I walk by this lake everyday.
I pass these same trees routinely.
My feet stomp against
this exact concrete daily.
But tonight,
it’s different
I’m with you.

Your mile-long smile turned the leaves
into spheres of fire.
When your thumb wiped the fallen eyelash off
my cheek you transformed the streetlights
into floating lanterns.
The story of your mother
teaching you to bake the perfect
apple pie before she passed
converted the sidewalk
into a solid rainbow you borrowed from the heavens
to glide across with me.
you made this spot
my favorite spot.

By Lindsay Johnson
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Michael DeVoe
Michael DeVoe
7 days ago

His hands were callused and cracked
They were rough on my cheek
I had never been pulled in the way Clark Gable pulls them in
Like in all of those movies I had seen when I was a kid
The way I had always practiced
Back then my ringtone was the sound of bells chiming
More specifically the bells of Notre Dame
As his stubble grazed mine they rang out
He let go of my face, his untrimmed nails scratched my chin
I would weep for hours that night
Stare into the dark corners of my room
Trying to identify all of the shadows I used to think were scary
I knew now what scary really was
Scary was his hand on my rib cage
Scary was liking it
He never did call
I changed my ringtone to the whistle from Robin Hood
I was set up on a date by my best friend
She was kind
Her hands were soft and smelled like Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret
She had no stubble to graze mine
She pressed her lips on the scratch he left on my chin with his untrimmed fingernails
And I flinched
This too was scary
This too I liked

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Where She Left Me - Michael DeVoe

It wasn't exactly a date
It was a lot more like fate
She was sitting on the gate

She had such a purty face
She'd look good in boots and lace
She was all beauty and grace

I sauntered up special like
I was more than a little tyke
I asked her to take a hike

We wandered to my fine mare
I felt like a millionaire
She chatted without a single care

She rubbed on that silky mane
Her name was Dorothy Jane
To hold her hand, my campaign

Her hand so sweet and so fine
Fit exactly into mine
My first date was so sublime

As time on the clock face ticks
I still remember the kicks
Even though I was just six

#love   #memories   #crush   #youth   #date  

There once was an amorous "brony"
Who went on a date with a phony:
   His date, Mr. Ed,
   Masqueraded as "Fred",
A horny young My Little Pony.

it was our third date

i was confident i was gunna get laid

everything was going great then

we went skinny dipping into the ocean and….


we encountered a 105 foot blue whale

the biggest fucking creature on earth

and i yelled at her


but she was mesmerized

she swam up to it

“STOP IT!” “GET BACK!” i yelled

she started petting it

“NO, DON’T!”

“OH MY GOD!” she squealed




she was petting it and hugging it

and all the sudden a 12 foot, 1000 pound penis jutted out

“tough and fibrous”

the biggest penis on earth

then it attacked her, as they’re known to do

gored her, fucked her

into a million little pieces

amongst 40 pints of ejaculate

then it turned on me but

i was a safe distance away

and i made it to shore without a problem

the ocean is fucked

i’m never going in there again

from the book the bleach boys 2
#first   #relationships   #up   #dark   #adult   #fucked   #creepy   #nsfw   #date  

I beg you,

Let the sun radiates for a worthwhile
Let the rough wind turns its route for a worthwhile
Let the road clear its way for a worthwhile
Let the rain come, only to stop by for a worthwhile

I beg you,

Let the small talks stream into branches not for awhile,
Let the laughter echoes, caves in everything through not for awhile,
Let the pause in-between sentences, silenced by hesitant gaze not for awhile
Let the affection grow, the two loud beating drums, only for them to hear, not for a while

#love   #young   #charm   #affection   #date  
Feb 1

i can't wait to cuddle with
you at a coffee shop,
on a bench,
with the smell of coffee beans,
and you,
blending into a gentle symphony.

i'd have a mint latte,
and maybe we could share,
and i'll say something stupid
like thank you for the day.
or i really like you.
instead of
freaking kiss me, okay?

then you could walk me
home, my heart
dancing on the way.

so so happy, i could diiie
#love   #teen   #happy   #cute   #crush   #youth   #date   #adorable  

we all wrote about taking risks
holding tighter on the rope
enclosed with fear
wreathed with high hopes
and boxed with it's bitter end

we were at the table edge
you approached me first
and i said yes
you puff your cigarette
in a different direction
and i thought it was kind

we kissed a few bottles of beer
with a slight throbbing
under my first tattoo
which was caused
by you or the alcohol

i could't deny that your soft skin
subtle eyes
and your eavesdropping ear
were like thin threads
that sewed a part of my tapestry
i always hoped for you
to be part of

i want to see you in the same room
under the same light
i want this to happen again
but oh, i am just a girl
and you are just a boy
hopelessly gambling
our ways to forever

- an endless cycle
#love   #smoke   #date   #gamble  
Jan 25

Red velvet curtains, black tablecloths
Low yellow lighting, floors with bright gloss
In this very restaurant you'd see a couple dining
The lady eating for two, her belly an asset all shining
When the waiter came on out, lady thought pretty girl...
Her eyes the brightest blue with golden hair that curls
The girls stomach too, was laden with unborn life
So the lady she smiled big, not yet feeling the strife

The waiter she grinned at the lady then stopped
When she saw the man who was on his laptop
Her eyes went wide between the lady and man
Then she stated aloud, Well I'll be damned
The man looked up with pure shock in his eyes
He glanced at the lady who he'd recently made ties
The lady confused asked nicely Whats wrong?
As the noticed her husbands face turned quite long
The waiter put one hand on her stomach, then hip
Her eyes met the lady's who looked very sick
Tell your wife Tom why I looked so appalled
The lady understood, and like a baby she bawled

The waiter hugged the lady  I didn't know of you...
The lady gave a watery smile, Your actions prove that true
Tom the cowardly man, with the blankest face he stared
Bolting out the restaurant when both women sharply glared
Both babies and mommies became friends dear and true
And Tom the young lad, had to pay child support for two

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“Wanna break into Case?”, she smiles as she says it, “I’ve done it before.”

I doubt nothing that comes from her, and I shake like a leaf on a tree climbing up the children’s rock wall because she doesn’t know I’m afraid of heights yet.

We sneak into church and listen to their choir off key and someone walks in right as I’m about to fondle Christ’s abs right on the cross.
We’re young and we’re loud and we’re unstoppable and we’re fearless, unless our strangers are louder than us.

A heavy fog is rolling in.

We wake up early and soaked in affection. You leave and come back with coffee. We are desperate to stay here, in this bed, in this moment. The rain outside, our warm bodies next to each other, kissing and laughing at Reddit memes.

I’m not a crook, but I stole you and I’d do it again, and I’d do it every chance I could or had to. Closer to home here then where I struggle to pay rent.

#love   #lovers   #date  
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