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Chetan Sharma Oct 2016
The prettiest game
That world has played
Is none the big
Just life if you dig

How long it's been
How long will it be
That's all a mystery
That's all a myth

You win in it
Happier you become
You loose in it
The smarter you become

It's a game of chances
Yet chance is one
You either win or loose
But learn is for sure

It's not what you think
It's more that you know
That's why it's the game
The game of chances

It's a game of priorities
They can be many but one
The one to achieve
To make you happy

But everything is not free
It has a cost
You have to pay
Then you cook and roast

When done you smell
You feel and hear
The more well it's done
More delicious it is

But is the cost paid
Not yet i should say
There's still something left
That something is sacrifice

Sacrifice all the things
For one to be the one
For which you leave all
The one which gives you all

That one may be hard
That one may be impossible
Yet the one is the shot
You wanna take with just one dot

You don't know the energy
That one for you with
When you achieve the one goal
The one you were looking for

But at last it doesn't count
Which priority you choose
You win or loose
But just to live

And how long with that priority
You happily lived...
Chetan Sharma Oct 2016
I say it now
Maybe i won't again
A tale of love
Where love has no name

I was just a boy
And i was just a starter
I started my life
With just a name

I was called chetan
I had no game
I sat and watched
Watching gave me fame

I was quite as sun
I watched people play
Some liked me and some say
Btw who i was to judge their way?

I learned somethings
Somethings that i say
Live life until love is found
And love will give you days

It's not the thing
That i have to say
There's still something
That has no tail

She was lucky
I was not
People knew her well
But me they mentioned not

I remember i was standing
She was nearby
When i was singing
And only you listening

Some stories have songs
Some stories have a sound
Mine was as rhythmic as a riddle
But was as quiet as Chaplin

I don't know if we were us
Or was it just me
She never said
And i never asked

But story went on
She noticed me for long
Or was it my thinking
I would never know

But yes it was something
I was thinking about her
And then the story goes
Where it should not

I waited for her
Maybe she didn't know
Because she left forever
And i waited for a no

No as a sentence
No as a word
No to define the situations
Between me and her

But does it really matter
Does it really mean
She was the lovely novel
I could never read

My eyes look for her
My eyes look for hope
That guided the world to glory
That guided the world on roads

I know the feeling inside
I trust it will mean a lot
I know it's a liability
That makes me strong

There's a difference
That will always be
You would be the lovely queen
I would be the unknown me

But i would sing this song
For us to be we...
Chetan Sharma Oct 2016
We are strangers
In world of dangers
One thing to search
Just another stranger

Life is hard
I got on start
But where the sky
I see all dark

Light is bright
That is heard
Where the spot
And how far?

Things that told
Humanity in human
What is here
Is the selfish

Ages know
Stranger as trader
They give some
To get some

Ask me man
If fair it is
For secrets I give
I find loneliness

People so smart
Tell time heals pain
Again the trade
Not aid for pain

Trade as here
Simple no fear
Power to bear
But not to clear

Pain to gain
Isn't that great?
Responsibility with power?
I see empty tower

Where are we
You just think
Can you feel
Without a blink

World now changed
**** for pleasure
Feeling or promise
Anything you wish

What I search
Is just my stranger
To light my sky
With love not cry

Meet me where
My world tends to die.....

Lost in sand
Take my hand...
Chetan Sharma Oct 2016
Life is slow
Life is fast
With her inside
I stand here to fight

She is soft
She is hard
Like a coin flipping
She changes the side

She is best
She is rest
Eyes full of love
Are always mine

She is mine
She is not
Is the thought
Everyday I thought

She is day
She is night
What I am now
Is what you see

She is love
She is hate
Whatever it was
I took her on date

It was hot
It was cold
These were nothing
just her and my thoughts

Love is light
Love is dark
The only cause
Of every fight

Sometimes I think
Sometimes I do
What’s the reality
It’s always slow

It is to flow
It is to stand
Whatever it is
It’s not in hand

It is a fashion
It is the way
To follow till end
Is not easyas to say

You read this
You read that
Reading this all
Gonna make you fat

You’re fast
You’re slow
What you think
Isn’t the scene

She is the path
She is the destiny
Now my friend
You’re my family

Love me and hold me till I die
Everyday tell me that you don’t lie….

— The End —