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DKN Feb 13
Under a great oak wood by our cliff
sunset rays pierce through
rainbow chuff and widespread arms
and spinning bare feet on damp grass
Feb 4 · 27
Exam week
DKN Feb 4
I direly miss
rolling around
playing with my cat
sleeping at dawn
getting up after dark
Dec 2023 · 224
backwards clock
DKN Dec 2023
The ashes of the past
cover me pale from head to toe
I don't belong here
in renditions of times ago
Nov 2023 · 74
Rhyming when sad
DKN Nov 2023
How does one find the rhythm to write
How does he with the ink pen define
Emptiness so sudden and still rhyme?

I forgot tenth-grade poetry class
My certificate will gather dust
And I will author a tale of heart

Stanzas, lines and rhymes: these I know well
But inside I don't want to reflect
I want to bleed on the page till it soaks red

So how does one find the rhythm of life
How does he make it all rhyme
And still recover his long lost smile?
Nov 2023 · 62
DKN Nov 2023
The day has been long
And the toil has proven hard
But in the end, all for which we have labored,
in whose harvest we placed great hope,
was indeed fruitful
While there were losses and betrayers
We kept firm the lesson in our hearts and minds
and it has guarded us all this time
Even as we bid thee a goodnight
know that just as dark falls heavy on lands over yonder
and similarly harks the call of light come the morn
so must you cherish hope in barren times
that the end is far from thee
for after darkness, a new light ever is foreseen
Oct 2023 · 417
DKN Oct 2023
What was meant to be was never set in stone
It was always dependent on our will to live
and make it so
Sep 2023 · 281
DKN Sep 2023
I am tired
But I can’t sleep
I am sick of running
But I can’t  stay
I want to move
But there’s a trap ahead
I want to go back
But I’m many steps too late
Oct 2022 · 355
Forget me don't
DKN Oct 2022
Forget me don't forget me
the lone star is aglow
and I fade beneath
its light of sorrow
the same light
that shimmers you so
Oct 2022 · 378
Today, I saw myself
DKN Oct 2022
not from a reflection or from

reliving an awkward *****-up

and feeling my brain crunch

Instead, I saw myself

in a dozen eyes darting mine

and in hushed murmurs with my passing by

I saw my form

in the empty space within four walls

and for the first time in a long while

I sobbed
You are not alone
Oct 2022 · 181
Enough lies
DKN Oct 2022
How terrible a blow
to believe in my beating chest
this much I ought to know
but 'tis gentle to forget
your shortlived "forevermore"s
your "never let you go"s
my word, I should have guessed
even with a very odd thought
all the while lingering in my head
that any truth can be born
of enough deceiving breath
Sep 2022 · 16
A waft of cologne
DKN Sep 2022
A shadow blew past me
across busy streets
she had snow dyed hair
I think
and wore a familiar scent
of cologne whose name
I never knew
a gateway to a memory
that I cannot remember
when a linen rose in
a cardboard box you
gave to me
and your heart sang from
a piece of corner torn
Sep 2022 · 177
Piggybacking eve
DKN Sep 2022
First time the wind blinded me with your hair
I felt a fragrance I shan't soon forget rush my breath
my feet never did buckle under you
instead, I beheld such a force
and we sprang true across the night sky
-with you as my giggling guide-
straight to the moon and beyond
where little made sense
Aug 2022 · 247
DKN Aug 2022
you lost a smile

somewhere in her eyes

where stars are born and extinguished

where summer chills pass

and blizzards bring beauty
Aug 2022 · 301
DKN Aug 2022
There lies a fracture in time

a void of encapsulated memories

in wind and dunes
Oct 2020 · 112
For more
DKN Oct 2020
Were we not

living on less

hoping for more

from what we lost

having waited

for too long
Apr 2020 · 167
Lavender at midnight
DKN Apr 2020
It feels like forever
since our eyes last locked
and emotions took control

The memory, O so vague
fades a little with every day that I wake

But my sheets wrap me in your fragrance
and I'm recalled to your casual stare
right before a raw kiss we'd share

The retrospect , O so tame
flares a little with every breath that I take
Mar 2020 · 74
The end
DKN Mar 2020
Tonight, I know all
but my mind serves me no more
Nor does my heart
Only truth remains, conscious of everything in every detail
moreso the consequence of my ill-fated love to you
It has ground me to ash
and summoned a draught that takes with it any chance we had

So this is what it has come to--tonight
The night I become aware
of my false amends
and wasted breath
"I'll love you till the end"
Feb 2020 · 64
Three words
DKN Feb 2020
I love you
and I am sorry
Are three words
that are said too much
and could never weigh enough
to fill
the void I burrowed in you.

I'm still hopeful :)

— The End —