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Noname Sep 4
Do I feel too much?
Am I too much?
Should I keep it all to myself?
Am I wrong?
What am I doing wrong?
I just wish that I knew how to be perfect
For everyone
I wish I could be perfect for myself
Noname Apr 27
I’m truly not used to this
The feeling of acceptance
I don’t think I’ve shown you
How much I appreciate you
Right now things are tough
Right now I’m super high or super low
And I know your confused
I’m just ready for the sun babe
I just wanna drive to the lake
Sit in the sand
Watch the kids play in the water
And just be there
I just love you
I want to show you
But I’m probably
I know you know
But the magnitude?
Like I said overwhelming
I see us floating
Rays of sun reflecting off the water
The babies happy
Us happy
I’m happy I’m sorry.
Noname Apr 27
I can’t quite explain it
One moment move I’ve gotten it all figured out
The next I can’t leave my bed
I’m just laying there
Hoping someone understands
How much I need them to pull me out
Sometimes I can’t always do it myself
Noname Aug 2020
Things take time now
And I'm patient
Its hard to mistake
When all it really was
Was drama
All new skills I'm obtaining
I wanna run through it all
But I remember this
And I think I'll savor it this time
Make it worth while
Appreciate it
Water it
Watch it grow
Noname Jul 2020
Im tired all the ******* time
And i ain't even took a jog
To be quite honest I don't quite know what a jog is
Sounds like a word people use to describe a light hearted enjoyable run
And that sounds terrible
No I'm tired because
I think too ******* much
I don't even have to pick up a single finger
To completely exhaust myself
I wish i could replace my awful thoughts
With a treadmill
Or a ****.
Much better reasons to be exhausted
If you ask me.
Noname Jun 2020
Im a ******* mess
I can wipe myself down for a day
But tomorrow I'll be dirtier than the last
I cant help myself
Prone to disaster
Without the after clean up
Things keep piling
Im just not fast enough
Noname Jun 2020
One day it'll be 10:30 pm
I'll be laying on the couch naked
Its a summer night
A thought will dawn on me
I think I may be lonely  
But then I realize
This is powerful
I feel content and whole
I feel free
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