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saint 4d
touch my toes
lick my wrist
smell the salt
sick in the sand

wait for me next time
saint 4d
split in half
we thought you would be dead by now
when it actually happens
they scream FINALLY

and we sit in the shadows
next year we won't have to be where we are
we could graduate into the darkness forever
where no one could tell me anything
saint 5d
backyard looking a little dead
phone looking like i was left on read

how th e fu ck am i supposed to pick up these leaves
when my hand is twea k ing from this coffee

my fence is 10 feet tall
if i see your stupid *** head

i might grab the rake
and if my phone rings again

some silence might be what we need
saint Nov 27
on my phone
like i was just at home now
but im across the road
in a new state
and now a new life

holding on to what i can
im so unhappy

am i enough of that
why do they hate me
why cant words come out of my mouth correctly

im writing this but i don't really even want to hear what you say
saint Nov 27
because something will happen and ill realize that you're looking out for yourself

and i need to look out for myself
and im running out of time

so im looking out for my worst side and taking the names
instead of the hits

if you notice me take a step back
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