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I hear a sound ,
in a lullaby voice
soft and calm ,
singing a verse
a melody of construction,
      destruction, imagination
         confusion and realisation
that it struck the chords of my heart
and it lead my emotions to distort

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emme m
emme m
Mar 20

i can write poems and songs
know what’s right and what’s wrong
i can sing my heart out
without feeling any doubt

but i can’t control my mind
i’m not always that kind
at night i cannot sleep
but i've got what i need

#doubt   #heart   #need   #sleep   #mind   #poems   #control   #sing   #songs   #sleepless  

sing the words
of love's
touching bower
sing the words
of love's
emotive power

sing the words
sing them
sing the words
sing them

the strains deep
of plenty's well
so timeless the sound
inside its bell

sing the words
of love's
textural tone
sing the words
of love's
feeling zone

embrace the accord
of love's tempo
a oneness to the
song's combo

sing the words
sing them
sing the words
sing them

sing the words
of love's
touching bower
sing the words
of love's
emotive power

#love   #words   #melody   #sing   #lyric  

Give 'em the old
Razzle dazzle,
Frizzle frazzle.

Hair big enough to reach
The clouds,
Ambition strong enough
To sail through the
Massive, roaring crowds.

The lights - they feel
The adrenaline - heart's pumping
The way it should.

Sing, dream - the way
You please.

Give 'em the old
Razzle dazzle,
Frizzle frazzle

In honor of Tim Curry's forgotten singing career.
#dream   #sing   #horror   #curry   #celebrity   #1970s   #rocky   #tim  

Sing Oh boy  Sing
The melody is sad
The pitch feels low
The tempo is down
And your heart beat's high

Sing Sing Sing
The birds are quiet
The waves silent
The wind is soft
Oh You are sound

Sing Sing Sing
The words beg you for life
The notes beg your emotion

Oh boy
Knit life out of voice
This dark night  begs
Sing Sing Sing

#life   #darkness   #music   #night   #sing   #sound  

When I was 15 I had no real friends, and that was okay. Being shut up alone inside was fine as long as I didn't give myself time to think. I had some laughs, and I had classmates, and I wrote and wrote and wrote and it was alright.

But then the damn boy had to sing.

Not just musically, though god knows he did that wonderfully too. He sang to me with his weirdness and brains and odd duck humor that I relished in.

We even really met in a musical, as poetic as it is.

I spent every afternoon around him, and I thought he just laughed back at me in his confident, beautiful, lyrical way. I was a little in love with him.

One day I found myself shouting at him about being prying, and him at me for being secretive, and somehow it ended with me telling him that he was my secret. That the way I could close my eyes and picture the road map of his heart through the words that he sang was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

It was the first day I ever heard him stutter.

After some awkward verbal fumblings and confused wires, we collided, two insecure children thinking we were artistic adults. We saw ourselves as some grand creative romance when really we were two weird kids finding infatuation under bright stage lights.

After a few weeks more stumbling, and harsh words around, that initial fizzling collision just kept on colliding until our heads were jostled a little too well.

I broke his heart in a high school hallway, only a month after we began.

Like the artist he was, he poetically asked me for a final kiss before letting me go.

Also, poetically, it ended up not being our final kiss at all. But trust me, despite my desperation to try the collisions and passion again, he made sure that second final kiss really was the last.

That was the end of our love story.

#love   #story   #music   #school   #sing   #high   #artist  

From under the brumal sea
Rises the being with black eyes
Singing songs no man has ever heard
Stay and listen
Her song is sweet
Stare into the blackness
Her soul is deep.

#eyes   #darkness   #black   #soul   #sweet   #song   #sea   #sing   #deep   #blackness  

See with the deeper seeing
Listen with the deeper listening
Speak with the deeper speaking
Sing with the deeper singing
Pray with the deeper praying
Walk with the deeper walking
Dance with the deeper dancing
Learn with the deeper learning
Live with the deeper living
Love with the deeper loving
Be with the deeper being

© Michael Lechner

#love   #dance   #listen   #speak   #live   #sing   #pray   #see   #learn   #walk  

sing me a song,
and i will sing with you.
i could sing my own...
but what would it be,
without you?

#love   #alone   #not   #you   #together   #song   #sing   #without   #with  

Do me a favour
Sing me to sleep
And pray for me
To never wake up

Life is too tough
and complicated
For me to fully live
and enjoy anymore

And when it all
Finally comes to all
I think a song is a good
Way for it all to end


When life gets too tough
#love   #life   #pain   #death   #sleep   #please   #sing   #complicated   #pray   #enjoy  
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