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Berry Blue Aug 2020
Frozen in time
Only 10 months with you
Your love
Very few pictures
Tons of text messages
This is all I’ve got
And nothing more
And there won’t be any more
This is all I’ve got
It’s all I’ve got
It’s not enough. Come back. Please?
Berry Blue Aug 2020
I feel the guilt dripping down on my motionless body
I feel the shame being stabbed in my heart and being twisted multiple times so it‘s sure I can feel it repeatedly
I feel all at once and I become a statue
I feel the depressive thoughts being dropped right in the center of my head making it all filled with dark ashes transferring to grey clouds gradually
I feel the anger heating up under my room temperature flesh
I feel all at once and I become a statue
and I think about how all these feelings can disappear if you just hugged me
oh how I need your hugs when I feel all at once oh how I need your hugs to  feel protective and safe
just one more time to have you by my side
I would do anything
sometimes I get to feel your love from the other side but that’s not enough most nights.
I feel all at once and I become a statue
I just want you back from death that’s all
Berry Blue Jul 2020
when I lay, I wonder...
I shudder with terror...
!!!a future without you!!!
a giant heavy rock drops
right on my chest...
pressing pressure as I try to gasp for air
...sudden relief washes over me...
              !.I’m feeling.!
It’s just for few seconds though...
.then I’m right back to NOT feeling.

I called this my silver lining.
  Jul 2020 Berry Blue
Dinesh Padisetti
I wish I wrote Poems
When I was in love,
At least then, I would've remembered
How It felt like.
I wish...
  Jul 2020 Berry Blue
Dinesh Padisetti
We all want it
But we haven't got any
Having it makes you free
Or else you're a slave to society

If you have some
You can go around the world
If you have a lot
The world goes around you

What good are you,
O'penniless pauper
In a society full of money
And devoid of love
How pleasant is to have money heigh **!
              -- Arthur Hugh Clough
Berry Blue Jul 2020
I miss you with all my being
having you in my life was so freeing
I miss the looks we exchanged
I miss the love we held so close
I see lovers every where
parts of me suffocates
as I know I won’t feel that with you anymore
parts of me awaits
as I feel this might still be a bad dream
I miss you with all my being
not having you makes my life meaning
-/- less beyond anyone can imagine
“I miss you” is the only three words on my tongue these days
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