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  15h Berry Blue
if beginnings truly end
so ends may begin;
forget a happy ending,
I'll take the happy beginning
that never ends.
At Nights, I take My Loneliness
and Add to it, a Tear or Two.
Throw in some Emptiness.
Mix them up, till I'm Blue.
Keep them under Cover.
Near to My Broken Dreams.
Then sail My Boat of Sorrow,
on Waves of the Silver Streams.
I could always feel it happening,
when Loneliness was Around.
My Feet which were once steady,
kept sinking in the Ground.
I am afraid
the feeling of
will never leave
my chest
numb / pain
  15h Berry Blue
Van Roy
Three, four, five, six
Episodes in a row.
Me, more, ice, chips,
Can't do this anymore.

I check my phone - no messages
I moan and groan - bad premises
I'm all alone - mood perished

Carried by a small stream to the vast sea of apathy,
And i can't swim
When I'm gone will they remember me?
Will flower weep upon my grave,
As candle lit beside my name?

When I'm gone will they cry for me?
Will leaves drop by to kiss goodbye,
While rain wash away my sin?

When I'm gone will they look for me?
Will wind gently sing me a lullaby,
Begging farewell, before I sleep?

I chase myself along endless path
Racing to eternity, behind countless soul
Hearing nothing but my own, restless voice

I hide myself in forsaken hall
Memories fading away within each departure
Picking my immortal body for another, endless journey

When I'm gone,
Will they remember? Will they forget?
I wonder....
‪My soul reeks of anger and hate. It’s the deadliest poisons I have drank since the day I was left alone. There may be love behind it all. Shall it arrive one day but can’t be today or any days for awhile.
There is no saving me from this state.
I ask is it all real?
      “what’s for meal?”
      “how do you feel?”
should’ve been the questions not
if your death is real?
if your existence was real?
Baby, I was looking forward moving in with you. Death denied a future for us and I’m so very alone.
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