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Cruz 12h
They weigh me down
I've never shown it all
Let their words leave me bound
Took in the pain and built a wall

Your a man, dont show tears
Your a Marine, show no fear
Your a father, not allowed to fail
Your a worker, dont matter if it's hell

I listened to every word ,
though I was never heard
Stone by pain I picked them up
Every day I load them and began my ****

Till I couldn't walk or take anymore
Thought I would just crumble
Myself I had to restore
All of my soul and heart was a jumble

I saved them all, except myself
All it cost was my mental health
But I am letting this load go
A new path, that I chose
I've given to much of  self and finally taking care of me
Cruz 4d
Some days I feel the wind
The cold from all my sins
Days I feel all alone
My heart hardens to stone
I once had days full of sun
When I felt your love I'd won
But it's gone away
So in the bleak I stay
Poets love too deep
The more we give, the more we seek
You knew how to use this
How to get the most and make me useless
Still now the cold breeze reminds me
Frozen heart my heart at least its free
Cruz 6d
What Does it even mean
I've never been perfect
But I've been true
Given what I could
Yes put you in front of me
Even when I knew the cost
I've ripped my soul
I suffered and took your stoning
Paid the price of your sins
Though I had my own atonement
Hurt, pain and lots of rain
They've hide all the sun
It's what I thought love was
Cruz Feb 10
My heart aches
soul is split
days of sun are done
I tried to love
Took the plunge
Felt the highs and
what lows have done
But to blame cupid isnt right
I put her in his arrows sight
She said it was done, Chose to stay,
even when everything said run
They'll say you made me this way
Truth is I kept the pain on rerun
As if anything I changed
Would bring a different outcome
I knew you were deranged
Recieved pleasure from my pain
This my heartache
The one thing i wont let you take
Cruz Feb 9
Wanted to stay
But I walked away
Not because I didn't care
Nor that I didn't want to share
I gave all I could
Probably more than I should
Open myself and held nothing back
Raised you up, confidence you wouldn't lack
Still it wasn't mine to shine
Said it was sweeter than wine
But for every smile, there was also pain
Confusion and what you felt was sin
So though it broke my heart
and you warn me from the start
I left to save your light
But you'll never leave me, try what I might
Cause your love left a mark
And walking away is hard
Cruz Feb 8
Three words
Is all it takes
To change me

I want you
I'm the man in her dreams

I need you
A knight on a stead

I love you
Cupid with golden wings

I miss you
Romeo in the garden

I hate you
Lost I'm no one

For who I am is who you make me.
But where it comes from never changes.
Say the right three words
And I'll say mine
Cruz Feb 4
She stares into my eyes
Our eyes are locked hypnotized
She utters the words

You drip of love

I see the every move her lips make
The want of her kiss, does my heart take
She reaches out

She is water of my love

The small caresses brings shivers
Each is like bathing in ecstacy's river
I need to drink of her

We drown in each other, lust, love and light
We emerged drenched

Dripping of Love
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