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20.1k · Nov 2014
[22w] It's Them (p8)
Creep Nov 2014
It's the boys with the sweetest words, the cheesiest pickup lines, and the cutest shows of affection who will win me over.
haha im a sucker for pickup lines, little things like a good morning, and sweetheart gentlemen :) *blush*
comment below on any pickup line you know :) or repost this and write a pick up line :) lets see how creative these get ;) add the tag #pickuplines if you do write one as a post
Creep Dec 2014
I'm a photographer, and I can't picture you and I together.

If I were a stop light, I'd turn green everytime you passed by, just so I don't have to see you any longer.

I thought happiness started with an HAPPI. Why does mine start with NOT U?

Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I run and hide.

Do you have a map? I need to figure out a way to get the hell away from you.

Do you live in a corn field, cause I'm just gonna harvest you and sell you to someone else.

Are you a parking ticket? 'Cause you've got Violation written all over you.

You look cold. Good. Freeze to death.

Can I have directions? [To where?] To get the hell away from you.

I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated enough to tolerate talking to you.

I was so disgusted by your face that I ran into that wall over there. But thank god I don't have insurance, so don't bother telling me your name and number.

Is there an airport nearby, cause I'm gotta get on the next flight to Antarctica and get the hell away from you.

You look so familiar… didn't we take a class together? I could've sworn we had physical education, where I was educated how to physically hurt you.

If you are a steak, I'd say you are too meaty.

Can I have a picture of you? So I can show Santa what I don't want for Christmas.

There must be something wrong with my eyes, they've started bleeding at the sight of you.
somebody told me
by the killers
16.2k · Dec 2014
Pickup Lines
Creep Dec 2014
I'm a photographer, and I can totally picture you and I together.

If I were a stop light, I'd turn red everytime you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.

I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?

Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.

Do you have a map? I'm getting lost in your eyes.

Do you live in a corn field, cause I'm stalking you. (so creepy lol)

Are you a parking ticket? 'Cause you've got fine written all over you.

You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?

Can I have directions? [To where?] To your heart.

I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated by YOU.

I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. So I'm going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.

Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?

You look so familiar… didn't we take a class together? I could've sworn we had chemistry.

If you are a steak, I'd say you are well done.

Can I have a picture of you? So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.

There must be something wrong with my eyes. I can’t seem to take them off of you.
>~< I love pick up lines lol

love like woe
by the ready set
12.4k · Dec 2014
Creep Dec 2014
You asked me to put on some makeup.
Well, dear.

I would need too much makeup,
to cover my scowls,
and this ugly thing I call
a face.

There would never be enough makeup
to cover up my scarred heart
and attempt to make it look whole and pretty.

There would never be enough makeup
to cover my sarcastic and strange humor,
make myself sound smart, pretty, cute.

There would never be enough makeup
to cover my soul,
make it seem pure,
innocent - the way you want me to be...

I've been exposed for too long,
too many burns, and scars race across me,
too noticeable, too many
for me to ever use makeup.

Makeup will never make me look pretty.
It will disfigure all that I have,
take away the stories that are etched onto me,
it will cover what defines
by coldplay
8.1k · Sep 2014
Creep Sep 2014
You told me you had changed,
You would treat me so much
Better than before
With your **** attitude
And your **** "love."

And when I called you a liar,
You didn't deny anything.
Dedicated to a certain someone *cough cough mutters* matt...
Creep Nov 2014
"You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and *****,
Comet and cupid and Donner and Blitzen,
But do you recall?
The most famous reindeer of all?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Has a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it glows.
All of the other reindeers
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in any reindeer games

Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Santa came to say,
Rudolph with your nose so bright,
Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

Then all the reindeers loved him,
And they all shouted out with glee,
Rudolph the red-nose Reindeer
You'll go down in history!

Why is it that just because he
was asked for help by a celebrity (Santa)
and became associated with this celebrity,
all the other reindeer all of a sudden love him?

Doesn't that mean that the reindeers only love him
because he is now a celebrity
and not him as a reindeer?
humph :(
idk kinda noticed it...
lyrics r from metro lyrics...
5.6k · Jan 2015
Creep Jan 2015
I guess it's true.
Drugs always have a price.

The ******* took my sense of smell and voice,
The ***** my sense of sight, judgement, and reality,
The marijuana got rid of my beauty.

But you, you took away
My soul,
My heart,
My mind,
My heart.

