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K8 Sep 2016
I’m not listening.
Give me attention, discipline.
For once, do something.
1 of 9 haikus I wrote frustrated in a maths class
Ensergent Aug 2015
My heart is skipping a beat,
The moment I laid my eyes on you,
Slow motion
Eyes are twinkling, lips are curving,
I lost my breath, i lost track
But my heart shattered,
When i know you see me as a shadow
You broke my heart
Without you knowing
Till when will you be a thunder in my heart?
Till when will I be a fool?

Can you love a fool like me?
First poem
Steele Jan 2015
My friend Amelia (real name, of course, redacted)
is something of a pained Ophelia.
The play's the thing, the part brilliantly acted;
She stands alone by Hamlet's side,
She sighs and moans and pouts and pines,
and waits for him to be attracted.

But Hamlet I know; He's a friend of mine,
and for her heart, he doesn't pine. He's out to solve his father's ******;
Let him go, Ophelia. It's all right. He won't be dissuaded by your ardour;
your love won't keep him long distracted.

Senpai; My Liege; it all rings far more familiar than it aught.
"Notice me!"
"Notice me!"
or then again...
Creep Nov 2014
have you noticed me yet?
anyways here's a challenge for you guys cause i cant seem to write this week:
write a poem about your very own senpai (real or fake) and how you try to get hm/her to notice you and tag it as #noticemesenpai
:D ive written so much about my own lol i dont need to write anymore....
(inspired by dani chase's poem, Senpai >//////<)
and if you don't know what a senpai is:
"It originates from anime and manga. It's someone older than you. Someone you look up to. If they give the slightest attention to you, you sort of explode. They are just really admired by you and if you are a senpai, bask in it!"
cause urban dictionary is legit cx^

— The End —