Jim Davis
Jim Davis
1 day ago

Lean in
To work
To love
To life
But once
Every while
Lean back
Even God
Took rest
Although never
From love

©  2017 Jim Davis.

#love   #life   #heart   #god   #soul   #rest  

A cornflower
lavish these
hearts of
gold in
fields will
enchant harvest
with sunshine
in a
row and
foothills dash
plains with
nervy glares
where whitewater
raft in
these rapids
that hallow
river bridge.

#spring   #easter   #rest   #weary   #bonnet  
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
4 days ago

Green smoke
I swear that there's green in the air

The color of my lenses
as such of my life

Once broken,
always broken

Who's not broken here?

I fall down where I sleep
come unbound by night
or day
I fall down exhausted
but rest will not come
within reach

I fall down

There's one explanation true
That the easy is done,
best pages are turned
#drugs   #exhausted   #night   #what   #weed   #little   #rest   #said  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
4 days ago

I see the way
My father’s arms
Are wearing out
And breaking down
Underneath this daily weight
And I am afraid
Of my own day
Which is yet to come
But will not stay away

Welcome to my world. :p
#dying   #my   #own   #old   #strong   #personal   #arms   #mine   #rest   #fathers  
Dreaming Liza
Dreaming Liza
6 days ago

Sinking to the bottom,
An anchor tied around my ankle,
I find rest while drowning
In the Suicide Seas.

March 21, 2017.
#suicide   #cutting   #depression   #pain   #thoughts   #water   #drowning   #anchor   #seas   #rest  

This is for the dearly departed
The loved ones who lost their grasp
You are missed and you are loved
Your legacies are in the people that you touched
The wisdom and growth you have left in this world will continue

Especially dedicated to Aunt Gail and Great Uncle Dean:
Your friends and family will never forget you
We may never have been close
We may have not seen one another in years
But you are remembered and you have left your mark
My heart aches with knowledge of your passing
My love reaches out to you and the entire family
But rest in peace knowing the good you have each left in this world

#peace   #death   #in   #family   #rest   #farewell  

Oh sleepless night why come tonight?
Curiosity lead me astray
Now sleepless night show me thine telescopic sight

Oh sleepless night why torment me?
Thou came at a strange time in life
Sensuality cover of my sanity

Oh sleepless night why hinder rest?
Youthful travels delay gateways
Yesterdays, break of day, spiritual decay

Oh sleepless night how do you rest?
Time passes yet you do not lay down
Sleepless night show thine sunday best among the rest

Thine heart shalt rest no more,
Find eternal peace by the shore.

#sleep   #time   #strange   #torment   #youth   #tonight   #rest   #sunday  

One night I dreamt I was a butterfly flying all around and carefree
but in the back of my mind thought how could this ever really be?
And so when flying around in my own solitary and carefree way
I would once in a while stop on a flower and leaf to rest and stay.

Basking there in the warm sunshine without any instinct of fear
I was also then able to spread my wings and expose all my rear.
After a few moments quietly passed I began to fly off once again
and with a sense of purpose flew on ahead in that direction then.

A sudden gust of wind lifted me up high without any effort on my part
and I was carried forward at a pace that me made wander from the start.
I fluttered my wings a little to regain my balance in that turbulent air
which made me get out of breath in my attempt and struggle out there.

The inclination that came to me next was to stop somewhere and rest
so I flew onto a flower matching those hues with which I was blest.
It didn't take long for me to recover my unique composure and poise
when I was startled therein my dream scape by a dark shadow's noise.

I moved in what practically seemed to be a continuation of the dream
and was walking around amongst some flowers growing by a stream.
Having left the old house and going through a dark hallway and door
I was following the flight of a butterfly around the meadow for sure.

My feet were not even touching the ground out there as I moved along
and I couldn't feel anything solid under them which didn't seem wrong.
I would stop for a while and take off again in pursuit of that creature
following every move it was making and so embracing every feature.

It seemed to be unusually deft in keeping itself at a distance from me
even though I tried to get closer to it so that I could myself better see.
When I eventually came to a halt there at the end of my night's dream
I had the butterfly caught in the palm of my hand so it then did seem.

I awoke and opened my eyes expecting to see right there in my hand
the butterfly I had caught somewhere flying around in a dreamy land.
Instead of that beautiful creature something more remarkable I found
a scented coloured tissue which had butterflies printed on it all around.

Written in November 2016.
#dream   #butterfly   #flower   #night   #flying   #sunshine   #rest   #carefree  
Mar 6

Rest easy my heart, it is not over and the new day has not yet dawned.
Think on what was achieved, rather than what has been lost.
Do not weap for what you are missing.
Think on what is to come, even if you have to wait an eternity.
You are allowed to mourn at your defeats.
But remember the speck of courage and strength that is left, it is your flint and tinder to light your flame once again.
So rest easy my heart.

#heart   #loss   #time   #courage   #longing   #healing   #again   #flame   #rest  

The smell of skin
Mixed with deep breaths in the dark

As quiet minds
Slowly unwind
And let go of the thoughts inside
Like shooting stars
We fall in line
Most quietly here side by side

Within this bed
All that could've been said
Has faded like the setting sun
At least until the morning comes
Until you smell the coffee
And hear the distant purring hum
Of the ceiling fan
Let your heart beat slow until we speak again

Because there is no safer place
No secluded cabin or basin by a mountain face

There is only you
And there is only me
And the edges of what cannot be seen

Like the trust we keep in each other
So completed
Which results in an expert exclusivity

So you know that when I say I can
I mean thay I will indefinitely
As you know that you could for me

Because no other eyes can see
The certain way the palmtrees sway
Longingly beside the sea

So if you ever desire to sleep
While lying right here next to me

I wouldn't mind such a memory
In fact I'd cherish it, hold onto it
And try my best to forever keep
The essence of your tiny feet
As they passed by my awkward knees

Provided you don't mind my skin
Or the smell of my cologne which I always keep
For as surly as the sun will peak
Near by my side is where you'd be

And slowly as you succumb to sleep
And drift into a pleasant dream
I'd close my eyes and be at peace
Just knowing you were next to me

There in the dark
Where our deep breaths meet
Is where I hope you'd fall asleep

Good night.
#poem   #poetry   #sleep   #good   #night   #verse   #restless   #rest   #scribbles   #sean  
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