You are the most expensive drug of them all.
I gave you all this and it still wasn't enough,
Loans were made, never returned,
And here I am.
An empty carcass addicted to you.
By 2ne1
Creep Dec 2014
She's adorable. With her golden eyes and that cute laugh... If only she loved me back... If she'll come, maybe.
"Holy Rome!! ^^"
She came!
"Holy Rome, what did you invite to this flower field for?"
"I just wanted to... enjoy the beautiful sight with you... build our alliance..."
"That sounds wonderful!" She picked flowers and sat down next to me.
"I picked you some flowers! Aren't they nice?"
"Yeah... They are pretty. Thank you."
She smiled in excitement and ran around the field. After a while, she got tired and sat down.
"Holy Rome! Look! The sunset!" She pointed at the sky.
The sky was orange and pink and we watched as it quickly set under the horizon.
After the sunset, Italy went home and left me all alone on the flower field, her flowers still in my hands. Another opportunity missed. To tell her I love her. To share my thoughts and feelings for her. For that romantic kiss during the sunset I was planning. Maybe next week.
I trudged home quickly and quietly, I just missed my moment to tell HRE how much I really love him... when i skipped through the vibrant field he brought me to, all i could think about was how he brought me here anyhow he was watching me the whole time... i could feel the red blood rushing to my cheeks, even now on the porch of austria as i sweep, just from thinking about HRE...

I sigh and continue to sweep, back and forth, back and forth, scampering all around the house, in a hazy daydream of HRE and me... oh how i love his tender smile... and the way he takes power and shows strength to all the other countries... I'm glad he and i are making an alliance... it gives me another excuse to see him :)

suddenly, i hear a crash.

"hey... italy..." a drunken austria walks into the room and staggers over to me. i look at him, frightened, as he leans down onto me, leaning on my shoulder and his mouth by my ear... he whispers "i love you italy..." he laughs a haggard laugh at my shocked face, his drunken alcoholic stench engulfing my nose with its smell and staggers back out the door where he came from.
I am left standing there with my broom to support me as i stare at the door, still so surprised, my mind whirring with so many thoughts....

Today I saw her again.
I volunteered to help her with her chores.
(at first I typed chairs ^^")
"Italy, um... do you need help... today?"
"Not right now Holy Rome, but maybe later."
**** IT. I lost my chance again.
"Are you sure?"
"Now that you mention it, where do you keep the vacuum?"
"Oh, follow me."
I showed her the way to the closet and gave her the vacuum. "Here, this is what you wanted, right?"
"Yes thank you."

I watch her vacuum as I stand to the side out of the way. The way she sings while working, the silent vacuum makes it much easier to hear her. Her occasional smile at me makes me blush every time. The way she stops and pants, it's just... adorable.

"Holy Rome?"
I snapped out of my thoughts. "Huh?"
"Can you help me put this away?"
"Oh, sure."
"Okay! Thank you!"

She surprisingly has manners. If only she could teach some people those manners, because then this life would be a whole lot easier! But, after I helped her put the vacuum away, she turned around and KISSED me! She kissed me, **** it! She told me she was leaving soon to another country.
"But, you can't!" I said. I was so upset I couldn't handle it.
"I'm sorry... I have no choice." She looked as if she was about to cry.
"Hey, Italy. Even if we don't see each other again, just remember that I love you..."
"Okay, I will."
I gathered my items into a suitcase and left that day.
I miss him already... i left him with that confused and tearful face of his... oh how sad... i didn't tell him i love you... how could i forget? DX but i gave him the kiss... maybe he'll understand my true feelings for him....

with these jumbled thoughts, i leave for vienna... where i shall stay with austria, he has offered me work in his summerhouse, in exchange i get to stay in his house to sleep... hopefully i can become stronger in a new country, and be like HRE.. i sigh and shake away my dreamy, starry eyes.


After the trip, i finally arrive to austria's house. he greets me at the front door, with what i think was an attempt at a **** smile? I'm not sure what he has in mind, after the stun he pulled the other day when he was drunk. i push the thought away and focus on preparing the lavish dinner he has put me up to, with glazed duck confit, salads, soups, everything.

i set up the table and serve all the food in the main dining room table. he sits on one end and on the other end of the long table, theres an empty chair. he simply says, "Go get changed into something presentable, then come down here and join me for dinner."
I look at him in shock, quickly recover, and run up to my room to follow his orders.

I went home, seriously depressed and beaten. Why? She's so sweet and nice that it's just too sad to think about. Oh, Italy...

Wait, she said something about going to Austria's... that must mean forever! I was pretty sure that maybe she could come back one day. But I guess not now that I know exactly where she's going... she might not come back. I won't ever see her again. Our "goodbye" wasn't even long enough for a goodbye that meaningful... I wish I could say goodbye at least one more time.

I walk into my home and sit on the couch. I'm too depressed to do anything. I don't want to eat, I don't want to walk, I don't want to breathe but I have to...
I rush down to the dining room, with the finest tux that i own and sit down in the chair across from Austria. He looks at me with a new look i havent seen before... im not sure what it is but it seems... familiar.. in the creepiest way. i shyly look up at him as i tuck the tissue into my shirt. he watches me even more closely this time and i look away.

