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Mar 19

I was your flower but
seasons passed,
we grew apart
and now Your flower has wilted,
But I have grown.

Probably gonna delete this
Mar 19

So there I was,
running and running
trying to catch up with the sun,
with all my hopes and dreams.
I was right at an arms length,
until then I woke up

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  Mar 8  Rianna

Strip your ornaments
that blinds you from adornment,
and let me love you.

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Mar 5

haven't they warned you
not to play with fire?
Haven't they told you
I'm the atomic bomb?

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Feb 12

I fell,
Down, down, down
into the far reaches of my mind,
down into the abyss
I fell.
I will rise,
from the ashes of who I was,
from the inevitable
darkness that took over me.
Because I am a Phoenix.
I will rise.

I wrote rise so many times it looks wrong. Now I'm unsure if I spelled it right.
  Jan 21  Rianna
William A Poppen

I wonder
how our great creator
built a vessel
strong enough
to contain my soul?

Each day my spirit fights
against my skin with violent
jolts as a young bird
seeking exit from a cage.

Unfettered psyche
free from me
bounces among clouds
rolls through deserts,
climbs volcanic ridges
migrates with birds in flight.

Curious instincts guide
my vital force inside and out
like honey bees
scour zinnias in full bloom.

Dare I release my spirit today?

Free spirit, soul,
Nov 23, 2016

I'm a peculiar chaos,
I'll keep you on your toes,
But who's to say
we won't create an adventure

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