy poems on the way, goodnight lol
ColtonC Mar 2
Burning water
scars your skin.
Arched back, slipping
on the cold marble.
like an animal, trying to

fly away.
A spark, a golden haze, a rainbow
as light meets water
Your prison
a glowing chrysalis.
The rush of

Flies fast
up, out of reach
It's wings
a vibrant orange
Rare and beautiful
It is

lost to you.
Slipping into darkness
The maze of the mind
A vast forest
Full of life, full of
dead ends.

You may catch a glimpse
of orange
through the mist.
Like a beggar, reach up with
grasping hands, desperate, feel
its touch, it burns
your frail fingers, and you

into darkness
Blind as a beggar
Empty and cold, you wait
for the rush to return
the rush of wings
vibrant orange
rare and beautiful
Written 01/02/2019
My second poem, I'd love to know what you think it's about. Again, all feedback is appreciated, that's what I'm posting them for
ColtonC Mar 2
Raindrops on your pillow.
The steady
pitter patter.
No cats or dogs
Thunder, lightning
Storm clouds.
In fact
the room shines like the Cross.
Radiant, warm
And yet
darkness still leaks through the floorboards
like water.

Red raindrops
On the carpet,
In the sink
Soak into the paper
like ink left to drown.
Not fiery red, anger has
drained away. Little left.
But rose red, sense of sadness.
It's silent.

Does water hit your screen?
Fizzle, and burn?
Shallow water,
like the feeling of loneliness,
the emptiness of guilt.
Are your tears real?
Or fake, forced
Dry and shallow
A mirage, eyes open
Seeking attention, love?
Likes on Instagram.

Their tears hit my pillow
Lying in the dark, alone
but for One.

Not sitting with friends
forcing them to come
Eyes dry as the desert.

Not editing an essay
Perfectly constructed
Posted to your followers.

But the dead feeling, it's inside
Only you can see it, touch it
It's silent. Lonely. Shallow.
Like water.
Written 28/02/2019
My first poem
Inspired by a recent experience and that of others
The sadness which comes with guilt
Any feedback is appreciated

— The End —