"why dont you have some pasta, italy?"

i greedily take some pasta, pour the heavenly marinara over the perfectly cooked noodles. it is divine, and i slurp up the noodles with a fervor so unmannered, i blush at my rudeness, but im too hungry to stop.

i can still feel his stare.

is it what i think it is...?
lust? 0~0

Now you have to eat, Holy Rome!
But I don't want to.
You have to!
I don't want to!!!!!!!
Fine. Just watch the plate of perfectly made pasta you made yourself right in front of you go to waste, then!

I sigh as I catch myself fighting with myself. "Had to be pasta, didn't it? HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE! YOU ARE SUCH A BAKA!" I yell at myself. I suddenly start remembering all the fun we had together. At the Neko Festival, where we dressed as cats and danced together. In the flower field a few days before.

I started humming "Draw A Circle" to cheer myself up. But then it just makes me remember when Italy and I made a duet of our own...

( )

After I think about how much fun we've had together in the past, I think about her twin brother, Southern Italy. I've never met him before, but from what I hear from Austria, he sounds like a ****. I'm kind of glad that Italy doesn't have some of her childhood with him.

Wait a minute.

If Southern Italy is ruled by Austria and Italy is too...

I have to save her!

I have to force myself to stand.


I finally stand up and quickly run out the door. Italy! I have to save her! Please let her be safe! Safe from Southern Italy! PLEASE!
I blush and look down at my food. it can't be...

"how r u liking ur food, italy?" he asked with a weird smile and a strange tone to his voice...
i tentatively replied, "pasta is always good. um.... may i be excused? i have some work to get done?" he stared at me with a bit of disappointed, replying quietly, "whatever you need to do, my dear." i quickly left, all the while feeling his strong stare on my back. i shudder and hurry up the stairs and slam the door quickly, locking it as well.

well that was creepy. i wish HRE was here, he'd protect me and id be able to confide in him on what i think austria is up to.

I settle down on to my bed after i brush my teeth and change.
mmmm.... so soft.....

right before i settle off to sleep, i hear a sudden noise, a crash. i rush outside my room and quickly head to austrias room to see if he is ok.

"... mmmm oh italy is so cute.... i just want to kiss him sometimes.... and his cooking... simply marvelous..." muffled noises are heard from the room. i back up hesitantly, unsure what to do as i can see a faint outline of him holding a picture... of me. i back away slowly, completely freaked out. i try to escape his notice as quietly as possible.

too late.

"italy? is that you i hear, my dear?"
I stop, unsure what to do. austria comes out the room, still clutching the picture of me and wraps his arms around me. I stand stiff, incapable of moving.
"you look so **** in those pajamas of yours..." he whispers eerily into my ear. i turn red, and try to get out of his grasp,but he is too strong... he pulls me closer towards him and begins to kiss my neck...i gasp and squirm trying to get him too stop, but he just pushes me against the wall and pins me there. he starts tugging at my shirt and I struggle to break free.

suddenly a loud bang explodes through the hallway.
austria doesnt stop, he starts to take my shirt of, bit by bit, trailing a line of kisses and moans down to my now bare chest.

he whispers... "i see southern italy has arrived to help me..." he looks up, and gives me over to southern italy.
No! why?
I close my eyes shut, too scared too look.

Suddenly, another bang.
"who's this?" austria asks southern italy as southern italy continues to caress my pale, heaving chest, him moaning every so often.

"ITALY!" HRE yells as he comes to the rescue.

I open my eyes to see him charge at Austria.

I headbutted him. I kicked him. I scratched him. I did as much as I could to get him off of Italy. I pulled him away finally. Why the hell is Southern Italy here too?
"Southern Italy?!"
"What is it you *******?"
"Why are you here?"
"Because I feel like it!"
(All of this was happening as Austria is passed out on the floor!!!!)
Italy was standing there, her shirt off- WHAT?! I blocked my eyes so I could help put her shirt on without seeing anything.
"Why are you being so cautious?" Southern Italy asked/
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"You don't have to block your eyes..." Italy said. "Austria told me what was happening..."
Southern Italy sighed and said, "You idiotic *******! Italy is a guy!"
I froze. What? How? I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe. I looked at Italy with he- um... HIS shirt off, it's true... She's a boy.
I started to cry without warning and ran away. I couldn't bare it. I kissed him, I hugged him, I LOVED him! A guy! It's official...
:D hope you enjoy ^^ its a hetalia axis powers fan fiction with Ashley Mae Renton. she's awesome, check her out :D
thanks so much for keeping up with my craziness, Ashley ;) ^^
(italics is ashley, I'm bold)
4.4k · Jan 2015
Happy Birthday, Maha Salma!
Creep Jan 2015
Has anyone heard about her?
This magnificent girl,
my fangirl parter,
the other half to the
photography duo?
If so, please contact me.
Todays her birthday,
and yes I'm a few hours late,
but I'd like to say a very
Happy Birthday
to my dear friend.
She has helped me through tough times,
and has been through a lot herself,
but she's a survivor.
She's MIA,
and I need my friend back...
Well, I hope she is doing well,
she's finally becoming a teenager
(but totally not a normal stereotypical one, who needs  normal anyways?)
and I'm so proud. -tear-
She's come a long way and I've had the privilege of knowing her personally.

