Joseph Percy
Joseph Percy
3 hours ago

Is it weird?
I felt comfortably reliefed,
When I saw the email,
When you messaged me?

Is it weird,
How we talked with such ease,
As if the past was erased,
And our friendship never ceased?

Is it weird,
That I want to talk?

We were good friends, and our young mistakes ruined that. But that is expected I guess. :P

As we sat around the bonfire,
Laughing and loving,
Our spirits couldn't get any higher
And we laughed the night away

The smoke smelled nice,
As we made s'mores,
And burned our eyes,
But we smiled anyway

Music sweetly played,
Over our loud conversation,
But we still listened and swayed
In the cool winter night

I won't forget the fun,
The smiles,
From the ending or when it begun,
And in my heart it'll stay.

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Feb 7

I could have any kind of conversation
With any kind of man
But the ones we want to talk to us
Never, ever do
They all stop in the end.
They all vanish like it was pretend.

Talking in circles.
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When the dream breaks, so much has changed, as if time has been manipulated.
I look for you in photos with me for proof, but it seems that you have faded.
I must be crazy to speak and have memories of things that may have never happened, but I swore someone else was there.
I guess I'm really losing it, maybe it was just a voice in the air.

Should I go back to these places and look for four footprints in the mud, or are these photos telling me all I need to know?
Could I have been roaming around in the woods for three years by myself, conversing with a ghost?

Jan 27

I'm trying to not fall for you,
But you've got years on me.
I'm talking to you,
But you do not listen.
I'm trying to escape you,
but I'm being drawn in further.
I'm confused as to what you want from me,
I want you to want me.
Why won't you let me keep my walls up?
It's ok to leave. It's ok to break me.
Its the status quo.

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Each morning she welcomes me into her world.
The best part about it.
I am always glad I came, watching her pat her hand on a reserved spot inviting me to sit beside her.
A motivation for tired legs,
Our eyes resting after a light jog, over by the park bench.
Slowly watching our faith in each other raise from behind the clouds.
In due time I am drenched in the way that she makes me feel.
Even when we go our separate ways she is always there

A Wegner
A Wegner
Jan 18

'The biggest problem with communication is that we don’t listen to understand, we listen to respond.'

You trace my bottomless eyes to the pit of my stomach
You stare at the tip of my tongue,
With that sordid tang on it;
Reassure me now,
I am not the cause of it.

Taste, but not too late
The stuff of which
I am made.
Never think
I would clean the bottom
Piety of your sink

Would you hear me?
Muffled in a crowd?
Where my delusions
Of your confusions
Are shrouded

I smell repugnance
And make nothing of it
O the fancies of tongues
Bowed, I make nothing of it
In the crowd I hear your sound
I make nothing of it
My rejoinder blaring loud
You make nothing of it

The boil of the grey water
Murky glasses unclean -
Silent unorderly

I make a run for it.

Bit of a cryptic one, but one of my favourites.

With a much more serious face nowadays,
Deeper in tone. Quick in wit.
The question now is what's wrong.
The deep thought that plagues a curious mind.
Am I wrong for smiling at such a question,
The fact that something appears to be wrong.
Thus must be it.
In fact nothing is wrong.
Just a random impulse I suppose.
To reign in as a material savior,
Something seen in flesh. The curve of eyes.
Everything would be better now, right.
Supplying you with a simple answer that appears to be solution to your unjust problem.
To what means dictates that I reveal every thought.
Just because you ask of it.
Single bodied to one word.
By then would you be justified leaving me empty.
Outside appearances are indeed deceiving then, right.
Making assumption to problematic gesture.
In the end should we both then be disappointed.
The promise of a future with no past.
Decorative in a sense.
Made to fill the gaps of silence, 
If at all it eases your mind.
No, nothings wrong.


The mere fact that I like that your leading me on
Reveals a lot about how I feel about you, continuing to sit here.
Such abuse.
In fact, I implore you to continue.
Tell me more of your infectious lies.
What do you really think of me.
Fill the gaps of my curiosity.
The single body that you speak of contains more than one word.
Educate me on the subject of your well being.
Am I worth touching on in thought.
Do I bore you this much.
Don't speak, I fear I know the answer already.
I've become immune to your poison.
I adore it so.
Outside appearances are deceiving.
Quite so, point of the matter.
You were waiting all along for me to ask you

Most people only annoy me
while their lips are moving

Good lord, some people should pause to breath, or maybe, not. :D
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I talk to myself;
It scares me how much I do...
Maybe I need help.

January 7, 2017.
I talk to myself a lot, and imagine whole scenarios and conversations. Is that normal? I do it a lot when I'm alone. And the more I talk, the faster my mind races. The faster my mind races, the faster I talk, and so on and so forth. It scares me a bit..
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