All poems original Copyright of Elizabeth Squires.
All poems original Copyright of Elizabeth Squires.
Jul 21, 2016

Thrice now named...
I've become the next target in your game.
Two erased...
now you mask your face.

You're just one more envoy
frequently deployed,
sent to destroy.

"She's my sister..."
"He's my friend..."
(the messages you send)
and he's the puppetmaster
pulling strings again...

Blessings in your life forever,
and peace in your soul,
and may it warm your heart
when you achieve his goal...


When one finds oneself blocked by individuals with whom one has had no interaction, it's a sure bet that the blocking party has received inboxes, and is acting on the words of another, instead of making his or her own decision about whom one really is...

Coincidence that the 2 writers with the most followers on hp were both deactivated in the same week???

Public false claims against Wolf... (who was deactivated on July 10th, btw... math check for the one whose account was established on the 11th, yet claimed he trolled her ) and then against me... because I value the friend I personally know (and live with), whom you wish to destroy.  And you know I am the ONE person who won't buy what you're trying so desperately to sell...
A pure heart and a true friend will always trump "popularity" in my opinion.
For those who still insist on inboxing lies about me, and about others who refused to help you get WolfSpirit deactivated on hp, you are transparent...
Be Blessed...

Psalm 109:1-3

btw, "sunofabitch"/gary l ,  Quin deleted his twitter... on which he had not posted since Oct, 2014... contrary to the claims made... (much in the same way others on hp have deleted Facebook accounts to avoid the overt attacks on them.)
5 accounts on hp publicly posted appeals to Eliot to ban Wolf... one of those accounts publicly admitted to inboxing Wolf's supporters, calling them vulgar names for "hearting" his posts... "conspiracy" confirmed, imo...
16 hours ago

a mirror reflects
as light conveys
words transport
worlds entire as
audiences reflect
reviews convey as
transported worlds
shuttle words are
woven over again

15 hours ago

oh did you know, aliens eat kids for lunch, it's a rip,
school bells ring, pencils, books, superfast typing
and mr. finch, we're under attack, and away we run..

who are you?.. you can call me the doctor, says he
a mystery, hurry let's go, aliens goodbye, i'm in control
come with me baby, it's time to roll, and off we go

hello robot dog, goodbye flying aliens, hey love
building blocks of universe, in my hand, says he
time, space and matter, they're all my friend

my batteries are failing, lalalalala, you bad, bad dog
affirmative, and i cry, doctor, doctor, where are you?
i need you now, give me the blue pill, so i can chill..

"oh my lovely doctor, my love," and i laugh happily
"you can fly me into the future, or fly me, back in time
you can make me yours, and i will make you mine!"

"oh my love, you can spend the rest of your life with me
but sadly, i can't spend the rest of mine with you
it's the curse of the time lords, my love, says he..

#love   #who   #aliens   #dr  
Steve Page
Steve Page
13 hours ago

I miss my mother most
When I'm in her frenetic company
Such an angry fragile woman
In the shadow of the mum
she used to be.
Lost and alone, wanting away home
One woman against the world
With no old friends
Only fresh new foes.

She can identify every shifting lie
Sitting scared with no escape
From a hundred shifty eyes
Stalkers criticise her every mistake
Watching her looping repeated moves
Cornering her as if to prove
That we're all conspiring
Each trying to rob her
When the screaming truth here
Is that her fleeting thoughts
Have already gone where
We can never walk
Not even in our tears.

Dementia is a slow killer.
#loss   #mum   #dementia  
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
10 hours ago

Felonious bologna spread
sweet meaning lips to air
through air to ear.
Good kids grew up framed
Bad kids grew up changed
Zip burnt bone butts
Sweep the back patio
Procure snap lights
Glow sticks in darkness
Vibration received
One hand on the other's trail
White-blue red-pink
Write names with innate
Shapes in muscle memory

#always   #drift   #soon   #trip   #lucy   #lsd  

Toe the line
Cross the line
Walk the line

What's right ...
Walk the Line
Long Long way !!

Chaitra Navratri- celebrated at the onset of spring.  
Marking of 'Hindu New Year ' .

It's a Nine day festival which culminates in Ram Navami , celebration of birth of Lord Ram .

Goddess Shakti is worshipped in nine forms on nine days schedule, according to the Hindu calendar.

Popular in North Indian households.
People usually hold fast on nine days with offerings to the Goddess
to bring peace ,happiness, good health and prosperity!!

It marks the victory of good over evil !!
The festival starts today ,
28th March and will end on 5th April .
10 hours ago

I see him in the fields
His pretty hair, uncombed
Swimming in the wrought shoots of wheat

His smell travels faster than sun
Of dry grains and weeds, bathed in sweat
Of moist soil, burnt by scarlet sun

His colour, a theater of wheat grains
His face, an album of old trips
Different shapes play in it differently

Drowning in the rain of dust
His brows are tired of tightening
Over and over, poor them

He waves me, while trying to stand
On the leg that always refuses
Almost there, it flexes and he falls

The brows relax, reality is welcomed
He apologizes in a low voice
A god in the lap of golden soil

I see him in his garden
Where on his fine knee
He is on a fine soil, fine smile

Tomatoes playing in his hands
Leaves slipping through his fingers
And this fine son, does all he can

I see him in rains, when on one
He concluded what i should like
A fine man with fine two legs

(But) There is this one man i like,
Who smells of wheat,  who has a fine leg
He who ever liked me

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