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Mystic Mar 12
A pearless clam
wants only closure
For with his heart he perceived life in the grandest of lights
And from it was an allure that was also his end
Mystic Aug 30
I awoke with a broken soul
a cheek blue from cold
   keys rattle by her hip
and a shut door
Mystic Apr 24
Right is a tired voice
drowning in a room of rants
  wars against a lamp
that gleams all the wrong
Mystic Oct 31
Were we not

living on less

hoping for more

from what we lost

having waited

for too long
Mystic Apr 12
It feels like forever
since our eyes last locked
and emotions took control

The memory, O so vague
fades a little with every day that I wake

But my sheets wrap me in your fragrance
and I'm recalled to your casual stare
right before a raw kiss we'd share

The retrospect , O so tame
flares a little with every breath that I take
Mystic Feb 25
Dexterous hands, unmoving stare to your screen
gulp then sip your steaming cup of tea
through that stray strand of hair
Did it never heed?
Reward the waiter's cliché stance for a tip
with an exasperated sigh
Tire in the morning?
Now I know what you'll have for supper
All in ten minutes before you leave
I watch you through my stitch
edging closer to notable madness

But I'm okay with it
Mystic Jul 8
A beam of devastation brave as an arrow
through the vibrance of my heart
through the overflow of a love that never seemed to add up
I stood feeble in the sting of her words
and sank fifty feet beneath the feel of a raw war
Mystic Mar 14
Tonight, I know all
but my mind serves me no more
Nor does my heart
Only truth remains, conscious of everything in every detail
moreso the consequence of my ill-fated love to you
It has ground me to ash
and summoned a draught that takes with it any chance we had

So this is what it has come to--tonight
The night I become aware
of my false amends
and wasted breath
"I'll love you till the end"
Mystic Feb 18
I love you
and I am sorry
Are three words
that are said too much
and could never weigh enough
to fill
the void I burrowed in you.

I'm still hopeful :)
Mystic Jul 14
My peace is wrapped
within a troubled state
of what am supposed to be
and to what degree
Mystic May 7
You dont have to be perfect
You dont have to be anything
Just try
And he'll fill in your blanks
Mystic Mar 15


Crumbled feelings afloat

With no course and no role

But only a torment in memory

— The End —