1 day ago

When I look out the window,
off in the distance ( but still clear )
I see palm trees.
My mother once won some contest in grade
school for a poem about a palm tree,
but she's hated them since she was a
little kid.
She was sick of the
boring So Cal scenery,
so she moved up north to raise me,
and yet here I am-
surrounded by forests but longing for palm trees.

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Isha Natsu
Isha Natsu
4 days ago

my mother likes to think i can’t see
her dabbing her eyes dry,
that long, lost love is not something that is pieced
together into the equivalents of promises
and vows
yours have been broken
mine just beginning to birth
we are lying motionless
in this game
whose pieces are pawns of fate
and cruel intentions
for the strength it took to leave
is as brittle as the ground i forged for abandonment
and my poetry is as stale
as warm beer you drink just to forget

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Kasey Wheeler
Kasey Wheeler
5 days ago

We let each other go
With the wisp in the silence that was in between
You had hurt me so deeply
But you'll never know
For it was time to let go

There are no hard feelings,
No second guesses,
You did what you said
For the first time ever

And trust me
It was a breath of relief knowing that we were free
From these bounds that we once called home

I'm sorry that it didn't work out how we wanted it to
Or how we imagined it would be
But that was for the best

I wasn't made to be in your life forever
And that's okay
People change

However the world still stays the same
It'll still rotate on its axis
And the world would move on

This isn't such a bad thing,
We left a mark together in our own worlds
In our own way
That's what matters most

Our time has come to a close
But that is not such a bad thing
It was for the best, my long lost friend

I wouldn't change a thing

This is goodbye, my friend

I wish you the best

Talked to her, she understood. Now we have been parted
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Kasey Wheeler
Kasey Wheeler
6 days ago

Beer, you said
Was all you ever had
Affair, you said
Was all you ever needed
Waste, you said
Was all you ever felt
Abuse, you said
Was all you ever wanted
Family, you said
Was such a waste
Reality, you said
Was just an illusion
Daughter, you told
Was such a disappointment
Son, you told
Was nothing that mattered

And yet you beg for us to forgive
These statements you made
The actions and consequences you caused
And this turmoil you've created in our heads

Thank you mother
For showing me that even heros can become villains
For giving me the truth of the world
That everything will change
And it could wreck you whole

You gave me the biggest lesson in life
That no matter the circumstances
You have the right to fight against
The right to take matters into your own hands
To do the best you can for you
Sounds a little selfish,
And trust me it is,
But its the right amount of sin
That makes the world spin

Pain, I say
Is what I have known
Love, I say
Is hard to let got
Family, I say
Is a hard thing to leave
Life, I say
Is never easy

Moving on, I say
Is a fight worth taking

I don't know how to feel about this
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i am so terrified
my feelings for you are so strong in such a short period of time
but not like what im used to
i love you
and this time it didnt stem from lust
its the type of love that grows after being around someone so long and gradually noticing their quirks and having the eventual epiphany
oh god ive fallen
and fallen hard

im terrified because you are leaving me so soon
how is it that you are leaving me but refuse to leave my thoughts
day and night
since the time we have is limited it makes it all the more valuable
there could never be enough time
i cant resist the force that is pulling us closer together

im so scared
my trust issues seem to have melted away with you
i trust you with my everything
you are just so warm and gentle with me
im a puzzle with bent pieces and im giving the box to you
please dont dent them more
please dont break me
i love you so much
be kind please

#love   #hopeless   #lovers   #moving  

I once hated the dark,
Because it was not my friend.

We never spoke, and everywhere I went, the light followed me.
Just my candlelit lantern and I.
We were friends.

One day, the light did not go on, nor could I find my matches or a spare.
As I searched, I had also lost with it my favorite of rings.

"I can help." The dark spoke.

"No, thank you." I replied, hiding my fear with bitterness.

"Please, you might hurt yourself."

"I said no!"

Going about angrily, I stumbled and cursed, turned this way and that, stumbled and hit myself into a plethora of things and ended up tripping down the stairs straight onto my bottom.

-at the bottom of the dark and cold.

I hated the dark you see, because it reminded me of the former things.
The lost things.

It reminded me of evil and sadness, of misfortune and all fears and scary things.
It reminded me of my mother who passed and my father who is gravely ill,
It reminded me of being lost without a hand,
Of pain and loneliness.
It reminded me of the nightmares I had and the face in whom caused them.

I cried.
I had never cried.
But despite all my pride, I cried for the first time.

