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ju Oct 2011
Handbag~ 1994
exam timetable
£5 from my Mum
shiny key for the front door
fresh-mint chewing gum

Handbag~ 1998
keys for work
keys for home
£20 and a bit of change
photo of my best mate
and a bloke that's twice my age
lipstick~ lacy knickers
condoms~ ID card
ticket for a bus to town
UV sparkly stars

Handbag~ 1999
keys for work
keys for home
spare key for his flat
condoms~ contraceptive pills
No.7 powder-ivory/matt
VISA/Delta debit card
gel ink pens
number of a bloke
who says our love
will never end

Handbag~ 2000
keys for work
keys for home
key for the gas meter
Teletubbies picture book
list of baby-sitters
new mobile phone
herbal teething gel
lipstick~ Anadin
vanilla impulse body spray
children's Nurofen
photo of my baby boy
really tiny socks
under-eye concealer
secret stash of chocs

Handbag~ 2002
keys for work
keys for home
pull back and go car
baby wipes
mobile phone
estate agents' cards
picture of my little boy
list of things to do
Boots own brand pregnancy test
both windows coloured blue

Handbag~ 2005
keys for home
card from work
tissue full of tears
photo of my boy in school
that shows his gappy teeth
photo of my baby girl
and one of both of them
a ring that used to be my Mum's
Pro-Plus~ Diazepam

Handbag~ 2009
keys for work
keys for home
one SLIM~FAST bar
one Cadbury's wrapper
Haribo~ Calpol~ tissues
assorted Disney plasters
treasured stones~ special shells
sand and bits of twig
money to buy ice creams
photos of my kids
Poetic T Apr 2017
When the sun slumbered beyond the falling
horizon, a deranged mentor of those it wondered
over below. False expressions were given in tribute
to that which watched with acidic smiles of their  
persecution beneath its gaze.

In its fading they were collected in truest outline.
Negatives of perceived imaginings, pigmentation
descended from form like coloured petals
turning to dust. They were the abattoirs of this
now discoloured imaginings.

Sweetened voices of lullabies were replaced by
disorientated shrills, that reverberated within
the halls, they lumbered in there contorted abodes.
Nesting into corners of despair that blossomed on
them with hues of isolation.

Feasting on warm carcasses, weeping with
trepidation at this momentary freedom they felt.
There home of tattered souls that were cleaved
from prey, no peace in death. They hang at
the windows clinging to lost hope.

Time was a nine tailed mistress that whipped them
into the binding once more. For the arising was upon
them, they were lacerated within colour once more.
All that was flaked away and became as it was.
Smiles on there faces paying tribute to that above.
Met this easy chick that don't **** ****, she a no brainer
I said **** my duck and she said "What could be lamer?!"
Defamed, I went home cried and smoked some ******
Watch teletubbies in my ****** like my last name was schiefer

I went to bed and heard a scream
like R.Kelly I peed my sheets
Turns out the ****** was laced some sort of hallucinogen
I'm worried that in my bloods a carcinogen
decided not to worry cause whats the point
We all die so chill and roll a joint
I'm hitting my stride here ja feel?
Julie Grenness Oct 2016
(Sing along to tune of 'Strangers in the Night!"
Tummies in the night, is this a romance,
Tummies in the night, what does enhance,
All our fat sharing love, would the air be blue?
Fatness in our thighs, was so enticing,
Fat double chins, were so exciting,
Fat around your  guts, told me I must love you,
     Tummies in the night,
Teletubbies ,we looked such a fright,
Two naked tubbies, we  were  tummies in the night,
up to the moment, when we ate our first jello,
Did our fatness grow,
Fat was just a dance away, a fat embracing lard away,
and ever since that night, we've been fat together,
Tummies at first sight, in fat forever,
It turned out so fat, for tummies in the night!!!!
Feedback welcome, I'm for the fat!!!
Megan Grace Jun 2017
paint fingers,
jelly mouths,
katie's teletubbies
bike helmet.
mom said
now don't go too far
and the park was just
far enough to not be
able to see the house
but close enough to
smell dinner being made
and hear dad mowing
the front yard. no
skinned knees this day
just riding our bikes
through the grass,
down the big hill
that made us scream
until the bottom. wind
blowing through katie's
hair, too long then from
her refusal to have it
trimmed even one inch,
and capri sun's under
the weeping willow tree.
before the sun went all
the way to her bed, we
made flower crowns
from the dandelions,
picked an extra handful
for the dining table,
waved to donna as we
flew down the sidewalk,
ran hand in hand to the door
before dad had to call our
names one more time.
"want to meet up soon for lunch?"
Noname Jun 2013
If you were mine
I'd cook you eggs and bacon
To wake you up in the right way
If you were mine
I'd sing for you
Only to make you laugh
Because you know I can't sing
But you'd love it anyways
If you were mine
I'd make sure you were happy
With me
Always satisfied
If you were mine
I'd lay with you
We'd talk about our dreams
We'd laugh
If you were mine
I'd drie your tears
When you cry
And we'd watch
To make you feel better
If you were mine
I'd bring you
Icy beers
To sooth your body
after a hard days work
If you were mine
I wouldn't let anyone hurt you
Or else I'd be hurt
If you were mine
I'd be yours
If you were mine
I'd love you
Jenna Leanne May 2014
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
one glass of Ovaltine- oops,  I had three
can we fix it? yes we can!
a plethora of beanie babies always at hand

no play-doh or silly putty on the couch
remember the smell of York patties when you opened the pouch?
Teletubbies is on, I hear the nu-nu
my beloved game boy and Gremlins; Gizmo's my booboo

come along and see what's new
it's me, you, and Zooboomafu
remember when Emily wished on a dragon scale?
that's what started the Dragon Tales

