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 May 2020 Austin Reed
The saddest thing about being me

Is the parts that don't get to be

That with all I give it wont be recieved

Rejected or I will be deceived

My truth is not just what is perceived

It's the scars on my heart for all to see

The longing to let my heart be free

Broken and battered total calamity

It's the love I've given and never returned

How that make my soul yearn

To find the one that I can let my guard down

And i can really let it be seen

Who this man truly could be
 Apr 2020 Austin Reed
I cannot compose brilliant poems, sonnets, or verses,

and I cannot speak to you in Latin or Greek;

I cannot move you with any language made up by man.

Love is the only only language I could touch you with

If you only knew how much I could love you.

If you knew I love you;

If I were brave enough to tell you at all.
Rainy day or not
windy, cold or hot
People young and old
careless, scared or bold
yellow, white and black
curvy, slim or fat
full of love or full of hate
the virus don´t discriminate
Tough times ahead of us
I’ve been working on myself
spending so much time with myself
that I no longer recognize
who I was
but now I’m a stranger
to everyone else
When you hug me from behind
never let me go
I’ll grab your wrist
like I'm holding onto
my armour
 Mar 2020 Austin Reed
years in one place
it takes time to mold
and shed the dead weight
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