Tonight  just for tonight

Who needs tomorow when we have
Each hour.
2 days ago

When you casually left from my life
I know it’s cliché but it felt like a knife
I never expected to lose you
but I guess where through.

I can’t stop brushing my fingers on the old pages
it’s been ages since we last spoke
my eyes devour the written words of our history
how you left me still seems a mystery
your leaving took its toll
it left a void, a hole.

When you casually left from my life
I knew it was the right thing
but im pulling myself on this string.
Pretending its not happening
I never expected to lose you
but I guess our love wasn’t true.

I know I need to close the dusty pages I cling to
flick the new pages open and push through.
You seem happier while I still can’t sleep
I don’t cry or weep but I know my wound is damn deep.

It’s about time I had some good sleep
not tossing and turning and thinking
sinking in to my mind, unblinking

I know I need to write my next chapter
escape my abandoned captor.
Once I pick up my pen
I know Ill be almost new again
who knows what awaits
what the fates have in store
but I know i'll no longer be on the floor
thinking and rewinding our time together

I have an unsteady hand to open the new pages
It’s a slow and lonely journey, it may take ages
but I will write a next new chapter.
Where you have lost me but I will be free.

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3 days ago

How could you have let someone speak to you like that?
How did you put up with it for so long?
You gave so much of yourself away
it wasn't fair
you did everything for him and he drained you
he never even noticed if the floors were swept and mopped
but I bet now he does
he spoke to you like you were trash
now I bet he sees how fast it builds up when you don't take it out
You raised his son all on your own
but he took all the credit
I bet now he knows why you felt so alone
Now it's too late and he took you for granted
You shine for the old you
You be the girl you were always meant to be without him
You be the girl you always wanted to be back on those morning he would talk down to you and say nasty things and make you feel like you were nothing

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Greta Wocheski
Greta Wocheski
4 days ago

there's an unfamiliar blue in your aura
and a dim in your smile.
i see right through your blank eyes;
the woe in your hand is but a pastime.

- g.w

this is not the end :)

Directly in sight
I can see you again
Three whole years
Have come and went
I never thought
We would speak again
Despite how badly
I've missed you, my friend

Our lives have changed
We're all grown up
But when I talk with you
Not a moment has passed
We're still the same
Rebellious kids we were
Back in the day

I love you
I've missed you
Won't you call me your friend?
I feel more complete
With your arms around me
As you carry me
Through each hard time

You were the one I relied on
I've cried upon your shoulders
We've laughed together
Cried together
Went through life together
Until life took us apart

Welcome back
Into my life
It's good to see you
Once again
I've missed your face
Longed for your words
I've missed you
My good friend

5 days ago

He started to write once.
A prompt 'Birthday, Christmas, socks I don't miss.
What do you even feel from a mistletoe kiss?'

No poem formed as time escaped him.
No inspiration arrived to complete it.
The prompt remained a prompt,
a point in time to show his arrogance.
He felt too great for the family he had.

As time escapes,
Friends drift
Skin sags
Days drag
Fun has gone.

His family. Gone.

In old age the poem is finished.

'Birthday, Christmas, socks I don't miss.
What do you even feel from a mistletoe kiss?
I'd give anything
to go back to this.'

Appreciate what you have, you never know when it will be gone.
#love   #death   #separation   #family  
Philip Lawrence
Philip Lawrence
5 days ago

We walked among
Manet and Degas
and Delacroix
Ran Gucci and Hermes
through our fingers
Rode bicycles
On the Champs Elysees
And wore berets  
At rest beneath the Tower
And in a cafe at twilight
We drank too much wine
And we laughed
In the pink glow
Of the city
Until it was dark
And later
Along the Seine
Drops of lamplight
shone on the water
And she spoke of how
Paris was like love
Living only for the night
Its beauty
Vanishing by morning
To return only when day
Again falls into darkness  
To caress only others.

#love   #life   #loss   #romance   #separation  

The reminiscing of memories past
Encore of our hearts together
A oceanic abyss between us would only make our love stronger
It's so hard to be so far
But knowing you're gazing into the outer reaches of water
Just like I am
Gives me

And when it's dark out
And we're standing at the waters edge waiting
We see the same luminescence
We can't fathom our
Aloneness in this moment
It's terrible being

Hearts torn downwards
It's awful
But the gravity that rips them towards despair
Will be the same that keeps us together
When we
Roll down hills
Jump in lakes
Defy by climbing trees and swinging on tires
Our love it's

And in that moment
Eons and oceans apart
We are together
We are

No father around but I
Vowed to have my dreams
Shine past this sad situation
Growing more and more
Without any help and that's
Okay because I enjoy my
Own company many have
Left my trust betrayed
With a hope for tomorrow
Never being delayed..

Errin M
Errin M
Mar 14

Healing, so complicated and never final
I dance freely in the wind, forgetting
When suddenly that painful scar rips open
I am thrust into past regrets and old wounds
Remembering you...
Reunited with square one

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