Bella Jade
Bella Jade
1 day ago



Space cadet

I feel the good vibes

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I guess at this point in our lives the world looks so much scarier. Especially when you're only a seventeen year old, sitting in high school classrooms, only seeing the world from a tiny photo on our phones.
Then right when you think you're getting a grip on your life they push you out into this whole other part of our universe you never expected you would get to. The grown up part. The getting a job part. The paying taxes part. The finding the perfect person for you part.
Its all thrown at you at once when you're seventeen.
To be honest if you've survived through the 5 years after high school you deserve a fucking trophy.
Because its scary man.

-LM| Midnight Thoughts
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Alice Malice
Alice Malice
2 days ago

The fields roll gold
against the emerald
and violet edges
of dusk creeping in
and I found you
an oak tree and
I took you in
while ravens watched
and there's nothing
like those
magic moments
of in between

I saw the fog
roll in
like a dream,
cold and cozy
against my parents
blue beach house,
a shabby thing
a shabby little sea town
and I watched
tea steam
against the glass
and heard boats calling
and I
know I'm safe
but the dinner dad made

The night owl
comes to take me home
and I'm longing
for some sense of
but she
wraps those broom-bloom
wings around me
and suddenly
am so afraid to fly
because when I open eyes
into bright lights
I know
I'll forget
what it means to die.

A patchwork in every sense of the word

When a petal was a rouse
weighted a ruffed grouse
only this accusation
arose their superstition
today my summation grew
with rust nestled wing
that alighted by a house
as wood in a broom
let in the ravine
a newness in Celtic
and at their word again
upon this knoll in
soon grazed on brome
ignited their noble cavil.

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Jadie Roten
Jadie Roten
3 days ago

It was a day in the middle of August
A very warm one, if I recall correctly

We sat face to face in black wire chairs
High on overactive dopamine receptors

I don't remember exactly what you were wearing, but I think it was that grey shirt with the blue collar

I do remember the moment after the high hit
I looked at you and everything just seemed right

The foliage blurred and blended into a whirl pool of green and crémé
And I could see every freckle on your face

Your eyes were the brightest blue I'd ever seen. As though you had plucked the azure from the skies to keep as your own

I began to notice how you had grown, your nose and jawline shap. Your eyebrows well defined. Your lips still remained youthful with a slight pout

In disbelief I held your face, tracing along your hairline, your cheeks

How had the time passed so quickly?

You laughed and the gap in your teeth was so charming

As you took me into your arms

The world had never seemed so


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My head is in the clouds
I'm dancing in the sky
The feel of your hands
Has got me high

You held your fingers stiff
Like you didn't want to touch
But you told me good job
Those words are my crutch

How could your hand be cold
When your smile warms my heart
It doesn't make much sense
But that's a puzzle I won't start

Your skin was so soft
Not calloused and rough
Like I would've expected
From you, brave and tough

It's funny how a small moment
Can give me such a chill
Give me a higher high
Than any drink or pill

He gave me a high five!
#love   #happy   #crush   #high  

Can you feel the flow?
Drifting through you like slow breeze.
Can you feel the high?
Calming you down like a little tease.
So high I don't even know if I've landed.
But I guess I'm on a natural high, so I land perfect.
Natures perfume
Fulfills the atmosphere as I exhale.
Deep long breaths suctions in my tar filled lungs.
A drugga with the love for herbals.
The trip gets real when the psychedelics speak the truth
People run away from the truth because blind eyes see a thousand lies.
Society is a brainwashing diseased nation of pretensious facts and opiniated matters that make no sense to the third eye.
I may be blind, but at least I see what most do not.
I see art
People judge different people because they don't understand art.
Looks upon the surface
And judges.
We are human, we we're born to recreate.
But most of us are living like robots...
Low on self esteem, so they run on gasoline.

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Why am I attracted to you?
We're from two completely different worlds.
Two worlds that aren't supposed to collide in this prison you call high school.
That look you make when you stare at me.
To anyone else it is just a look,
But to me it's a call to your lonesome charm.
You- the insider
Me- the misfit
It's not supposed to click,
But it does.
And I want it to.
Breaking the boundaries of the societal norm
Something that's rarely done.
The misfit becomes the insider.
Tears away at the unique charm until there's only a blank carbon copy.
Take it back.
But you can't
Because you're already too far in.
In the circle that puts appearance above personality
And attitude in front of intelligence.
Be fake.
Be fake so you can fit in
Because you were not born to stand out.
You were born to fill an empty space that the earth has created.
It's too much.
You jump.
Jump back to safety and the lifeboat which are your true friends.
They disappear.
They're gone.
Whisked away to another world that fills them full.
Full of hope
And full of meaning.
You sink.
Sink to the bottom of the deepest hole, which you have created through ignorance.
They come back and try to dig you out.
But it's too late.
The insider killed the misfit.

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and a lovely sweet cake
with lots of cold cream,
chocolate shavings,
and fresh cut strawberries.

I suppose the problem right now
is that I am
incredibly paranoid,
and my body is buzzing
with flashbacks,
and a pleasing
spectrum of lightly shaded memories.
I thought perhaps
I might lose myself this morning
in the delicate stems
off the tips of mighty branches,
and the way they flick past
my window at dizzying speed.

Speed has always been
an unreciprocated
love of mine.
I used to chase it down mountains.
Now I chase it
with my head back
on a warm pillow and
a dull rush in my temples.

Black and white and cream and silver
and a plunge of flaming crimson...
this is the tapestry
of half forgotten dreams
that knocks me to
my knees
The growling in my stomach
is matched only by
the growling in my skull,
the hunger for life
that threatens to rip me
to a thousand pleasured pieces.

You're a God.
You must be the God
of broken hearts,
because I'm itching for you
whenever mine needs fixing.
I'll summon the memory of
your powerful calves
and swollen lips
when I walk through dimly lit
streets in the summer.
I'll never think of another
when my windows are rolled down
against a hot July sunset
on the

I'm going back now.

back back
to the soft screaming
of cornfields growing
on an August night,
back to the glide
of shopping carts
on soft beige floors
and the sound of falling rain
against a skylight.
I'm going back to the beginning,
temples glowing
as I hit the peak of meaning
and the shadowed
peak of life.

I showed up to my job still a bit high and wrote a three page stream of consciousness word pile between calls. I spent the next two hours hitting the "enter" button a lot.

In high school,
It's all just fun and games
Of who has better aim
And who can get the knife
deeper in your back.

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