Suddenly a voice came from the silence.
"I never was one to cause such misery, I am the dark yes, but even in the dark can there be good things.
Your mother, don't you remember the night sky you both enjoyed? The campfires and the late nights you spent with her talking and laughing? The fireflies and the warmth of the fireplace as you sat and even went to sleep looking up at your glow-in-the-dark stars?
Then in the dark, you would sit and wait for the goodnight kiss and smile given to you and wake up the next, your father there and alive still. The dark reminding you that there is a new day of light and hope.
The time where you realize that you made it passed that one night, and that you are stronger than before.
You and your friends stay up late, doing this and that. Don't you remember them?
Without me, you would have not remembered even the times you had when you weren't afraid, but brave.

Wiping my eyes I got up and walked back up the steps, back to my room where the voice spoke again.

"Look, underneath there."

My bed stood desolate and cold.

"But I don't like it under there."

There was silence but I didn't want to hesitate no more in it.
With a large sigh I knelt down and looked underneath.

Piles of random things as well as dust, but there I had found them- a spare box of matches and my ring on top.

"Thank you."

"The next time you are afraid, remember who you are and all the smallest things. Without the bad, we cannot appreciate the good. Without the dark, we cannot appreciate the light."

That night, I slept without my latern.
I never hated or feared the dark again.
That night, I slept soundly,
The darkness a comfort.

For those that need it most. (:
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Mar 17

You are a universe contained in a body
You are a theory
A thought
All you taught yourself
All you've written and said
That day you conquered your fear
The tear trickling off your chin
The skin and bone that held together
and yet the words that stayed with a friend
That picked them up off the floor in the end
You are a star in galaxy orbiting
A place inside my heart
The key to memories hidden from view
A hundred thousand moving pictures
The inspiration around a story
Your story begins
In a twinkle of smile that caught your fathers glance
The closeness of bodies that danced
wild and free
You are everything to me and more
and yet you think you are small
Stand tall my friend...

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Mar 14

I will paint the dawn
with our long lost song,
and cry to the moon
that we've moved along.
I'll sit beneath her
all night long,
and tell her our story
how we didn't belong.
I'll sing to her softly,
a sweet little birdsong,
about a love story
meant to be lifelong.
I'll tell her we were strong,
but couldn't hold on.
We were too headstrong,
just stringing along.
We couldn't see ourselves
being in the wrong.
I remember crying
all day long,
trying to shove myself along
to see the difference
between right and wrong.
I couldn't prolong
the end of our love song.
I remember singing
this same little birdsong,
when you heard me
you played along,
but trying to rush me
for you couldn't stay long.
I remember your eyes
tearing with goodbyes,
as I sang the last note
of my loving little song.
I watched you walk away
feet scraping along,
and that was the end
of our loving little birdsong.

~ for an ex I never gave closure too.
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Words like water,
oh how the speech can delay.
Dripping eloquent but lost to rivers,
indulged in deluge,
overwhelmed in expression, comments and decree.
I want you here,
oceans away.

How can I touch the chatter,
be diluted in a voice.
Move me with your extract,
alluded, trembling from afar.
Waking up to different sides of the moon
I need you here,
sunshines away.

and the blades from petals still stabbed
like it was torture
though it crumbled in effect
why the trouble for pistol flowers
when aching is within a splinter.

Something so beautiful,
lost to an operating system.
Quiet rumbles, not big enough
to make a sound.
Even if I screamed,
my vocals typed to characters,
you would not,
could not hear my strain.

our love it blooms.
Flourished in email, video plays, stills.
Across the ocean I came,
to wake up in the sunshine,
with the moon at our side.

Sprouting up new love,
greater than we thought equip.
Even through storms, snow, rain,
I am ecstatic here,
your body I call my house,
your smile I call my home.

Copyright Tessa Calogaras
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Isang libong tansan dating takip sa bote ng alak
Isang drum ng luhang walang galak
Maubos man ito't tuloyang matuyo
Ikaw rin naman ay nasa malayo

Tama na 'to, tama na po
Tanginang pag-ibig kelan ba susuko?
Tama na 'to, tama na po
Paalam na, mahal ko'ng sumuko

Kape sa umaga, iyak sa gabi
Ako ba ito? Hindi ko mawari
Sa kama ko'ng dati kitang katabi
Tutupiin ko na, at itatabi

Tama na 'to, tama na po
Tanginang pag-ibig kelan ba susuko?
Tama na 'to, tama na po
Paalam na, mahal ko'ng sumuko

Wala na akong maidudugtong,
"Paalam Shin Hye" sinigaw ko'ng pabulong

#on   #moving   #park   #filipino   #opm   #kdrama   #shin   #hye  
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