Hope you're okay and that you see this,
Tata for now ;)

by katy perry
Want that old thing back
by the Notorious B.I.G feat
4.2k · Jan 2015
Creep Jan 2015
I think I'm just a little bit
To playing the superhero.

But everyone breaks,
Even superheroes,
So I wonder,
Who will be mine?
By the script
Creep Jan 2015
Give someone a compliment today, post it, say it to someone in real life, but compliment someone today! :) if you do post one, tag it as ##complimentday.

Compliments to Ryn, you're concrete poems are amazing! Honestly, they are so well structured, and the poem itself is beautiful alongside the splendid shape that goes along with it. ^^
oh and its also national beer can day and also peanut butter day, but compliments r good, no? :3 PEANT BUTTER!! :D

by kenny loggins
3.9k · Jan 2015
Just Jean's Challenge
Creep Jan 2015
I fangirl (too much) over
-cute guys (my god them hormones though >~<) (and mainly kiyuki cx)
-awesome anime/manga
-kawaii fluff
-most stuff XD
idk, wanted to post something, not in the mood, wanted to do just jean's straight forward challenge.

material girl
by madonna
3.7k · Dec 2014
Happy Challenge
Creep Dec 2014
-friends that care
-kawaii shtuff
-hella sweet and cute ppl ;)
-talking to my crush
-learning something useful that i like
-reading (especially cheesy romantic comedies)
-most sports
-talking nerdy
-nerd/geek debates
-youtube videos
-playing guitar
-playing video games

by pharell williams

3.3k · Feb 2015
Colored ravens
Creep Feb 2015
They are fighting again.
Two lovebirds stuck in a cage,
Pretending to be lovebirds,
But are really ravens painted lovely colors.
They put on a show when their owners watch,
Chirping happily,
Flittingly loving.
But turn your back for one second,
And they will screech, quarrel,
Claw each others throats out.
And they think we don't know.
Parents are fighting again. I'm nervous and anxious.

Dead bite
By hollywood undead
3.2k · Dec 2014
Screw Up
Creep Dec 2014
Remember when I told you
that I ***** up everything around me?
Well, that's why I can't have nice things.
You'd think I'd be used to it by now.
Well I'm not,
it hurts as much as the first time,
sometimes even more.
stolen dance
by milky chance
3.0k · Nov 2014
Creep Nov 2014
have you noticed me yet?
anyways here's a challenge for you guys cause i cant seem to write this week:
write a poem about your very own senpai (real or fake) and how you try to get hm/her to notice you and tag it as #noticemesenpai
:D ive written so much about my own lol i dont need to write anymore....
(inspired by dani chase's poem, Senpai >//////<)
and if you don't know what a senpai is:
"It originates from anime and manga. It's someone older than you. Someone you look up to. If they give the slightest attention to you, you sort of explode. They are just really admired by you and if you are a senpai, bask in it!"
cause urban dictionary is legit cx^
2.9k · Nov 2014
Synonyms (for you)
Creep Nov 2014
Someone undeserving of my devotion,
ugly and beautiful,
whispers that scratch up all my dreams,
crazy glue,
a strutting rooster, cocking its vibrant scarlet head back and forth,
a wolf crooning into the night, only to eat me a minute later,
an ornately decorated box, containing a demon of possession,
a precious ******* up vinyl record,
an expensive bugatti that everyone wants but no one can get,
a snake, venomous, but protective of her eggs, really just scared,
a lamppost that's tired of it's job.
idk... might add more.. feedback?
if anyone wants to attempt to do something similar, to write out a list of synonyms to a significant person in their lives, ur welcome to do it, just comment below if you do cause i wanna check out how much better u did than me! :D
2.8k · Dec 2014
To Andy
Creep Dec 2014

I don't care if you hate yourself
And hate everything around you.
Im going to be a selfish blunt ***** and tell you that I need you. We need you.

If you leave me,
Who will remind me to punish the holy and free the sinned
All while being awesome?
You will just leave me with heartache
And too many tears...
The grief will drown me,
And I will struggle for a breath that isn't there.
I might even join you.

There's still so much left for you to experience,
Like the way the sun might dance across your skin as you lay lackadaisically on the beach,
Or how you might smile and maybe shy away as I go paparazzi mode on you,
And the way the skyscrapers will tower over you, blocking the sun,
A vampire's natural habitat.
I need you to try
Theres so much left you need to do...
Like meet at starbucks somewhere in manhattan and write poetry together ;)

I want to be your tour guide.  
I need you,
If you leave, I'll never forgive you or myself.
I won't be able to go on,
And there would be no point for me to stay.
Stay strong, im always here... Youll get through it... Ill bully/blackmail  the person in charge to make sure you do cx ^^
Youve been so strong for all of us, always thinking about others and caring... Now its our turn to show you how much you really mean to us! U always talk about others, think about others and care. And thats amazing in itself... Stay and we will show you how much u mean to us and our immense gratitude for your kindred spirit.


