All poems original Copyright of Elizabeth Squires.
All poems original Copyright of Elizabeth Squires.
1 day ago

No one comes and send me once
But today he came and send me twice
He is Nice
Though I gave only rice

Mani,you are not only my pet
But I want you to set
As my honey sweat

A cute and lovable dog I had !!
Ola Radka
Ola Radka
1 day ago

There are
two thoughts
in the language
our souls,

11 hours ago

They ask me about my poetry
Done with ease
So easily
Like stars align; astrology
Coded into chemistry
It's basically
Like a limb;
A part of me
Crackling with energy
Electrical and synergy
Working together like a team
My heart and mind combined
To find that sign, in time
Make poetry!

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16 hours ago

A flicker,
     a flame,
         a fire
our memories,  
I close my eyes
       and rest
              my gaze
    on a place
      of yesterdays
where I loved you
in passionate blaze.
          I, raise
the curtain
  of my present shade,
and with love's spark,
I burn sage

2-21-17 (C)

Thanks for reading! K:)
#love   #old   #memory   #flame   #sage  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
20 hours ago

Longing through lonesome days,
supplicating the sun to set.
I anxiously await your arrival,
should consciousness concede to what I covet.

Only in fanciful fantasies,
in the delight of darkness,
and in our notoriously nocturnal nature,
have I ever happened upon happiness.

Give me the gift of your grace,
the spell of your sweet surrender,
and the temporarity of tonight
will flourish into forever.

In the day I may wistfully wander
halfheartedly and uncommitted,
but in dreams I know not the words
lonely or unrequited.

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1 day ago

Not so long ago
in this land of Poetry
you see

I was Used, Abused
and Misused
and like that wasn't  

I was then Stripped, Ripped
and Flipped
Stomped, Cursed
and Kicked

And finally,
Finally when I thought
they were done with me

Well this ringleader,
Mr. So and So
His pride
must've been really sore
Not exactly sure why though
He wasn't satisfied
Until he gave me more

An experience on Hello Poetry
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And you and me are still
Young enough to really live.
We are simply melding
Into another season of emotion.
The years are just beginning
To gray what they have claimed
And have been allowed to claim.

The wind blows away what it can--
What cannot be tied down.

Keep whispering
Your soul into my soul.
Keep primal scream tears          
Falling into my primal soul.

Keep filling up the empty spaces.
Keep creating empty spaces.

Tearing down the vacant walls.
Building up new walls.

Opening locked doors.
Locking others in turn

As we forever transform together
Under the aegis of the Immortal

As I grow like the roots
Of the banyan tree

Hanging down with the branches
Helping to provide shelter
As I slowly grow closer
To the sweet earth
In silent anticipation.
Finally touching her.
Slowly penetrating her.
Gently pushing deeper
Until we are of one purpose

Deeply rooted by the banks
Of the Eternal Zoe River
That descended from heaven
And flows through
Human spirit transformed.

Life-giving water running slow
And deep the source of your whisper--
True essence in deepest longings

Flowing into my source
Pockets of holy energy overflowing
Slowed down to a trickle at times
Going full circle and
                                     Back and forth
From out of reach channels.

That something deep beyond the
                                 Starry masses.

That something some call love.

That something some call God.

That something flowing & living
                                  In you and me.

                --Daniel Irwin Tucker

The dance through life.
Please don't mistake poetic device for being "religious"
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