Nov 16, 2014

Poems are the interpretation of a poets inner emotions.
The emotions which they cover with masks from the world.

©2014 copyright Michael Cross
Nov 17, 2014

All my poems are interpretation of my inner emotions, I hide from the world.

©2014 copyright Michael Cross
Dec 27, 2014

My physical wounds will heal, but my heart will never.

2014 copyright  Michael Cross
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A man who doesn't feel any emotions
So he doesn't destroy another person with emotions.

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Andrea Armstrong
Andrea Armstrong
Oct 21, 2014

Never show your emotion,
never show your pain.
Be emotionless, fearless,
show you are the one and only.
No emotion keeps you sane.
No emotion is me, me.
Emotionless is the Key to Success.

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Jun 13, 2014

she lost control again,
just like in any situation
where she's helpless and
anxious, and she needs
someone to calm her down
with sloppy kisses and
tight hugs, but there's
no one to give her what
she wants and needs.

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Nicole Alyssa
Nicole Alyssa
Aug 15, 2014

Asking me to hide my emotions
Is like asking someone
To hide a gushing wound
When the gash won't close
And the blood won't clot
Easier said than done.
Coming from someone on the outside
Who can't feel the actual pain
And would prefer
Not to see the gore
Or clean up the mess.

Empty Inside
Dec 19, 2014

I love it oddly enough.
Its a source of inspiration,
less thoughts of desperation.
The feeling of emptiness,
from this I thrive.
No one will know,
that I'm not alive though.
Its my little secret,
that I've already died inside.

Kaitlin Molden
Kaitlin Molden
May 24, 2014

Human emotion is like a flower:
The buds represent trust
Blooming into unconditional love.

Watching Across the Universe...inspiration!:)
#love   #truth   #movie   #emotions   #feels  
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