Snap out of it
By arctic monkeys
2.7k · Dec 2014
Creep Dec 2014
My heart drums like the beat of an EDM song at a nightclub.
Everytime we touch
Originally by cascada, but the nightcore one is better in my opinion.
2.6k · Oct 2014
Creep Oct 2014
I want to enjoy life to the fullest,
eating my heart out,
enjoying these heavenly cookies
without a care.
But as I eat, guiltily,
the weight down below gets heavier and heavier,
and thoughts of judgment
and looks, they begin to come back with a vengeance.
I'm enjoying life right now,
but I will pay the price later.
idk. eating cookies rn and feeling so guilty cause I'm fat as it is and i srsly need to work out more... but they are soooooo good omfg.. >_< predicament of my life... love to eat but can't eat anything in fear of judgment of newly gained weight...
2.6k · Oct 2014
Creep Oct 2014
Don't mess with hard-core otakus.
lol so this guy in tech class today was being all racist about anime and my friends(whom are all otakus) and i got really ******... so my friend slapped him and well it was just so funny. basically, we might be weak and crazy, but we will always stand up for what we love: anime/manga.
repost, like, comment if you watch or read anime or manga, or if you can relate, or if you r an otaku.
message me on anime and manga!
2.6k · Nov 2014
[11w] Otaku Love
Creep Nov 2014
I'm missing out on my anime
just to talk to you.
>~< this is not good...
Creep Dec 2014
"Get over here, brat!" Levi hollered at me from across the room, with that permanent scowl and annoyed voice. I prance over to the table he stood over and studied the map he had laid out in front of him.

"What do you think of this?" he asked me. I continued staring at the map. it showed titans coming in, now closer to the walls than they ever had been before; the titans were getting braver.

"We have to scare them away. Look! I made this new potion that when thrown on a titan's face, will explode and make a fog over the titan's face, confusing the titan and making it easier for the scouts to **** the titan. Let's try it out when we go scare the titans away!" I exclaimed with fervor and grinned excitedly.

"Problem, four-eyes. Everyone is either dead or has left for vacation." Levi stared at me, matter of factly.

"Well, we'll get them all together! It's time to kick some titan-***!"

Levi snickered at me. But he always does that anyway.
What was I thinking attacking with only the two of us. I'm always prepared to die, but not today. Today will be different.

"Four-eyes, there's only twenty of them. We can do this with your new potion stuff. Your brain's inane like them. You probably knew them the best. I believe in you brat." Levi gave me that uplift despite the sarcasm.

We planned out our pattern strategically. Usually it'll be easy with eight men. But I need to uphold his trust. His beliefs.

The first explosion went perfectly, grazed the titan's face but his nose exploded. And we killed him in a second. We managed to skewer more than we expected. Explosions within seconds, titan growled in agony as they fell to their demise. Suddenly something flew up in the air.

"Run hanji!!! This ******* can fly!!!"

I lurch away just in time as the titan snapped his jaw right where I was at. I maneuver around, trying to get away, killing titans left and right. It still trails behind me and I run.

"Levi! What do I do?!?!" I holler to him.

"Figure it out, four eyes! I'm busy!" Levi hollers back as he kills a titan. I glance back at the flying titan, trying to think of a way to outmaneuver it. Hmm 15m class, wing span of maybe 20m, two capable legs and two arms, vulnerable neck, but wings help it fly... can we use its flying ability against it?

I throw a potion at the things head and maneuver my way into a building window. It follows me, right where I want it to, and the potion explodes in its face, so it blindly reaches forward. I maneuver out a nearby window and slice its throat as it stays face first into the side of the building, confused on where I went and what it's seeing. It roars, then slumps down, dead. I make a mental note to come back here and inspect this new titan later, but for now, I run towards the other titans, ready for the bloodshed to come.
first fanfic on attack on titan/shingeki no kyojin with the awesome erenn (jaeger) :D would love to write more, and thanks erenn so much for writing this with me and keeping up with my insanity :)

attack on titan
by hiroyuki sawano, mika kobayashi
2.4k · Nov 2014
Creep Nov 2014
we're just tourists to this big world we live in.
2.3k · Dec 2014
Creep Dec 2014
You're like the flu,
everyone wants you,
maybe just to skip school or work,
but really,
your gonna make us regret having you.
We'll try to get rid of you,
but you'll just threaten us,
tighten your grip.
Everyone knows who you are,
you don't care
about anyone,
you strut in here like you own the place.
You'll take control, seize our minds,
as we'll struggle under your grasp.
And when you finally go,
you'll always leave behind a trail...
(i'll) attack
by thirty seconds to mars
<3 love this song omfg
*impromptu dance party*
2.2k · Dec 2014
My Fears
Creep Dec 2014
You know what scares me most?
The way you can make me fall for you
all over again with that smile.
How you can make me
curse and cry
whenever you hug her, flirt with her when she's just gonna rip you to shreds.

