Susan O'Reilly
Nov 4, 2013

Violent waves of emotion

overtake me completely

no control over their motion

I'm lost in their sea

Tyler J Perrin
Tyler J Perrin
May 19, 2011

God damn it felt good on the days you were happy to see me. Once I thought I heard you sing me a love song, and meant it, but I guess I was mistaken. I've been trying to fill these empty spots, so my heart would no longer have to hear you leave me. For all the ghosts that waltz in my bedroom, this is for the time we tried to break our walls. If you ever want to know what it felt like when you left, just ask. I'll try to hold back my pain like a shotgun shell, but don't hold it against my love when his finger slips, he just gets so nervous every time you're around him. And I didn't mean to explain myself, but I've been having knife fights with my emotions, and cutting out wind instruments since the moment you left. If you've ever wanted to know how it felt when you left, just look at my eyes. That's not holy water you see but a man letting his emotions free.

He's feeling,
feeling the brushing of  her eyelashes,
they're stroking his face,
once were wet with tears,
now strokes of thick set mascara,
as next to him she bathes,
she tickles his face with those lashes,
teasing his emotions,
proceeding to hold his face in her hands,
an element of control,
injected only by her steamy fingers,
she's whispering in a taut voice,
"you will love me, I swear you will".
Her fixed china smile,
it's painted in place,
as flesh coloured eggshell,
with slight tint of rouge,
almost a puppet,
He tries to smile,
responds only by snatching her cheeks,
and he replies to her remarks," I would so love to love you back."
but ,baby, I swear I just can't"
(C) Livvi

A weird dream from a few nights back
An emotive string flows
Samantha Rose Schaefer

Chasing each moment,
as a pendulum swings on and on.
Dancing in the flight
of a sensitive mystery.
When the light switches on,
I stand there frozen.
An emotive string flows
through me and throughout.
The laws of unrequitement
damper all the smiles.
The flaws of each entity,
tear my soul thin as ice.
I know what must be done,
but can't bring myself
to let go.

in a perpetual conflict
between emotion and
reason against all other
notions the world spins
by its own accord neither
by reason nor feeling it is
unknowable to know now
the origin of celestial power.

Nor any reasoning for your emotive response.

I can't believe the shit that you repeat
When a television program you've absorbed -
Never thinking twice to ascribe
Any facts to the gospels you espouse,
Nor any reasoning for your emotive response.

The Missing Link - Gaia's Boy Toy
emotive caliber, yet,
Debra A Baugh
Jul 19, 2013

like a thief in night

his words evaporated;

vanquishing hearts

emotive caliber, yet,

love still lingers upon

flesh like a breeze

traipsing through


the infinity thoughts - emotive frequencies
Nov 9, 2013      Nov 10, 2013

My ink craved to pen down
the infinity thoughts - emotive frequencies
for you. You fill up each millimetre of space
confined in my million cells
multiply by a trillion
on the single line page

My thoughts could only fathom
the air you drew
which circled round
and round, round

We italic
reach the same line,
empty all over again.

pathetic emotive,
James Machen

My hands around your heart,
grip ceasing pulsation,
dying sconce, ember fades.

Convulsion, revulsion,
pathetic emotive,
response contradiction.

Electrically impulsive,
transmission flat lines addiction,
it radiates into ether.

all emotive reaction.
Frank Russell
May 28      May 28

I've come back now
       from the periphery -
       where the multitude of
       things with names
Occupies all thinking,
                 all emotive reaction.

This must be what is termed
       primal wisdom
       - this constant compulsion toward
         the substantive.

Your arms and your mouth
The warm breath on my skin
The caressing movements of your body
Through one transient night...

Restores all
       to simplistic clarity -
Leaves me grounded
       in the real.

- fr

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