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I miss...

The stroke of soft finger tips
The buzz from touching lips

Like lightning in a jar
I miss the hairs in my car

I long to find a soul again
Break free of all my chains

Not a moment forgotten
Memory's weave like Egyptian cotton

Hairs stand, soldiers on a neck
I've become a ship wreck

Love left me bearing all
I will fight to stand tall

Time will heal this void
My heart far from destroyed

Miss her, I do though.
A couplet poem about a love I have had and all though time has healed the void left from it all, I do find myself missing her at times.
Morning sun rises, here he comes
All night I have waited
Waiting for him to wake from his slumber

He is old, frail in need of company
She left him for a place in the clouds
Never a smile only a frown

I long to say good day
Its lonely on the web
Waiting to snare a bug
On the silken strands I call home

He shuffles his feet along the rug
I watch it all high upon the ceiling
Wishing for a glance upon my web

He never see's me
I see him with all eight eyes
Mr Mccoy, That's what I call him

He makes a cup of tea
I stretch a few legs hoping he will notice
The kettle boils, steam burns my feet
I scuttle to the top as beads form
Like raindrops on silver strings

His tender eyes peer out glass panes
Watching his crop, Old Mr Mccoy
Deep lines mark his face, thoughts of her mark his mind

Eight legs, no way to hug
If only he would see a friend in me

A picture of her, a tear shed
I spin my web, lowering
Closer and closer to his head

"Mr Mccoy ill be your friend!"
No words can I make to fall on death ears
He takes his tea and leaves me be

Tomorrow he might look up
Ill be ready, waiting on my web.
A little story of a spider who just wants a friend.
Blades of deadly green grass
Flowing through the mountain pass
Cut by streams like flowing glass
Icy cold to the touch
Reflecting luminous golden rays
Gifted from heavens above

A modest man tends his cattle
Watching closely with one eye
The other capturing a picture so sublime
A life of duty he would never decline

Tree's sway to the breath of the wind
Testing the strength of their limbs
Birds dance , singing hyms's
Flowers stretch their petals high
Towards the light so bright

All the while a man tends his cattle
In a mountain pass
Full of beautiful green grass.
Locus amoenus is Latin for "beautiful place" I hoped to capture a scene of a beautiful place in a pastoral way. I hope you all enjoy.
Drip drop
The voices of this house
Speak to me
And yet,
More comforting
Than the silence
We lived in
Before you left
Your key

© JL Smith
Flitter flutter up high
Wings of art Picasso, inspired
Humble butterfly
A Haiku about the butterflies i see in my garden. beautiful creatures, natures artwork at its finest.
All day I have stayed sitting in the rays
Not stirring or diverting my gaze
On the outside a boring, motionless shell

Inside though...                                  
That is another story I know to well
My brain is starting to swell
Bigger and BIGGER feeling it might explode!
I am going to implode!
A inner struggle, a constant day dream
Onlookers walk by unaware of my nightmare
Inside my brain
I feel the pain.
Struggling with overwhelming thoughts is a daily problem with Bi-polar and
one I have become all to familiar too.
They called me in to a room unfamiliar
air smelling of guilt
A vase of roses left to die on the table
"take a seat" there voices distant

I know why I am here
They do not approve of my actions
heart pounding
"we just want to ask you some questions"
I do not have your answers my mind screams out

They believe I am guilty of a crime
I believe i was helping my melting mind

"your test was positive, your actions could hurt someone"
They can't understand my actions saved someone
No one notice's when your saving yourself
One puff to ease my thoughts
One puff to them causes death
Little do they know it prevented mine

Take this pill and that pill, "It will fix you"
No thank you doc i'll stick to natures crop

Synthetics are safe says the man with a certificate on his wall
Corruption is everywhere, lies upon lies

I am in trouble for smoking a plant
He's a business man for creating addiction
I pay a fine for feeling fine for the first time tonight
He receives money for causing another to suffer a helpless plight

"Are you sorry for what you did?"
Can they hear what they just said?

I wont apologise for helping myself
I wont give in to money and decpetion
you have all be led into inception!
   layer under
         layer under
              layer of wrongful perception
Stop fighting natural progression
Let me be me, I'll let you be you.
This is a opinion piece on cannabis if you greatly disagree i respect that and me no offence. I have seen it used and used it myself for medical reasons with great results. I would never push its use on someone else but i do not believe it should be illegal for it has such good benefits with the right knowledge and careful use. I am aware it has had negative impacts on others and I do not wish to cause any harm only to express how it has effected me and how the medical system is often corrupt, prescribing all manner of synthetic drugs causing more harm then good.
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