I'm terrified
of losing control,
changing into something unrecognizable.

I'm scared of being alone.

I am frightened that
I'll be addicted to you,
but you're just gonna **** me slowly.
Of caring too much,
hurting myself...

I'm not afraid to be hated,
I'm used to it.
Too all the terrors the world brings,
I'm just not prepared for this thing
we call
It disgusts me,
yet I wish I have it.
by My Chemical Romance

Fake It
by Seether

(my first one, I might make another one when i can finally unveil my true fears, and be brave enough to face them and figure out what they are.)
2.2k · Jan 2015
lysosomes and hearts
Creep Jan 2015
In biology today,
We learned that a lysosome
Digests old wornout organelles,
And once it becomes too full,
It will burst,
And its digestive enzymes
Will destroy the cell.

I wonder if the heart will do the same,
Take in
all the lonelys,
all the misfits,
all the hurting,
Take it all in,
Until it bursts and destroys you.
Whatcha say?
By jason derulo

Idk man, class connections? Ive been spending too much time studying. I gotta chill.
2.2k · Jan 2015
Creep Jan 2015
We're all secret drummers,
we all have drums in our chests,
we're all drummers at *heart.
get it?
no? no? well, too bad.

The Reluctant Heroes
By Hiroyuki Sawano
Creep Jan 2015
Strangers on the Internet exchanging texts
Surfing different sites every night
What were the chances we'd be sharing love
Before the night was through

Something in your questions were so inviting
Something in your emojis were so exciting
Something in my heart told me I must have you

Strangers on the internet, two lonely people
We were strangers on the internet,
Up to the moment when I sent the first message

Little did we know
Love was just a text away
A warm embracing chat away

And ever since that night we've been together
Lovers at first text, in love forever
It turned out so right for strangers on the internet

Love was just a text away
A warm embracing chat away

Ever since that night we've been together
Lovers at first text, in love forever
It turned out so right for strangers on the internet
strangers in the night
by frank sinatra

XD haha idk. love this song ^^ sorry if it doesn't work exactly to the song ^^" but repost if you get this ;)
2.1k · Dec 2014
Super Mario Bros.
Creep Dec 2014
If you're Mario...
Can I be your Peach?
super mario bros. theme song :)
2.0k · Mar 2015
~Notice: A Death~
Creep Mar 2015
Terry Pratchett died Thursday. He was a critically acclaimed British Fantasy Author, as well as an advocate for assisted suicide and Alzheimer's Disease. He himself was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2007, yet still continued to write, even after he was incapable of using a computer to write (he used a dictation machine afterwards). Before his death at the age of 66, he wrote the popular "Discworld" series consisting of four books, as well as one of my personal favorites, "The Wee Free Men." He was inspirational for me as a writer and he changed my view of writing. With his books, I found my writing style. There are no words to express my awe at his life and works, nor are there words to express my deep sadness in which I tell you that he has passed. May he rest in peace and reach a world even better than that of Discworld.

“There's always a story. It's all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything's got a story in it. Change the story, change the world.”
― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky (Discworld, #32)
Well Mr. Pratchett, you've changed the story.
One of my favorite authors... He inspired me greatly and changed my perspective on the traditional aspects of writing. Hope he's somewhere better now.
1.9k · Dec 2014
Creep Dec 2014
I need to find some mistletoe
and someone so I won't be so lonely this holiday season.
no? no? lol XD i am always alone for holidays...

by 2NE1
Creep Jan 2015
I will be there until the very end.
Everything might leave you,
All your friends,
The sight you once had,
The knowledge of how things work...
But you will always have me
Loyally by your side,
Till forever ends.

You won't have to worry
About forgetting what it feels like
To be in love,
To be loved,
Cause you still will be with me by your side.

Good luck.
I'll see you on the other side.
Idk... trying to write things out but its not working....
Just know that I love you always and I will be satisfied.

By childish gambino
1.8k · Dec 2014
Creep Dec 2014
I have an idea
maybe if I post this here,
maybe just maybe
he'll notice:

NOTICE ME SENPAI!! >///~///<

You've ignored me all this time...
but what would happen if I told you
that your more than just a random senpai to me?
Maybe you'll finally see me
as well as
see how sugoi you are,
how your totally not boring
and deserve better?

When will you finally see that you
are more than a punching bag for them,
but really a phoenix in the ashes,
waiting for the right time to arise?
idk... planned it to be short and simple but it came out more.. :P sorry it sux.. hopefully the right person (hint hint that means you mr right) will see this :) ;)

oh and a new thing, ill try to add a song or two in the notes with every post i make so you can discover new music, and hopefully listen to it while you read or just listen to it, either one works :)

first date
by blink-182

all star
by smash mouth
1.8k · Jul 2014
The Dark Side
Creep Jul 2014
It's moments like these that I remember the way it was... The heavy burdens on a poets soul protected by a shield of light...

