Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

It’s like an echo off a cliff
Quiet as the hissing wind
Which hums over the wingtips of a gull
Lost in a sea of sand
Beneath the feet of a Castaway
Are the memories of bygone times and days gone by
They are washed away
As is every hope and happiness
Which once was brought upon, by the comforting rain
Though the trees connect his head and hands
To the barren sky above his head
No firelight can catch a glimpse of the looking glass
Or signal back, beyond the reef and its crooked back
For his is only in his heart inland
That survived the falling flights decent
Out of the sky above his head
Where the wings of changes could carry him back
Home to her arms, at loving last

0:27 - 1:00 ish

Been on my instrumental CD for some time... Such a classic.
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Mia Lee
Mia Lee
Mar 5

I like people from the south who talk slow like
honey pouring out of a teddy bear and into a glass
of tea like your last year of high school slow I like listening
to things men say to women outside of bars on Friday nights
like yeah I’m really into meditation I like hearing I love you fall
out of someone’s mouth when they didn’t really mean it to I like
hearing you say it too I like to lay on the couch and hear people
drive by on their way home to their couches I like hearing
two babies talk to each other to hear them learn how to
make sounds into words I like to hear your voice change
depending on the time of day I like to hear the
way you say my name

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Sing Oh boy  Sing
The melody is sad
The pitch feels low
The tempo is down
And your heart beat's high

Sing Sing Sing
The birds are quiet
The waves silent
The wind is soft
Oh You are sound

Sing Sing Sing
The words beg you for life
The notes beg your emotion

Oh boy
Knit life out of voice
This dark night  begs
Sing Sing Sing

#life   #darkness   #music   #night   #sing   #sound  

the wild birdsong
in your soul

Dance madly
upon the grave of
your false self

Chant loudly
the poem
of Love's

Recite boldly
the words
of  God

Sound the gong

Peal the bells

Let your spirit soar
to heights unseen

For today your heart
has been unshackled

This is the day
of your rebirth

© Michael Lechner

#dance   #awake   #sound   #rebirth   #soar   #chant   #peal   #birdsong   #recite  

A charred tree and soft breeze.
A rat's nest and clustered leaves.
A thumping, throbbing, heavy sobbing,
heartfelt heartbeat beneath the street.
There's emotion in words,
there's a world in sounds.
The house bleeds from some unseen wound.
There's skin in the walls.
The walls are skin.
The beating quaker's undertaker
is a world renowned wiseacre
who plays with skin and feasts on bones
in the warm womb of his flesh home.

#skin   #house   #sound  

Spring mornings
In a sunny cemetery
Watching your farmer's hands.
As you talk about the earth
And the music of life
We eat our breakfast.
You will instruct me on
The importance of silence.
That music is the stillness
Between our sounds.
That life is the soft breathing
Between our footsteps.

February 15, 2017
#life   #music   #silence   #sound   #stillness   #cemetery  

What is sound?
what is to hear?
how many echoes color the air?
and how many sounds exist in a moment?

Cluster of dyes
mountains of frequencies
The abyss being flooded
with organized symphonies
and disorganized feeling seas.

Sound is a blind thunder,
a fire in the ear,
a mouth that pronounces your name,
and the expression of what is alive.

By the wind it runs furious
to inevitably dilute to infinity
like that first sound you heard
at the beginning of today.  

It is the magic
of those who close their eyes
and the betrayal of bare feet steps
hugging you by surprise.

Sound is also silence.
Without silence,
the sound would have no name,
and this poem
would not have been made.

- Fc.

#hear   #music   #silence   #sound   #ear  

On the barren
head of this plateau,
you're the midpoint.

A curious moon peeps
from the curve
of your neck,
flooding the
shoulders of solitude.

With a cello
between legs,
and a bow made
of moonbeams
you string those
rare beads of a tune.

Birth of sound
makes the sleeping
auras trembled.

Ancient souls explode,
fragmented forces
drink fresh

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Feb 10

I like depth, but I always drown.

You're not what I was looking for, but what I found.

I don't like your words, but I like your sound.

You lifted me high, and dropped me on the ground.

#love   #hate   #time   #relationship   #night   #breakup   #ocean   #sound   #breakups   #drown  

Caught a wave,
snatched the chance
to ride the tide;
took me straight
through the goosebumps,
the antennae
of the skin
protracted and receiving

...and the ripples multiplied

I always thought
the depths were cold,
not warm
but melody knows best
and I can't wait
to be surprized
holding breath
in the uneasy calm
before the storm

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