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James Cracker Jun 2016
I wonder if God writes poetry
and if the poetry of God is us.
A human being as a poem
some a longer than others
some with deeper meanings
some are fun and some are sad.
And if I was a poem by God
what poem would I be?
Probably a simple haiku
with a pinch of ADHD
James Cracker Jun 2016
I am not short, I am not small
I am perfect I tell myself
while wishing I was one feet
James Cracker Feb 2016
"Ahhh I scream, what is wrong with you?"
"Don't run around I didn't raise you like that!"
"Have these pills!"
"**** you, why are you not like the normal kids..."

"Am I really that weird?"
"Drugged beyond recognition"
"Head as heavy as the weight of himalaya"
"Drowned in medication"

"Always nice too meet you, I am James"
"Do they accept the true me?"  
"I am fine. How are you doing?"
*"Don't show them. Do drugs"
You are not yourself when you are on medicine, but sometimes it might be better?
James Cracker Feb 2016
I look upon the skies
I feel the wind, the grass beneath my feet
I breath I live, I wonder
I hear the screams.
"Look out!"
"But I am blind" I whisper.
And then I get hit by a truck.
James Cracker Feb 2016
James Cracker Feb 2016
Live, Love, Laugh.
I *****.
Please spare me. I am begging.
But it is too late.
I get more of these quotes shoved down my throat.
I ***** once more.
James Cracker Feb 2016
When I was a child
My dad would build me a train
I blue one
I lost it
I cried I was afraid
My dad would be angry
So one day he asked why he never saw me
Play with the train.
I told him I didn't liked it.
I could see the pain.
In his eyes.

I regret those words now. I really do.
I should have told him the truth.
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