We were like trees...
Outside we were tough
Seen as just a bunch of kids
Fooling around, having fun
All without a care in the world
But inside,
Beetles tore through our veins
Eating away at our sanity and
Our minds.
We were all crumbling apart inside.
No longer were we innocent angels of heaven.
Now we were the tortured Nephilim,
Forsaken, clawed, vicious
For blood,
For secrets,
For each other's hearts.
Just some thoughts... Dedicated to the dark side and fab five/passionate pentagon
1.7k · Aug 2014
Moons and cows
Creep Aug 2014
There once was a cow
That flew over the moon
She went up so high
And felt so free
And didn't want to go back down.
She soon fell to her demise,
A horrible tragedy it was,
And the cow was never to fly again.

Did I mention the cow is me?
1.7k · Dec 2014
PSA: You, yes you
Creep Dec 2014
you might think that everyone hates you,
but that's not true.

There will always be someone who needs you.
(and if you don't think there is anyone, there's always me.)
bonfire heart
by james blunt

<3 love you guys all ^^ I'm always here, remember that (even if i don't know you, i need you, trust me on that.)
1.6k · Dec 2014
In forever
Creep Dec 2014
Has it been forever since we talked?
Forever is such a long time for you, but for me
it's' nothing more than a couple minutes.
beat it
by michael jackson but I'm listening to the fallout boys cover
1.6k · May 2015
Buttered Popcorn
Creep May 2015
Each and every text hit me like
Little sparks of fire,
Each of them igniting
And enveloping me
In this new feeling,
Spreading warmth across my body
Like warm butter,
Seeping in and soaking.
Popcorn popping in my stomach,
Bouncing up and down,
Warm and addicting.

I smiled.

So this is what it feels like to be loved.
Feeling loved by many ♥ I love you guys! Thanks for all your support! :3 it means a lot ^^

Honey honey
By abba
Creep Dec 2014
Thank you everyone for an amazing year, to all my followers, friends, and fellow poets/poetess! You guys are all real poets to the core, and just awesome overall. You have always made my day, and gave me something to look forward to after every tiring and shtty day. So this is my thank you so very much to all you fckin sympa, incredible, and marvelous colleagues! All you're words mean a lot and have helped me everyday.

Thank You!



Do je!














Terima Kasih!


Domo, Arigató!

Kamsa hamnida!



Xie xie!










Khop Khun Krab!

Cam on!



A (shaynem) dank!

Maita Henyu!

those all mean thank you^^ sorry if they aren't exact translations. comment below for corrections ^^" but srsly, thank you, you guys. *hugs* you guys mean a lot to me :D MERRY F-ING CHRISTMAS!!
-creep ;)

we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas!
and a happy new year! ;*
Creep Nov 2014
He clenched it tightly
He'd only used it once
"You have to pull the trigger first son, and BANG BANG BANG!
You can **** anything!"
With intense intent on his mind
His verge for vengeance grew within, now it's time
To show the bullies how he feels

He glared at them with and intensity
of a malicious lion gazing at prey.
They stared at him back,
paralyzed and gaping,
surprised, scared, shivering at the sudden ominous
cloud around this figure that once shook with
the demons that clawed at his being every minute of the day.

Teachers deigned to his prowess
Consoling him not to shoot
He glanced at that kid who kicked him, sneered at how stupid he is.
He screamed with angst, blood streaming though his fingers.
Trickled to pull the trigger, this is now or never.

a whimper. He glances away quickly to see
his little sister's eyes swim with murky waters.
He looks away.
Then, shoots.
He smiles,
watches the chaos erupt the way his mind does every night,
stares at the crimson velvet beginning to crawl out of the bodies as the ragdolls crowed with terror of the dead,
ghastly large eyes , desperately hollow,
wanting only the warmth escaping.

He feels alive, for the first time he's the fire to ignite the dark
Burning everything within his grasp,
Dictating any norm in his way.
The silence preaching him, Feeling remorse of that obscure stance.
He ruptured every enmity that denotes innocence. Screaming, "WHY DO I STILL FEEL SO ******* EMPTY!!??"
italicized is me, and bold is the brilliant erenn.
im so honored to be able to collaborate with him on this poem :)
thanx erenn!
1.4k · Feb 2015
Creep Feb 2015
Can I be your tombstone?
Please let me announce to the world
How wonderful you were
Tell everyone about you,

And to stay by your side always.
Eh idk tbh
Hope this is not too depressing? No? Sorry if it is ^^" its not suppose to be...

Snap out of it
By arctic monkeys
1.4k · Feb 2015
Creep Feb 2015
But it's the favoritism that kills.
When your loved one is hurt,
what's most important?
That he learns to stand up for himself,
Or that he is avenged and is treated fairly?
Uh so learned today that my brothers teacher kinda hates him (americas education system ***** tbh)and avoids him always, and he's hurt... idk if I should go and beat that ***** to pulp, or if I should let him deal with it himself and grow stronger as a result of it...
He needs to toughen up. To be exposed to the harsh winds of reality and still be able to stand strong.