I'd drop anything to catch the Rugrats show
Tommy, Dil, Angelica, Chuckie was kinda slow
Cinnamon Toast Crunch in my bowl
Soccer Boppers and those little ugly trolls

Jell-O pudding and Dragon Ball Z
I knew the Fresh Prince song when I was only three
I still watch SpongeBob and now I'm in high school
just because you keep it real doesn't make that you're uncool.
Gone are the days of all play and no work
When life was never bore
The day went watching teletubbies
Without any worry of studies
Early to sleep and late to rise
Kept me shining and bright
My favorite was Superman
Like him I wish I could ran
I can never forget dearest Mickey
The one show I loved to see
But Pokémon was the best of the best
And the coolest of the rest
No matter where I gazed
I would always be praised
So many games to play
All those kept me happy and gay
I remembered my favorite past time
The game where I spend most of my time
The pencils were my army
And the pens, my enemy
The battle would go on
Till all the pens were gone
Those days were so fun
When everything was easily done
Though those times have begun to cease
They will forever remain in my memories..........
Gaffer Oct 2017
First, you need to mix the potion.
You must read the instructions very carefully
You don’t want to be summoning up any old witch.
So make sure it’s the October manual.
Especially as we know what happened last year.
How you got October mixed up with November is nobody's business.
But my god, when I saw the fire brigade heading to the Houses of Parliament, I just thought to myself, what has the idiot done this time.
Now I know what you’re going to say.
What about that little corporal guy you summoned up.
Okay, I take that on board, he looked harmless enough, little pencil moustache set him apart from the usual riff raff.
How the hell was I to know he wanted to rule the world.
Just goes to show you.
Nearly lost my brewing license over that.
Then you went for, in your own words, that guy who makes people laugh.
Atila for fun.
Are you dyslexic or what.
The grief that caused
Another warning handed out.
So let's have a look at the ***** ups over the years, see if we can rectify them this year.
This is what you’ve summoned up so far.

The Cheeky girls

The Teletubbies.
That guy who said, I didn’t have *** with that woman, that week.
European Union
Hp  Poets

You can see how the coven is not over the moon with this lot.
So, before you summon up anyone this year, I’m going to be looking over your shoulder, make sure you get it right.
Right, the mixture is brewing up fine, looking good.
Okay, begin the summoning up.
Oh great spirit in the brew, sum us up something new.
Okay looking good, coming through now.
A big dumb guy wearing a wig.
Right, I like it, do you have a name for him.
Trumpy  you think.
Looks more like a Donald to me.
But the main thing is.
He looks harmless enough...
100PaigesShort Apr 2015
At the end of the countdown,
I may or may not have taken off.

I was not the kid that played fetch with her dog.
You never saw the point in it.
I watched you in your reflection,
as you turned to me,
when I entered your view.

Watched your neck snap,
back and forth,
when you saw the TeleTubbies on TV,
chewing on your ripped red teletoy.

You trained us,
herded us covertly.
Demanded permission
to jump on the couch.

Toilet paper shreds littered the hallways.
I liked surprise feet fuzziness,
because they were yours.

Nobody liked you at first.
But when they came around,
which they always did,
they loved you harder than anything.

A soft secret,
you were perfect to me,
when you wanted to be.

I missed you so much.

We have new babies now.
We see you in them every day.

So why can't I remember you?

I still cry at times,
because I had never seen death be so horrible to something so good.

I still cry when I think of you,
not because I miss you,
but because I can't remember what you felt like anymore.
Ryan Truong Feb 2018
Thy hero is kinda sleepy
While the beast feasting upon his city
The people's pressure, however, forces the hero to his duty.

The hero, tiredly, puts on his blue jacket
And grabs his mighty plastic sword
Facing the beast, slightly bored

"Shucks", says the sleepy hero
"I forgot to put the toilet seat down"

As he walks to the bathroom, sleepy hero then says,
"Yo, I could go for a snickers right about now"
As the beast makes havoc among the kitchen.

The beast then questions the hero,
"Can I watch some Teletubbies Pa?"

The hero nods valiantly accompanied with a thumbs up sign.
Sav Dec 2019
You can feel it in your throat.

Your Chest.

The feeling of wanting to scream,

but you can't

so you cry.

But I don't want to cry


I am strong.

I dream of the animal parade.

The one from the Teletubbies.

I dream of simple times.

When I would burn oil over a candle and it would smell like summer rain.

And it would smell like the first girl I loved.

— The End —