NEW CHAPTER......... Let's delete these memories........ NEW CHAPTER

Art is our weapon of truth!
NEW CHAPTER......... Let's delete these memories........ NEW CHAPTER

Art is our weapon of truth!
3 days ago

The vortex of energy unsynthesized
from the vastness of the sun rays
the maze of the unending tenures
with pastels covering a palm of psalms  

For a while back I knocked the door
Not recognising that I was already inside
Awaiting for my very self to open ajar
to the apocalypse of the new beginnings

The closet of the days is a such a march on
a rush of the illusionary existence pass on
As the plush of the train engine trash on
a visionary of insight uncover right on

Sat at the mystery of the solitary silence
as the trees breath and the barks dance
chasing the sound of the rhythmic universe
to the end of our lost planetary lessons

I just want nothing....... mind misconceptions and ego!
3 days ago

A new journey begins
upon the hills of unthought
where the door is knocked
from the abundance within
and laughter from the sun appease
at the winter stroke of gone storms

A new journey begins
where the universal river flows
constant thread of unprocessed
the radiant strolls of the presence
where the being in me is fulfilled
without any needs and attachments

A new journey begins
from valleys far and cliffs unheard
where life happens as it happens
and a future become the very present
whereas the past becomes this moment
what was known fades with the silence

A new journey begins
At the heart of the revelational genesis
where voices leads to rocky plots
and the rocks shows my deepest self
where misconceptions and values are shred
and pain remains unheard and unseen

Poem based on new writings of meditations called "The search of I"
4 days ago

Yesterday I hid in a termite mould
Today I take pride in terminated olds
Tomorrow I ride in permitted folds

I am a particle used and unused
I am a venture roused and doused
I am an adventure invented and tented

I owe nothing even the wind testifies
I am a universal exposure objectified
I am a concluded posture subjectified

I died on the outside and lived within
I lied as an outsider and lay in decree
I am a degree of composition in decay

For sure we were here in unioned eons
When the battlefield was in tatters
as splatters of blood stomped the earth

Feb 19

I waited for you at the tower blocks
where stones rocked and locked
and dreams were sung melodies
streamed from the flowing rivers

I screamed at the stubborn mounts
where taunts screeched and distilled
as the rants reached the tipped summit
of a granted and foreseen vagary

I surrender to the loop of transmission
flowing in sensed waves of sane clarity
floating on the uncaged frequencies
stroking love at the frill of a thrill

Let's get lost in the you that is mine
flip at the wind that blows against time
touch the prime of the winter taste
as we chase the rainbow that uncovers

Feb 6

A happenstance in a wintery afternoon
bounded by the shreds of earthly stance
beyond the gift of the spaced bond rays
at the gaze of an unknown captive glazes
on a gentle voice of an unsung dormancy

On the sphere of these cases of first times
Sometimes when you awake in the void
inside the hollow chord of my existence
at the heart of the merge where we entwine
then drown as kindred uncaged birds

On the sphere of these cases of first times
At times when you fit inside my finds
away from the edgy torrential cliffs of tales  
connected in the alignments of a blissful vent
untensed and piously mused and attentive

On the sphere of these cases of first times
everytime amused by a blossoming seam
a field alertness of all balanced conceptions
retentions, corrections, revisions, intuitions
where your mind holds the nature of mine

On the sphere of these cases of first times
anytime in a world of relentless evanescence
as I drift in the rhythmic nature of our souls
doused inside the deepest lakes of your remedies
unchained in the pure wonder of your brilliance

Feb 4

The stars align on the dark canvas of the night
The paths draw a line on the edge of the window ledge
Time and it's constancy is a delusional illusion
Hash, hash sleep
Count the stars undone
Greet the moon in lunacy
Hash, hash sleep

Jan 30

The lowly amber circles attune
on the savanna grass of Serengeti
as the glow penetrates our tent
where the hungry hyenas nudge

At the dawn of four thirty
when dew recollects on the green
and the lioness pawn are grounded
at the lawn where we once laid

You are possessive and protective
rejective and a handsome danger
hypnotized by spells of the acacia trees
dancing under the thousand stars

As I unlearn the memoirs of the past
within the decorative adventures
where the world was ours to hold
in shades of deep blue and reds  

Float baby, stow on the highways
where we changed to hues of black
with beautiful stacked memories
in the wild chasing the leopards

Flow baby, stroll on the railways
where we felt a million tunes
tracking hunts and pissing rants
cautious of the predatory play

Fight baby, sew the sutured heart
where once a love was a lullaby
at the drop of the Kilimanjaro
unfreed from all the carry-ons

Sweet memories 2014
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