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Isla Oct 2018
the bell jingles as she steps into the holiday stationstore
on the corner of two discarded streets, signs too battered to read
there was free hot chocolate on tuesdays
it was always a little too sweet
the cream-colored tile is stained by thousands of half-cleaned messes
the faint squeak of the roller grill complimenting
cheesy pop music
bright packages scream brand names she never buys
she picks a cup, the smallest size
and fills it
ignoring the drips of pumpkin spice on the counter,
left by a hurried predecessor
she adds cream
she doesn't think about the calories
she doesn't think about what her friends are up to
she doesn't think about how much she hates hearing this **** song
she thinks about grabbing a snickers for the road
shredded black combat boots thump to the register
she sets her snickers bar on the counter
paying the cashier (jeremy) with a crumpled dollar bill
his gray eyes brim with something like pity, like they do every week
she pretends not to see
he says something
she pretends not to hear
he says something else
she walks out
icy rain makes her pull her hood tighter
she sips the cocoa
it always was a little too sweet
yes, there is free cocoa at the holiday stationstore, if anyone was wondering
Ryan Truong Feb 2018
Thy hero is kinda sleepy
While the beast feasting upon his city
The people's pressure, however, forces the hero to his duty.

The hero, tiredly, puts on his blue jacket
And grabs his mighty plastic sword
Facing the beast, slightly bored

"Shucks", says the sleepy hero
"I forgot to put the toilet seat down"

As he walks to the bathroom, sleepy hero then says,
"Yo, I could go for a snickers right about now"
As the beast makes havoc among the kitchen.

The beast then questions the hero,
"Can I watch some Teletubbies Pa?"

The hero nods valiantly accompanied with a thumbs up sign.
Arcassin B May 2014

By Arcassin Burnham

im lookin,
im lookin,
im lookin,
kinda pale,
down in green hell,
sipping on the blue,
while my hair is red,
baby how will i prevail,
too many flaws,
could drive a woman insane,
too many flaws could make,
you fill out your blames,
fill them out while you can,
the lord knows i love you,
anything she can withstand,
i'm not completely over you,
in the beginning it was just you,
in the beginning it was just you,


By Arcassin Burnham

usually i would say im in the clouds,
Baby im looking down,
crawling up,
she the only one i gotta depend on,
but i gotta be theral,
i really hope im not stalling you,
no strings attached,
baby you don met your match,
wishing that i would be calling you,
you couldnt cut it,
if i was pork,
thumbing through it like a fork,
embrace what your not even seeing,
invisible in your emotions.

— The End —