Snap out of it
By arctic monkeys
1.4k · Jan 2015
Little things make you, you.
Creep Jan 2015
You're shy,
It's a fact.
But all that shyness comes tumbling down
In the face of a just cause.
You're not afraid to stand for what's right.

You're a badass, like Grey Fullbuster but in real life of course.
Loving that adrenaline rush,
The way I love it when you send me the sweetest messages.
You're so similar to Grey, Syaoran, or Kyon, or even L, it's quite bizarre really.

You can make me smile and laugh and giggle like an idiot in public.

You are so unbelievably sweet.
You care so much about others,
Protecting your friends always, 'til the very end.
You would do anything for us,
And I'll do anything and everything for you in return.
But I don't think I can ever do enough to show you my gratitude and appreciation,
How glad I am to have you in my life.

The much appreciated way that you can actually hold up a conversation,
And put in your share of the friendship,
Not leaving me to hold up everything and hoping on impossible dreams.

The way you run around my mind like those ***** in a pinball machine that you run back and forth, back and forth.
-flicks my own head and yells at you to stop running around up there so much-

There are so many sides to you...
You're like the color red,
So many shades,
All different,
With different meanings,
Well it's a good thing I love the color red,
'Cause I want to get to know every shade of you, and love each and every one of them, the way I love you as a whole.
To someone I hold dear (cough cough the only known VASH that goes by the name Kiyuki).

Maggie Grace's challenge, a little different but it still works out. ^^ hopefully anyways.

Anime references...
L-Death Note
Kyon- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Grey Fullbuster-Fairy Tail
Syaoran- Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, Xxholic

Come back when you hear this song
By 2 PM
Creep Oct 2014
Why are we so lazy to even write out happy birthday and we have to use HBD? gosh, that just demeans the whole birthday! Well today is my friend Dani Chase's birthday, go check her out shes pretty cool and writes good stuff, but just wanted to tell her happy birthday and thank you for everything; for being a my rock when i went all crazy and fangirly, for being there to share my own bsge stresses, for being all tomboy up in here with me :) happy birthday, dear, i hope you have a good one with all your wishes coming true! :D and thank you, there are no words to describe how grateful i am to have you ^~^
and ps, dont struggle when we come to kidnap you for an adventure someday this week ;)
happy birthday emmanuelle! :D repost, comment, like to celebrate her birthday or even just to say ur against the whole hbd thing!
1.3k · Dec 2014
Creep Dec 2014
Love is like a vaccine,
sometimes it's good for you,
keep you healthy;
other times, it will hurt you
and get you even more sick.
set me free
by dillon francis, martin garrix
1.3k · Dec 2014
Creep Dec 2014
You gave me a spark to start a fire.
I gave you my heart.
By kat edmonson
1.3k · Jan 2015
How to be Happy
Creep Jan 2015
1) Think about him more often, how much he loves you, how much he makes you feel worth it, his kind words.

2) Remind yourself that there are people who need you in this world. People who would do anything for you, and that you would do anything for them. Remember that you are loved by many.

3) Smile more, at the little pleasantries in life, being able to sleep in late, waking up to see his smiling face, having the best breakfast ever, not tripping over yourself when walking out the door.

4) Remember the times you made someone else happy, remember what happiness feels like. How you made her smile even with a broken heart. How you made him laugh with a simple gesture.

5) Count to ten, erase the worries, put your best self forward. Put aside yourself, focus on others. When you do, you will make them feel better, ultimately helping yourself be happy.

6) Be in the company of people who you care about and care about you. They will always be worth it, they are the ones that matter.

7) Be yourself. Stop worrying about what others think, and worry about what you think. Do you like the shirt? Do you like the way you treated him? Be honest with yourself. ***** what society thinks.

8) Do the things you like to do. You control the day, you control how you feel, you control your actions. So do things that make you happy.

9) YOU control how you feel, not others. Make sure you're happy. Breakup? Tell yourself, no. (S)he was an *******. Bad work day? Remind yourself of what went well, and that things always get better.

10) Finally, remember, that YOU matter. Let yourself go. Live a little more, enough to scare death away. You need some "me" time, you deserve it.
Feel free to comment on any additions you would like to make, and i'll add them ^^ hope you have a splendid day, and that you are happy :)
(btw number one, that was for you, kiyu, if you couldn't tell ;)

by pharell williams
(sorry, i just had to XD)
1.3k · Dec 2014
Creep Dec 2014
^^ it actually is. Time to binge watch and get fatter :)

By xi
1.3k · Jul 2014
Time Zone Blues
Creep Jul 2014
I forget its night time where you are,
not morning like me,
because I feel like you're right next to me.
eh... hate different time zones sometimes...
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