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Samantha Jan 2018
Come here,
let our eyes meet.
Come here,
watch me drink you in.
Come here,
let me feel your face.
Come here,
watch me grab your hair.
Come here,
let your lips and my lips
become good friends.
Come here,
watch my mouth kiss the tattoos
that decorate your body.
Come here,
let me show you where your
fingers fit.
Come here,
watch the affect you have on me.
Come here,
let me position my body
underneath yours.
Come here,
watch you enter me.
Samantha Jan 2018
There you are,
Standing before me,
Glowing in the moonlight.
You take my hands,
Stained with the smell of **** and peanut butter.
Lift them to your face,
You kiss them.
I shiver.
You kiss me.
I melt.
Your hands reach around me.
Tender and soft and longing.
These hands,
Will not be forgotten.
Samantha Jan 2018
You call, I answer.
I know what you want.
You come and we sneak upstairs.
Children seeking shelter in the night.
You kiss me.
And I smell it on your breath.
You hands find their way
Underneath my clothes.
And I sense it in your clumsiness.
We undress and you stumble.
You find me through your drug induced haze.
We lay together and you don't say much.
Sleep finds you.
And I find myself,
Crying on your shoulder.
Wondering why we have such different
ideas on what it means to feel alive.
Samantha Jan 2018
Pull your skirt down,
Pull your shirt up.
Don't ask for it.
Keep your mouth shut,
Not too many opinions.
Don't ask for it.
Cut your music down,
Play something softer.
Don't ask for it.
Don't wear red lipstick,
How about pink instead?
Don't ask for it.
You can't say that,
Those aren't appropriate words for women.
Don't ask for it.
Have more self-respect,
You can't post that.
Don't ask for it.
You can't smoke that,
Put that bottle down.
Don't ask for it.
You can't be friends with her,
They call her a ****.
Don't ask for it.
Don't sleep with that guy.
Don't be seen with this one.
Don't ask for it.
Samantha Jan 2018
Tell me who you are.
Tell me what makes you tick.
Do you like the sound of rain?
Or do you prefer the sun?
Do you eat dessert for breakfast?
Or breakfast for dinner?
Is coffee what you crave in the morning?
Or is your first thought a nicotine fix?
Do you sleep peacefully?
Or do you lay awake tormented?
Do your skeletons dance in the closet?
Or do ghosts hide under your bed?
Do you prefer the storm?
Or revel in the stars?
What do you need to get through your day?
And do you think I could ever be one of those things?
Samantha Nov 2017
My tears flow like rain.
Sobs to match the sound
of a tin roof.
A tsunami of salt-mixed water.
You came.
A hurricane of destruction passing through.
Then, you were gone.
A whisper on the wind.
Gone, gone again.
And my rain will fall.
Until new spring comes.
I am reborn.
love poetry sad tears rain spring comes again
Samantha Oct 2017
Why do you run?
That's what they ask.
Everyone's favorite question.
What's wrong with you?
Nothing, I say.
Things don't work out as expected.
Best laid plans go south.
I find unhappiness.
Or it finds me.
Permeates everywhere I look.
Sweet words dissipate.  
Bad moods prevail.
Harsh words, hurt feelings.
Fear of who they are now.
So I run.
To find that happy feeling again.
To chase my next high.
The next thing to make me feel good.
My next source of pleasure.
So even now,
I continue running.
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