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Can I live in your fairytale?  
Mines broken
A romantic comedy
And I'm the joke
Will we become objects
Like they've always wanted?
Is it sad that I'd rather write than speak?
When garbage falls out of our mouths
We speak only what we want to hear
Nothing real
Nothing truthful
Are we ever really honest?
Or will we always just be afraid?
Full heart
Baby laying next to me
Husband on the floor
Bed to small
But still I want more
Being a state of mind
Much harder said than done
But I'm gonna give it to them
It's hard being unhappy with these ones
And we were all best friends lost
but together
Now we're grown
Still lost
But alone
Erin Bilstein Apr 27
It's beautiful to see
Such differences
In the lines we write
Each gorgeously courageous
Unique and strange
We find pleasure in each other's thoughts
Inspire the next
And empower
Erin Bilstein Apr 27
It's hot
And I mean hot
Our cheeks are Rosey
Our naps are long
We wake up to the sun just barely set
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