plastic party cups
at the charity event
for Syrian kids

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You are what you were
Your thoughts are absurd
You place, your faith, in others words
Have no worth

You walk through life
Fairy tales  are your lies
You place, your faith in others words
Has no worth

That light in your eyes
The fears grow in size
Faith is the surprise
The irony is wise

Drink those tears you cry
Go walk with the blind
Go walk with your kind
This won't  be new--you do it all the time

So stay quiet

Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
7 days ago

I’m going to Republican heaven,
Going to meet Republican Jesus
After I pay off my school loans
Whenever my banker pleases
To let me out of the contract
With its usurious interest fees
And I am sure I will get there
When I am down on my knees.

I’ll have my Republican Bible
With its verses edited wisely
To exempt all the white folk
From behaving quite nicely
And making sure welfare
Is only for rich white neighbors
The rest are not allowed in
Our society except as laborers.

I am sure that Republican Jesus
Will welcome me quite warmly
For supporting the death toll
Of our Christian Soldier army.
He will be so delighted that
We vilified ungodly abortions
And how we treated those awful
Poor mothers and their orphans.

He will have to be delighted
That we held back the riches
We gained from our warfare
Ignoring our soldiers in ditches
Or maimed in those battles
We know you wanted us to wage
In the name of Republican Jesus
Out of our holy sense of rage.

Republican Jesus surely will
See how cleverly we diverted
The money to the richest people
Not the soldiers we deserted.
And, how only the people who
Did not need help financially
Got all the extra wealth we had
And we made sure of it annually.

I’m going to Republican heaven,
Going to meet Republican Jesus
And I’m sure greed and bigotry
Will just tickle him to pieces
Because it says in the Bible
The only people who will get in
Are the people that look like me
And vote for all the same men.

At 10 years old, I argued for my time back. I don't to play piano anymore, I want my 10 000 hours back.

This is the brokenness I am

At 13 I had a double, nothing in common but the title of their being. And yet that is all it took to become nothing.

This is the brokenness I am

At 14 I spent time with a locker, the only friend I had in the jail of a building.  A homeless student living amongst the rich.

This is the brokenness I am

At 15 I was trying to put life together, but it didn't work. Making myself angry about it. Maybe you don't have to accept that life doesn't like you, that people don't like you. That you don't like you.

This is the brokenness I am

Wrote this a year ago. It's still very relatable. I think I was better at allusion when I wrote poetry back then.
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War on Poverty........War in Vietnam
Support Civil Rights......Kill the Gooks
Make America Great......Make Americans die
Is it any wonder
That I'm gettin' cynical
About Politics?

Pretty girl,
Started out a fellow
All alone there
Hiding in her cellar
Went to the church
The priest said to confess
The scummy man
Then asked her if she dressed.

He said to her
It it was her holy duty
Then he called her slut
And grabbed her by the booty.
Pretty girl
Damned now and confused.
It never occurred
That she had been abused.

But she had
A friend living next door.
That was me
And I knew she was not a whore.
Just a kid
Who in those times
Was reviled
Her gifts from God called a crime.

I took her out
Rollerskating and to dances,
As a girl.
I believed in second chances.
She left school
And started life as a fashion model.
No longer did she
Hide her soul inside a bottle.

A lovely tale
One that could have been so sad;
She stood up
From then on life was not so bad.
Pretty girl
Started her life out as a guy
But much of her
Was too wonderful to deny.

Donald Trump has frequently claimed
the mainstream media's got to be blamed
for always trying to make him lose
by spreading vicious, vile fake news.

So just a moment, we shall take,
to list some news that's surely fake.

The inaugural crowd was the biggest of all
(not according to photos that day on the mall).
Three million votes were cast fraudulently
(without any proof of such conspiracy).

The murder rate's highest in 45 years
(but there are no crime stats supporting such fears).
Many terror attacks the press failed to report
(past coverage provides a convincing retort).

So Donald, it seems that the tack that you take
is, if news doesn't favor you, it must be fake.
Fake news does surround us, that much is so true.
Such a shame that so much of it's coming... from you!

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written February 26, 2017
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This veneer of civilization
So vexatious in its impression.

Words adroit, adept, artificial,
So artful is the communication.

Gestures gentle soft, controlled,
So measured is the emotion

Visage serene, cool, pliant
So unfazed is the digression.

Eyes moist, weary, weathered,
Yet sensible is the suppression.

Thoughts random running havoc,
Yet accepted is the discretion.

Emotions roiling seething simmering
Yet artificial is the expression.

This veneer of civilization
Such progressive regression

Ecological Consciousness
Environmental Destruction
The United States
Is a Nation of Contradictions

They said, people are strange,
When you're a stranger
They knew, and people get even
Even stranger once you dive into them
Once familiarity becomes so familiar, it irks
They pierce into your mind
Straws of trust, and leech out every bit of you
Your essence must evaporate
In the drought of love and kindness

People are strange
They crave for colour to fill up their lives
but never to seep into their skin
They want a rich friend, a poor one as much
A girl, a boy, transgender, gay, bisexual, asexual
But a lover, only as conditioning and the general tainted view of the world permits

People are strange
They say blood is thicker than water
But blood is poisoned and water
It needs distillation
They say they love when they don't
And nothing when they do
They say a lot of things
That only confuse

People are strange
All for love, no to hate
Until of course, higher motives surface
One heartbreak, all men are Gates of Defecation
One attack, entire fraternity blamed
One moment of broken trust,
A million of murdering reason

People are strange
No matter who you are
And yet, you fall in love
Because people are strange

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