Arcassin B
Arcassin B
1 day ago

By Arcassin Burnham

Please tell me what you think,
from the boat we sink, We don't even gotta
float love,

We could get drunk on a mountain if we
want too,

Praying to the lord that has too much on his
theres no reason to look above,

contemplating , he just wants me to worry
about you,

your touch,
our bed,
Like what we gon' do?

The things,
we drank,
make us,
Where we gon' fly to?

Please tell me what you think,
from the boat we sink, *We don't even gotta
float love,

We could get drunk on a mountain if we
want too.

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Marissa Straw
Marissa Straw
Jul 4, 2016

Alone in the dark
Waiting for a fallen star
Only fireflies

#haiku   #alone   #summer   #night   #star   #fireflies   #mountain  
Marissa Straw
Marissa Straw
Jul 4, 2016

The music reaches
On a winding mountain path
Two low beams of light

#haiku   #mountain   #car   #road  

the mountain stands.
so tall and high.
silhouetted by the morning sky.
children laugh.
children play.
travellers go on their way.
clouds gather at its peak .
golden treasure is what they seek.
as it moves at the dawn.
the glorious sun and the mountain.

There are so many other worlds.
So many skies you will never see,
Music you will never hear.
So much time you will never live.
There are cities that turn into stars at night
And mountains that burst through the clouds with such beautiful anger.
There are eyes that gaze into each other
And hearts that beat for another.
There is so much more that you will never see.
Be grateful for what you do see,
No one else will see it.

No one else we ever have a life like yours. No one will travel to the same places or meet the same people or listen to the same songs. You are unique. Be grateful for what you have, even if it gets hard sometimes. Life is always worth it.
#love   #world   #music   #sky   #star   #song   #mountain   #city  

30 miles from the mountain
How can something so large
Hide so completely
Shrouded only by water vapor?
30 miles from the mountain
Not far, but endless soldier trees
Stand between us and
We will never meet.
30 miles from the mountain
Feels like the distance
Between my thoughts and my mouth
The fog sinking in my throat,
Choking the urgency out of me.
Every muffled, belated word weighs 30 tons
30 miles from the mountain
I haven't slept through the night
In 30 days
The mist closes in
I want to hide like the mountain

in seattle, washington
Angie S
Angie S
Feb 19

dont ask me where i am;
dont ask about the view from the peak,
how it feels to brush shoulders with the clouds
like passersby on the street, dont ask about
how delicious the air tastes in my lungs.
i am not there, not there yet. see,
i stand not as an omniscient god,
presiding over my special throne, but as a
mortal traveler, muddy and sweaty,
seeking fulfillment, and always hiking forwards.
my compass pumps blood through me and
one day it will fail and my journey will end,
but for the time being i hike.
ask me how my heels are bruised, how my
back curves, misshapen, from the weight of
my aspirations. ask me the number of times
i crashed onto the icy earth, her gravity
dragging me, but always stood again
because i am stubborn.
ask me if the freezing air chills my frostbitten fingers anymore
and pains my chest to hold. and please
ask me where i am going; ask where after all this time
my heart finds warm blood to keep it beating, and
what i hope to see at the peak of this mountain.
ask about my failures, my successes,
and how my hike draws as much inspiration
in the journey as it does the destination.

talent probably doesn't actually exist.
everyone is born at the bottom of the mountain,
talent is what we see when we see other travelers
who have climbed higher than we have.

im trying to catch up in more than a few areas
Feb 19

I take the route
of no resistance,
oceanic embrace

turns here and there,
baby don't fear
I live above and

Though if love is a rock
I will go around,
to find truth
in wholeness

to the ocean I go,
water I am

Flow with the current of life, to the destination of wholeness.
#home   #ocean   #warmth   #flow   #tide   #mountain   #stream   #beach   #sand   #salty  

her golden fullness
wanton astride
peaked horizon

impassioned night
bites down hard

#moon   #storm   #mountain  

I want us to go on a long rail trip.

Longer than whatever you experienced,
On the bridges over the trenches,
Victory trip over mountainous terrains,
Existing away from the world.

Kind of the steam engine chugs its way,
Relishing the cool hilly air in our hair,
Into the oblivion we stare upwards,
Pure air fondles your face lightly,
Iron horses chugging forward.

My HP Poem #1430
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #i   #the   #and   #mountain   #terrain   #kripi  
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