Terry Collett
Terry Collett
2 days ago

mused on
Naaman a

boy from school
her sister
was in her

own bedroom
soft sobbing

had walked past
the closed door
she didn't

knock or call
just walked past
her sister

was pregnant
their father
was rowing

downstairs with
their mother

shut her door
slowly walked
to the wide

window and
looked out at
the garden

she could see
where her dad
had dug the

flower bed
there were birds
pulling our

soft earthworms
with their beaks
Naaman would

know which birds
they all were
she wished he

was there now
beside her
with his book

of wild birds
and his arm
about her

in her ear
his soft words.

#girl   #boy   #school   #high   #1962  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
3 days ago

Sheila sat on her bed.
School was a bore.
Benny was there,
but nothing happened.

We sat at lunch time
recess on the sports field,
but nothing. Others were
there: girls together or

boys playing football.
I felt all odd inside
being next to him.
Wanted to kiss him,

but I didn't I just sat
next to him listening
to him talk. How I got
through the boring lessons

without getting told off
I don't know. My mind
wasn't in it. Just Benny
in my thoughts. Those hazel

eyes of his. That quiff
of hair. That smile like
that Elvis I've seen in
newspapers. Be dinner soon.

Mum moaned about my room
when I came in just now.
So untidy she said. I wonder
if I will kiss him tomorrow.

Unless it rains and we are
stuck in during recess.
Sheila's mother called her
for dinner. Sheila stood up

and carried her thoughts
of Benny with her down
the stairs to dinner. Sometimes
it felt as if Benny was in her.

#girl   #boy   #school   #high   #1962  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
4 days ago

Yochana didn't look happy
when I saw her
in class
Monday morning.

Her friend Angela
sat next to her
and was whispering words
to her.

I sat next to Rennie
at the back.

He was talking
about his weekend
and football.

I was taking in
Yochana's back,
picturing it
as I was next to her
in the guest's bed
that Saturday night.

Her parents asleep
in their room.

She had crept
into the guest's room
and climbed into bed
beside me.

I wondered if
her parents
had found out
and that was why
she was so unhappy.

Miss G came into
the classroom
and the talking stopped
and we sat up straight.

I tried to push
Yochana and her parents
from my mind,
pushing ahead
with the lesson
after registration.

But it was like
the blind
leading the blind.

#girl   #boy   #school   #high   #1962  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
5 days ago

John caught up
with Elaine
just before
morning break
as they came past
an empty classroom.

He took her hand
and dragged her in
closing the door
behind them.

What if
someone comes?
She said.

They won't,
he said.

She looked around
the classroom,
then back at him.

What did you
bring me
in here for?
She said.

You said
I could kiss
you later,
he said,
now is later.

But here?
She said.

Why not
no one here
to see us,
he said.

She looked at him,
at his hazel eyes
and brown quiff
of hair.

He stood
gazing at her:
He said.

She leaned forward
and kissed him
on the cheek.

He held her
close to him.

She sensed
his hands
about her.

He kissed her lips,
held so close.

She could feel
his heart beat
as well as hers.

He released her.

She felt all odd
like waking up
from a strange dream.

She felt as if
it wasn't real.

He said:
can I kiss
you again?

She nodded
and he drew her close,
kissed her again.

Outside against
the windowpane
the start of rain.

#girl   #boy   #school   #high   #1962  
5 days ago

She's a haute couture girl, who dates haute couture guys
With jaw lines so defined
Might as well just be a knife.

She's a haute couture girl but
He's more haute than her
Cheekbones on their own
Are causing a society stir.

They are haute couture hotties
Almost political
Coats and leather jackets
Lace and buckskin intervals

They are haute couture darlings
And they might just be icons
Sunglasses, Onassis
Dressing just like a Don.

They are haute.
Smoking haute.

Fashion is fantastic, I'm a big fan of plastic.
#love   #girl   #society   #boy   #hot   #high   #fashion   #posh   #haute   #couture  
Amanda Kay Hill
Amanda Kay Hill
7 days ago

Swinging high
Up so high in the sky
Feel like I am flying
High up in the sky like
A bird
Swinging high
Swinging high
Swinging high
Up so high in the sky
Feel so free and
can do anything
Nothing is hold me back
I can not keep my
feet on the ground
Swinging high
Swinging high
Up so high in the sky
Feel like I am flying
High up in the sky like
A bird i love to swinging
high up in the sky
Swinging high.
© Amanda Kay Hill

#high   #swinging  

watercolor doves swim
lavender and turquoise seas
raindrops of blood
from my tired eyes
and I
am so very lost
and I
am so very gone

tiny droves of minute fireflies
dance across
green feathered arms
my eyes and tongue
velvet stars
it is so very
to fall and it
is so
to love myself

bright orange flashes
the green serenity
my sleep-drunk mind
and I
am not awake enough
but I
am still alive

#drunk   #depression   #drugs   #depressed   #sleep   #dreams   #art   #dreaming   #colors   #high  

Sky high looking
up at the sky seeing
the cloud up in the sky
some look like a dog or
a horse or a angel
Sky high
Sky high
Sky high looking
up at the sky seeing
the cloud up in the
sky some look like a dog
or a horse or a angel
some people do not
see a dog or a horse
or a angel because they
do not use they imagines
Sky high
Sky high
Sky high looking up
at the sky seeing the
star up in the sky some
make a dog or a basketball
or a angel you just have
to use you imagines.
© Amanda Kay Hill

#sky   #high  

I dropped  the weed
Woops, hey now  I haven't touched your speed.
Slow down,
The codines around
Don't frown, the acid will make me into a clown
Lost now,
I'm running around
10 miles off the ground
But I'll come down
I allways do
The drugs never last as long as you do
So let the  heynas hackle  from the street side
I may be fucked up but I'm not the one whos dead inside

Fuck you. Fuck your fear of my  problems.  
Fuck your  "passion" for solving them
I am who I've made myself and if your going to fuck with a man who's gotten to where he is solely from his determination to succeed through hardship
Your going to have to try harder
#drugs   #dead   #happy   #high   #fucked   #trip  

Once she said she will come back
When the flower bloom and the rain stop
Or after she find the perfect job

I don't know the song
She said it's good I should listen
But even we laugh and play pretend

Teardrops and cold clouds
The black umbrella flew to the air
Your body is stiff and pale

Tell me why you hate the rain
I always thought it makes you prettier
Because you made me forget all of my rules
And now I'm waiting for a flower that will never bloom.

A hope which leads me to an uncertainty.
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