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Carrie Partain Feb 2021
Lou Tate was a man I won't soon forget
He had a wry smile and a sarcastic wit
If you told him one joke, he'd tell you two
Then he'd tell one more ripper before he was through

No one who knew him knew quite the same man
You might say that Lou didn't follow a plan
He knew how to have fun for most any reason
Then climb into the houseboat no matter the season

At work those who knew him would say without doubt
That getting things done was what Lou was about
When it seemed that a problem just couldn't be solved
It was precisely when Lou became hyper involved

Though most solutions were unorthodox
The bulk of his thinking was outside the box
Although his ideas weren't always well known
His name's on the first patented multi-line phone

Lou was once quite the loner...not easy to catch
But he knew that in Mary Ann he'd met his match
Then he suffered a stroke and it gave him a scare
It was then that he recognized how much she cared

When they both said "I do" with or without wealth
Till death they united in sickness and health
Their unbreakable bond would make others see
What steadfast devotion to one's spouse should be.
This poem was delivered at Lou's graveside for his friends and family.  It was written in the wee hours of the night before after receiving tidbits of information submitted by a handful of people who knew him.   I was inspired by his widow's commitment to him in his final months of life.  His death was sudden after he'd had a period of recovery following brain surgery to remedy neurological symptoms of his stroke.
Carrie Partain Aug 2019
Pursuing ardent fervor
Lured toward peaceful obscurity
Freedom's abandon
Enticingly treacherous
Elusive assurance
Carrie Partain Jul 2019
You carry the burdens for those who are weak
There's beauty in the way you walk

You give a strong voice to the small and the meek
There's beauty in the way you talk

You show love and compassion for those that do seek
There's beauty in the way you see

You know that I'm hurting before I can speak
There's beauty in your love for me

I love you mom ❤
Carrie Partain Jul 2019
As a mother, I can only hope
My children will attest
That I gave them everything I had
And truly did my best

I strive to teach them how to love
And be kind to every people
That good behavior's not reserved
For buildings with a steeple

To look beyond themselves to see
That there's a bigger picture
That everyone fits in as part
Of God's great architecture

Sometimes I wonder who they are
When patience, they are trying
And other times, they make me laugh
So hard that I start crying

Holly is a shining star
She's happy when pretending
That she's a queen, or movie star
Her characters unending

Casie's like a precious jewel
A diamond in the rough
An impish minx until you've
Had enough and call her bluff

I'm not quite sure why I was blessed
To be their friend and mother
But, it's a joy like none I've known
An honor like no other.
I wrote this back in the mid 1990's, when my kids were still quite young.
Carrie Partain Jul 2019
unwelcome resident

   methodical thief
        stealing health

            leaving victims

                 silently suffering

    ­                       V
                               ­ S
                          ­          B

                  ­                        F
                                       ­   F
                ­                          I
                                     ­     C
              ­                            I
                                   ­      O

                  struggling to shoulder

                     optimism's burden

                       while future taps

                       an impatient foot
I wrote this in my fourth year of living with MS.
Carrie Partain Jun 2019
You looked so big to me
That Summer in Oregon
I was only four when we
Followed you into isolation

New Hampshire seemed a world away
All ties to home and family
Shrank and faded in the rear view
Hoping new & different...would be

I left my doll outside that day
Then lied to keep my fault a secret
Your belt, that slipping sound
I still hear to this day

Spare the rod and spoil the child
Was popular back then
Americans had a right to raise up
God fearing children with discipline

The problem is you got it wrong
God disciplines, it's true
But love's the stronger, key component
One you rarely demonstrated

If truth had been a better choice
My shame exposed, as was my skin
Would I have escaped your wrath
And be now somehow changed?

She made the choice to live with you
Sadly it was a package deal
One for which I've paid the price
A remarkable value nonetheless...

My children never heard the sound
Of leather belt and buckle strap
Spare the child and spoil the rod
Have been my choice instead
A continuation of my earliest childhood experiences.  My mother dealt with mental and emotional abuse from my stepfather, who had adopted me when he married her.  To her it meant security.  For me it began many years of physical abuse as well as the mental and emotional scars.  Sadly, she left him many times, only to return.  I began running away at the age of six and left home by age 14.  Unfortunately she is still with him today.  He is still mentally and verbally abusive to her.  He suffered a stroke and now she feels duty bound to take care of him.  I am an only child and I am disabled and can't do much to help get her out of there.  So this forum is my only outlet.  Please pardon my drama.
Carrie Partain Jun 2019
Precious Pet
Dependable Dog
Compassionate Canine
Spaniel Psychologist

Famished Friend
Hungry Hoover
Loves Leftovers
Greedy Gulper

Boisterous Barker
Wonderful Watchdog
Always Alert
Champion Chaser

Every Evening
Bedside Buddy
Doggie Dreamer
Sweetly Sleeps
This was a poem written about my Tri- Color Champion Cocker Spaniel named Joe Cocker.  He lived fourteen wonderful years with us before he passed.  

Then we rescued a Rat Terrier named Shenanigans.  He lived about ten years until he got cancer and we recently lost him. I'm thinking of fostering for a while before I decide on another companion animal.
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