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My mind wanders back to memories of you & I can’t fucking let go. All I can remember is your sweet lips and soft touch your hands had, some days. I know what’s happened and I know it’s wrong but fuck, I can’t move on and I can’t forget… it’s hard to find a way to put my feelings into words. That’s why I haven’t written in a while. I’m really struggling these days, I’ve been crying a lot and I’m so fucking tired. Tired of all of this, all of everything. I miss mom and I want to go home. I want to go back to normal. I want to forget my whole life, my existence. I want to rip out my memories. All of them. I want to start over.

[Day 6 – April 26th 2015]
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
1 day ago

White noise
doesn't help me block out echoes of your lies
the color of your laughter

This is dummy text. Nothing it says matters. You will read this and forget. It is unimportant. There is a meaning but it is not worth your time. Discreet. I am inconspicuous. Unnoticable. Unremarkable. Unspectacular. Undistinguished. Sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.  It's just words. Random information. Like a newspaper. Like a television ad. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nullapari-atur. I blend in. I am hidden. You can not tell the difference. You choose not to pay attention. You saw me but you won't remember you did. You forget. So easily.

Lorem ipsum is the dummy text used to fill space in example word documents. It fascinated me when I was 11 years old so I did some research on it. Contrary to "popular" belief it is not randomly generated letters. It is actually derived from Latin philosophy that is over 2000 years old. The translated text goes on to cover ideas of pleasure and pain.
Jan 1

you could shoot a bullet through my head and I still wouldn’t be able to forget about you.
What we had was a special kind of love;
one that made me feel electric.
I have not been able to feel that way since the day you left.

So go ahead, shoot me
I won’t be able to forget you;
but at least the warmth of my blood will remind me of what it felt like to be in your arms.

this is an old poem that I decided to rewrite

tossed you out of my mind tonight
you no longer exist
within any parameter or neuron
and i am trying to be okay with that

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #goodbye   #forgetting   #forget   #new   #you   #exist   #tonight  
Elizabeth Everett
Elizabeth Everett
Dec 31, 2016

In the midst of forgetting:
1. The scent of rosebuds suspended in softened water
2. The taste of your tears on my lips and your tongue between my teeth
3. The sound of suggestive silence and skin striking skin
4. The feeling of fervent touches and convenient fatigue
5. The sight of your post-sex stillness beneath my sheets

#love   #memories   #roses   #forgetting   #you   #sex   #breakup  
Meg B
Meg B
Dec 30, 2016

And in letting you go,
I have been struck with perhaps
the greatest melancholy
in that I have started to forget
the sound of your voice

Julia Mae
Julia Mae
Dec 11, 2016

we have closed conversations and then forget everything that we said
words we hide and store away, in the back of our heads
that none of this never, ever happened
but we know the truth behind these masks
and the desire to feel that it was entirely real, even if it was only that moment

#words   #fake   #lost   #real   #forgetting   #forget   #moment   #imaginary  
Dec 3, 2016

I started writing to give recollection to my name.
I mastered the pages so I could hopefully forget yours.
But that failed,
so remember me as disappointment.
For the words on this page emanate the
same failure as the organic,
breathing matter holding them-
living them-
believing in them that I was as gifted as
the others before me who wrote sonnets
dedicated to forest green eyes.

Probably your green eyes.

Fuck, forget forgetting your name.
It was carved into the tree that
conceived my paper heart.
And, by chance, did you use the same
knife to engrave it that
you did to tear me to shreds?

Classic of you to expect a rhyme.
The admiration bleeding from my poetry
cannot be captured in "love" and "dove,"
so to hell with you.
Yet, thanks to you,
came the spark of a nameless girl
with words that incinerate.

I have advice; although, I'm not sure how
it will taste:
remember me as a legacy.

I am proud of this piece
Nov 25, 2016


His lines I read from afar
I stand in amazement
How did I not know this
The unknown gift to him
Just a passing by hobby
Still I never knew this
We were friends for a time
A time and time and a time
Close we were and so far
I asked him once about this
He responded as if nothing
Not thinking much of writing
So then we went our ways
And I began to fall for writing
A long buried- forgotten love
Hidden passion lied dormant
Surrounded by the best poets
I started once more my love
Love affair in me for poetry
And writing I did and still do
Now I see how brilliant he is
Although I've always known
Known how sharp he was
He writes stunningly pretty
His poems and short stories
His lines and how he writes
Oh my! The boy can write!
I'm like in shock with him
After all the time passed
He doesn't recognize me
He has forgotten who I am
Time flew with much revenge
I was just forgotten by him
I go by unnoticed by him
I'm so proud of who he is
But I'm unnoticed by him
I have nothing but much love
Praises, prayers and wishes
Words of affirmation for him
I knew he would go far in life
I stand from afar and see...
I see all the good happening
I am so proud of who he is
I hold his book in my hands
Just as I suggested to him
I read his lines and weep
With joy and with sorrow
You don't understand, it's him
I used to know him long ago
But he has long forgotten
I was a fleeting memory
Just a moment in time
Was I that bad of a memory?
Was I not good to him?
Where did I fail him?
Is he proud of me too?
What does he think of me?
Does he see me from afar?
I would have liked to know
What are his thoughts of me
So I stand unnoticed by him
My best friend for a time
Was I ever important to him?
Did I matter to him at all?
After all this time and a time
I hold his books in my arms
And I weep for I know how far
I know how far he has come
I am ever so proud of him
And he doesn't remember me
Unnoticed I am by my friend
Unnoticed by the one I love
That's why it matters to me
Because he mattered to me
But I didn't mean a thing to him
Unnoticed by him whom I love
His book I hold in my hands
Full of poetry and short stories
Of all the girls he once loved
Not one of them was about me
And I read and I read his lines
He is beautiful in every way
Those are my thoughts of him
Still he will never know this
Because he is convinced now
He doesn't know who I am
Unnoticed go I by the one I love

©Betania  2016  (11-23/16)

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