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Nov 2020
I know you love me.
Though you might not know how to say it.
Your tongue tripping over the words,
Like stones tumbling into a river.
The sound lost in the space between us,
Like flowers petals caught is a strong wind.

I know it is easier to say that you don’t love
It flow from a mouth used to biting
Lashing out like a beach of shattered glass.
Pushing away any who get to close,
Better to never let them in,
Then risk getting hurt.

To your dismay though,
I got close.

I embraced your sharp words
Letting the glass roll off my skin.
Watching the sun dance across your beach.
Guiding the water to soften
Your stone edges.

Your dark eyes shine with self hatred
With each sharp word that flicks off your tongue and blasters against my skin.

A dark fear
You refuse to say aloud
That one day I’ll disappear
That you’ll finally hurt me
And I’ll see you clear

Still you say I’m better off without you,
That we are opposites.

You call me sweet,
Kindness drip off my tongue like honey.
You call call me love,
Because my heart has enough to give.
You call me life,
Because there is a spark inside me.

But we, my love, are a match set.
The water that tames the burning fire.
The bright stars that fill the night sky.
The extrovert’s adopted introvert.
The biter salt and the sweet sugar.

Though you might not alway know,
How to say it.
I know you love me.
And there’s no place I’d rather be
Than here.
This is from my personal experience dating someone who carries a lot of trauma and is demi-******.
Arya Night
Written by
Arya Night  19/F/Tex
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